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     For over 100 years, a secret request had been entrusted to Lucia.  In 2017, it behooved us to acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of Fatima. The story traces its roots to the WW I era.


     A sub theme of this ebook is to get you the reader acquainted with the complete story of Fatima.
     On May 13, Our Lady of Fatima appeared for the first time to 3 children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco.  On a rainy day, October 13, 1917, tens of thousands experienced a miracle as the sun, described as a solar disk that blended colors and gleamed through the clouds, swayed and danced, before descending closer and closer to the inhabitants scaring the daylights out of them.


     For the record, you see what was seen 101 years ago in Fatima.  These are actual photographs captured on Oct. 13, 1917.


     At first it was rainy with excessive cloud cover.  It was wet and cold.  There was a rumor anti-Catholics were going to bomb the place, but people still came.



     For the record, because the nature of ebooks is a relatively novel prospect, and it has many holes, the author wishes it were as perfect as a formidable PDF file.

     Petrus Romanus, the author 


     The PDF at the very bottom ties in all things Fatima, and more than you’ll ever realize. There was an appearance of a Lady to the children. Our Lady of Fatima spoke messages to the 3 children involving warnings plus the fact the Blessed Lady loves humanity very much.  Each and every one of us.  While she does not condone being an outcast and letting you hang out anywhere you want when you want and doing anything you want, the Lady conveys a message of love for all and such an expression can be had when attaining a union with her son, Jesus Christ.
     As was shown that Oct. 13 that when she wants to, a sign can turn up defying all laws of nature.   What turned up was that at the end of that day, all the clothes of every person, plus the ground, every leaf and umbrella and shoes and thin shoelaces were all dried.  It was more than angelic; it was the mother of God trying to speak to the whole collective race. 

     In her series of messages, as seen in Historical Keypoints, she has a big goal, to direct human energy into creating good because we are worth it.  

     Too many people today center on the topic of a doomed future, but that is not so.  A series of events since 1917, however, have continued to occur in connection with the Mother of Jesus and the dreadful occurrences being done in the name of an anti-Fatima stance, not openly done, mind you, but sneakily and out of the limelight with the hope people don’t notice it.   With the hope, “ah, let it slide.”  Fatima is not really that important.  What's the big deal? so what.  
     Even though the true story of Fatima involves 100 years, there is more to it than meets the eye.  To this world, we will see the growing evidence of bishops and cardinals opposing bishops and cardinals, and the growing confusion leading to even greater dissension and disarray among the Catholic Church, that if left to increase, explodes.  And, it will involve both non-Catholic and Catholic alike. 

    On May 17, 1955, barely five months after you had a monstrous march of people in Vienna, Austria, 80,000 people did a procession and night prayer against Communism, Cardinal Otavianni had visited Sister Lucia.  He would reveal nothing about his secret visit except to say later that Fatima is of things pertaining to the Bible. 

     Current Pope Francis, today, has been in office 6 years but not till the latter 2 years has traditional teachings, moral practices and even history have gone really “loco” vague.  The amount of his renovations has the capacity to make the Church over again in more ways than one, but one dares to say that it appears his changes continue to create a climate of fear inside the walls of the Vatican.  Translation please: growing tribulations.  Tribulations that dawn the horizon of an anti-Fatima stance so great, God intervenes.  By what manner?   Read the rest of the book and the connectors from the Historical Keypoints. Remember, Our divine Lady wants us to attain a union with her son, Jesus.

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Procession of things Fatima. 
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The following PDF is a product of long years of research and has been added as a special feature during the 100th Anniversary of Fatima 1917-2017, one that features numerous historical events, thus far up to 2018.

Historical Keypoints

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