The three magnets that hold this book together are Science, Religion, and the Supernatural.  The story of Fatima has been featured on television many times, such as History Channel’s “Histories Mysteries”, AND Fox News.

     Welcome to the newest most up-to-date version of my book, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.  It has everything from postcards and silent movies to fabulous connectors for the youth of today to see what is going on in the real world.  A wonderful audio-visual treasure.  

     As the author expresses, one must augment the facts with profound messages about the rapidly changing global environment, which includes history, science, and predictions, including Fatima and the Third Secret. Forewarnings in this book are expressed by both the scientific community, our Timelines, and from the nonscientific world of futurists such as Saint Malachy.












     The above consists of a golden Timeline, in PDF; the first of three that are helpful to people interested in history. Quite frequently, the lack of dates is a culprit for misinformation.  Author Valentine, however, combats that by being a stickler for historical dates. One and one half months before Valentine’s Day of 2005, the United States went to work and rushed aid toward the Indonesian hemisphere, irregardless if the people belonged to faiths of the Muslim or Hindu religions.   The American people were awesome.  The U.S. forces quickly sent toward the Indonesian disaster the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and 11 other large naval warships AND C-130’s and C-2 Greyhound transport planes filled to the brim with myriad supplies to assist the devastated survivors of the December 2004 disaster. Each of you, believe it or not, is part of the wheel of knowledge.  Thank you for purchasing this ebook. 

    Valentine’s Day of 2005 was just five months after a summer of crazy winds in the United States in 2004 and their end-results: devastation, power knock-outs and floods.



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Timeline 1.pdf


     Your ebook has 8 chapters.  Unless you are an enthusiast about history, do not expect to finish the book in one night.  When you read an ebook, the pages of it depend on the viewing scale.  It can vary as not all people like to read it the same.  In one version, my ebook comes out to about 715 pages.  SO take your time.  This ebook was expertly done by the team of Andrew Parvel and Bethany Kucera, the experts of ebook publishing at Jenkins Group. Inc. Oh, the 715 excludes your links.   The ebook is basically divided into three themes, The Supernatural. Religion.  Science.  But real life history is too complex to divided this book into 3 simple sections.  Oh, brother, there are like so many interconnecting passages and tunnels to it all. 


     This may be helpful or it may not.  Open this PDF. 







You will see a page in scale. Don't worry if it appears too big. It is only a PDF.  Take a look at it.  See the bottom of the page?  See the top sentence and top paragraph?   On your ebook go to Chap I. A HISTORICAL INSIGHT TO THE TIME and scroll like 3 pgs.  Adjust the size of your pg. ie. shrink it or increase till it matches the PDF paragraphs and bottom material.  That, I believe is an optimum viewing page to read the book.  Rem, my book contains both illustrations and words.  In a real book, the pics are in order, but on an ebook, because the reader has the power to increase magnification at will, the order of things may not reflect how it should look.    Also, when I may make a reference to it on the radio or somewhere, whatever is referenced can be easily found.  When you can, moreover, there is a shortcut to all this and it is a PDF called Historical Keypoints.  It may be helpful to see the large scale picture of things and events and that is tucked away in that PDF which is in the ebook and is offered to a reader.  You will get to it in chapter  .  It will be updated as time flies by, yet it deals with history and accuracy.  Beware, the web is found to have chronologies that sound accurate but are not worth a pickle.   Again, thanks for purchasing this ebook. 


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P-40s in color
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