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James Arthur Jancik was host of the weekly program Feet to the Fire.

    The Black Knight of Talk Radio aired on radio from 2002 to 2028, and it brought to our attention stories and events, information and facts on science, the spiritual, the explained.  James Jancik is now retired.but but as the Book says, "no not when, for it will come suddenly, like a thief in the night."
    The Black Knight possessed a magic touch for interviewing people.  Feet to The Fire peered into the obscure and obtrusive, and was unafraid to bring us the macrograhy and microphone of things.  He had interviewed hundreds of experts ranging from medicine, NDE's, psychic readings, alternative energies, in science and health. Some of his past guests were Bill Ayers, Stanton Friedman, Glen Kimball, Professor Jim McCanney, Brent Miller, Dr. Betty Martini, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Professor Robert Shoch, Major Ed Dames, and Russell Targ, to name a few.

The following is a short clip between the host Mr. Jancik and David Booth. 

TEST David Booth and this #1  (press)

3rd Secret given to Booth  (press)

He produced the Black Knight and Square ‘G’ Show, a show of music and satire banter.


A young James in 1976. His professionally produced CD’s of song parodies transcend his wonderful love of music. 


Only Feet to the Fire demonstrated a perspective to our perception of Fatima that no one else dared.  He brought us the story of David Booth. A story like the story of Garabandal not officially approved by the Catholic Church. . . nor it it officially condemned.  Many folks today do not know about it.  

    Booth is on record with the FCC for a precognition of a jet crash in 1979.  The mysterious man wrote a little book on the global transfers of military and industrial might and cataclysms, historical and nonhistorical.  Unfortunately, it was not done properly, both in research and literary styles. Title: Code Red.  Booth has been labeled prophet of God, plagiarizer, mystery man, a nut case, a vagabond, aka Sorcha Faal.  The bottom line is that he is vey afraid to be back in the public eye, and he brough us a message from Sister Lucia.  He has appeared on various other shows in the past, like Out There Television, Jeff Rense Show, and Coast To Coast AM, although now is in hiding, so far.


    You be the decider on what to believe by reading the book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, for what we do is give you the information to make up your mind.

     The stories are preserved for history.  Only Feet to the Fire demonstrated a new perspective on Fatima that no one else dared.  He brought to the radio listening world not just the story of David Booth, but a message from Sister Lucia, on October 6, 2004.  Booth told us he was given permission to announce the message.

     What once pertained to the future, an illusion, illusionary changes cease to be illusionary vistas if something triggers opening a door of reality.  If you cater only to the idea that the Bible can give prophecies, it will seem unbelievable to you.  Electric engineer Jancik, a week after Art Bell retired in 2002, launched Feet to the Fire.  The radio world will surely miss Jancik's four hour format that explored the science, the spiritual and the paranormal.

but as the Book says, "no not when, for it will come suddenly, like a thief in the night."


Interview of David Booth, on Feet To The Fire, by host James A. Jancik. 

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