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     If humanity could be seen as one big 20-foot walking giant, with each limb of the body representing the skin colors of the races of the world, and each part being equally important to the walking giant with hardly a care in the world nor any stumbling blocks, the giant would be one happy giant.

     Now, suppose along came an itch, one that seemed to slowly move over the entire body where ever it pleases.  The neck, or toes, fingers, elbows anywhere at any time.  A weak itch here or there is not the same as a big, bothering itch that can drive a giant to tears, or worse, suicide.  Let’s say that itch represents immorality.


     No giant in his/her right mind would like that itch to stay, big or little, right?  Some days, as an example, our giant can try to use “will power” to try to ignore it.  


     A few giants may even think the remedy would be to cut off the limb.  Whether a giant will use “will power” or think of cutting a portion of the body because it is such a problem, something has got to give.  If it is a very big one, he/she can’t ignore it.  Unless it is quite small, then it may not be much of a challenge to ignore it; it all depends on each giant’s situation.  In either cases, that’s not the answer.

     Such are the state of affairs the man/woman of today are facing.  

     There is so much immorality he or she cannot ignore it. Some can try a remedy like a cream to alleviate the itch, but the itch is still there. Some can pretend it’s not there, by totally cutting themselves from it ie. cutting themselves off from reality.  In other words, with an end result to let the itch run it’s course and cut his/herself from the problem of reality.

     However, the itch is still there.

     Ignoring is not the answer.  What would make the giant happy again?

     The right cream, the right PX would help .  . . but, not if it is a weak one.  Then in the end it is not the right cream.


     That is where humanity is right now.  Whatever is being used, immorality seems to be winning the upper hand.  Witness the current state of affairs: in the news are more and more people in prisons, robberies, and shootings—from hot head ones to big massacres-type ones like school shootings.  Killing stems from loss of morals and the law; they go hand in hand.  The itch is there.  Immorality is rampant.  And, that’s only the headlines.  Immorality can come in the misuse of passion, sex, male-female relationships, songs and music, and videos—what used to be called cinema.  All that is attacking our walking giant.


     Too many giants are not only ignoring the itch, many are not using the right cream to squelch the itch.  Some giant giants make matters worse by using their influence to belittle the matter, and exemplify a powerful attitude that others follow: “it’s not that bad, let it ride,” and concentrate on anything but “the itch.”  Don’t even worry about what cream to use.  It’s a free world and no need to think about an itch; in fact, the itch is all an invention.  SO THE WORLD TURNS. 

     And, there are many giants who remember once upon a time, he/she was one happy giant.

With each step our giant takes, the itch appears to grow and grow, and every decade, as one gets farther apart from the time when there were many happy giants running around, an assortment of itches has not only grown bolder on the body, it is not a single itch here or there anymore, but a whole bunch popping up simultaneously. The brain and heart are feeling the immense strain.

     Immorality has popped up with such frequency compared to a few decades ago, older giants are heard to say it was not like that in the past, be it the 1960s, the 1950s, or even the roaring twenties or the gangster era of the 1930s; although, those who remember them are disappearing fast.  Immorality seems to be everywhere, some even dare to say.  


     As immorality is rife, it means every part of the body is feeling it.  For the moment, the days of the happy giant is like turning into an axiom for most that for most it will never come back again. Going back to the itch, can that be possible?  Does that mean the walking giant is “supposed” to accept the itch as a fact of life, of never ever going away?  Baloney, I say, that should not be the end of the story.  A smart giant will try to seek help to find the right solution to not only combat the itch, but to try to defeat it.  However, as of 2022, nothing seems to work as things seem to be getting worse.


     What In Real life can combat immorality?  The altruistic facts of life have one answer to the itch.  It comes from the words found in the Bible.  An ancient book of wise ways to combat “the itch” and problems of society.  I am not afraid to say that it contains beautiful advice and laws which combat immorality, the itch.  It comes from a Creator who loves us.  Follow the words of the Bible and the so-called itch for the giant can be stopped forever. 

     Years and years ago, the giants of old remembered it and tried to follow what it said, more than what the giants of today read and follow.  Immorality was also less existent; of course in the annals of time, you always had a bunch in the past that the Bible meant nothing to them, like Atilla the Hun or Adolf Hitler.  Giants in their time who ruled by other than the Bible.  They ruled by the sword.  Hitler had one extra thing going his way: twisting what is morality and immorality on a world-wide scale.

     As you will read in chapter 7, too, Pew Research is telling us something about contemporary times, and that is this: Bible reading is like out of vogue.  Not by direct inference, but by indirect result.  What am I talking about?  The latest Pew findings tells us the increasing numbers of people who express “no religious preferences” is increasing, especially among the young.  Which in my book spells out that the serpents are exposing themselves and they are bringing forth all kinds of itches.

     A whopping 33% of Generation Z that has reached adulthood—according to the latest research— has no religious preferences.  That “no preference” translates into more and more people thinking who gives a darn about the Bible.  

     And, in terms of America, U.S. church membership has fallen below the majority of the U.S populace for the first time in U.S. History.   That is so inconceivable to think, and the ones most likely to feel the worst possible consequences of it will be the young.  Think in terms of Uvalde and that Fourth of July shooting.  How old were those shooters?  That is a drastic statement to make but that means a lot of giants are walking around who can’t figure out how to stop the itch.  Some folks talk about love.  You think that is a new concept? but by itself is not working.  You call that a healthy environment?  The itch, the immoralties of life, do not come in one flavor, because life is not that simple but they are to be found in an assortment of flavors, and they all hurt our walking giant.

A perspective on Immorality

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