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A perspective on Immorality


     The verses of evil, moral corruption, destruction, hunger etc. can be seen inside and outside, the pages of doomsday books, and to this end, there are people who may equate any talk of evil vs good as all part of a doomsday book.  Some may even paint a false varnish that this book is a doomsday book, but that is not so.  We deal in facts and we list the evils as delineated by various intuitives in history because we are at a particular point in history and, because they’ve become historical facts, including what Sister Lucia had described.  One of her wishes would be to end the evils of the world.  

     To end the evils of the world is not an easy task.  Immorality in particular has popped up with such frequency with immorality being so rife, it means every part of the world is feeling it.

     But, as the world is caught in complex issues of debate, with pro and anti- doomsday and every manner of food for debate striking world stage and making immorality lost amongst avid issues of debate, suppose, just suppose we turn the world into one, big giant. 

     If humanity could be seen as one big 30-foot walking giant, with each limb of the gigantic body representing all skin colors of the races of the world, and each part being equally important to the walking giant, maybe the task would become easier.   Now suppose along came an itch, one that seemed to slowly move over the entire body where ever it pleases.  The neck, or toes, fingers, elbows anywhere at any time.  No giant in his/her right mind would like that itch to stay, big or little, right? 

     We would have one unhappy giant if the itch is very much alive.  The same applies to evil.   

     There is so much immorality he or she cannot ignore it.  Some can try a remedy, like a cream, to alleviate the itch.  Remedies are instituted.

     There are applied remedies (and laws) but the itch just doesn’t seem to disappear.  

     What we have are a bundle of  weak remedies (and laws) but because they are weak, the itch gravitates and does not go away, and nothing seems to squelch the itch.  

     Then again, we can have alterations. 


     What one does is to redefine the problem and alterate it, so an itch wont seem to be a problem.  Some can also pretend it’s not there, by totally cutting themselves from it ie. cutting themselves off from reality.  Some may believe to let it run its course and it will hopefully fade.  But, in many cases an end result of letting it to run its course results in not eliminating the itch while in reality, the giant cuts his/herself from the world of reality.  Ignoring an itch is not the answer.  Such are the state of affairs the man/woman of today are facing. 

     What would make the giant happy again?

     The right cream, with the right PX would help .  . . but, never if it is a weak one—which in the end, if it is not the right cream to obliviate it, will not stop the itch.

     That is where humanity is right now.  Whatever is being used, evils and its immorality itches seem to be winning the upper hand.  Witness the current state of affairs, in the news are more and more people in prisons, robberies, and shootings—from hot head individual ones to big massacre-type ones like school shootings that permeate society—in particular one country, the United States.  

     Killing stems from loss of morals and the law; they go hand in hand.  The itch is there.  Immorality is rampant.  And, that’s only the headlines.  Immorality can come in the misuse of passion, sex, male-female relationships, songs and music, and videos—what used to be called cinema.  All that is attacking our walking giant.



     And, of the various evils, there are some that are above the other evils, and counted as unique, such as the evil of mass shootings which our modern world is rolled in.  Mass shootings straddle the mind irregardless of skin color, race or gender, and it seems to be getting worse each year.       


     Whether it be a single death attributed to a decapitation in Mississippi or a score of mass shootings, they all involve evil that should not be accepted.  Satanic forces, however, are on the rampage so much so that it makes the gangster era of the Great Depression minor in certain respects, way beyond a police car chase or some robbery; and sorry to say this, but the increase of evil may prompt the release of St. Michale’s legions with their swords.  

     I grew up in a tough neighborhood, but we didn’t have mass shootings like the punks of today are doing.  More than 13900 have been killed in 2023 due to gun violence thus far; 491 teens and 85 children, up to mid-May 2023; not all are mass shootings.  

      A month later, closing the weekend of Father's Day, it was reported by CBS ace reporter Alex Presha, who cited Gun Violence Archive, that of all deaths due to mass shootings in 2023 up to that day, more than 820 of the victims were kids, age 17 and under.  That made a lot of mothers so heartbroken.  Your kid goes to a party, and he/she comes back in a box. 

       May 6, 2023 was a red flag day in the history of the United Sates, for that was the day that recorded at least the 199th mass shooting in the U.S. (of 2023).  A fact of pain that outmatches all prior years.  Source: ABC Eyewitness News, 11 pm, May 6, 2023.  One discovers within a 7-day window of that May 6 are the following:

5-6-2023 Terror in Texas by a gunman who went shooting in the Allen Premium Outlet shopping mall; 5-6-2023 S. Lindsey, Columbus OH, 6 shot, including gunman; 5-5-2023 gunman opens fire at a party near Calif. State University, Chico; 5-5-2023 a gunman goes crazy in San Diego, Calif.; 5-5-2023  Natchez, MISS, a mass shooting in a parking lot; 5-5-2023 mass shooting Mississippi Coast restaurant in Ocean Springs; 5-5-2023 mass shooting St. Louis Missouri, day before Cinco de Mayo street festival celebration; 5-5-2023 in an Otay Mesa West park, began as a gang challenge and bottle throwing, erupts into mass shooting; 5-4-2023 former employee of a rural McDonalds goes on shooting spree killing mother, grandmother, and his former restaurant manager; 5-3-2023 a mass shooting inside a medical office in the heart of Atlanta Georgia, all victims were women; 5-1-2023 registered sex offender—given a 20 yr conviction for a 2004 rape and released Oct. 30, 2020 (Dept of Corrections)—kills 6  on rural property in Henryetta, OK, the day he was supposed to stand trail for another sex offense; 4-30-2023 Mojave Desert, a maniac shooting death of 5 neighbors after they begged him to stop firing rounds into the air which disturbed a little baby trying to sleep; 4-30-2023 mass shooting at a Massachusetts apartment house party; 4-30-2023 Drive-by shooting LaFayette, Louisiana leaves 5 injured, 1 dead, 3 am, all juveniles; 4-30-2023 Paducah, Kentucky prom party shooting.  

      Question: Is an Uvalde-type mass shooting different or the same as a Bossier City gas station robbery that killed 2 innocent bystanders and a cop and wounded several others?  Further references on mass shooting can be found here 

      Twenty years ago, the rising number of dead due to Uzi-type machine guns, masked by the common modern term, assault rifles—was it or was it not on the horizon?  As was the use of a nuclear weapon in the North Korean Peninsula or the arrival of a Fukushima-type-disaster, even Petrus Romanus—all were related in this digital book and were on the horizon by our intuitives.  Thank you very much.



     While it continues to grow, innocent souls and hearts continue to be murdered year after year.   It is as if we are living in a dream world of a thousand giants, with many giants not recognizing there is so much rampant evil.     

     There are many giants who remember once upon a time, he/she was one happy giant.  Yet, with each step our giant takes, the itch appears to grow, and as a decade passes, as one gets farther apart from the time when there were many happy giants, an assortment of itches have  grown bolder on the body, and not as a single itch here or there anymore.  But, a whole bunch popping up simultaneously, with the brain and heart feeling the immense strain.   As of early 2023, nothing seems to work as things seem to be getting worse. There is a proposed bill in California where if passed, any parent who does not affirm, meaning approve, transgenderism, the parent(s) would be charged with child abuse, ie. will that make a parent a very bad parent? (courtesy of Sky News Australia), see 5.50 min and 8.08 min marks.  

       Have you heard of the word labyrinth? Can be like a maze with secret dark chambers, or in terms of anatomy, a very complex structure of the inner ear, which all hearing and balance relies on.  The rise of immorality can be connected to both, where we are distanced from our balance.  A maze, to be more technical, can have multiple paths which branch off and will not lead to a central core for society, hence our analogy should be more akin to a labyrinth, away from morality and towards an imbalance;  listen to this link, the structure of sex--a stripe with a labyrinth, of both heterosexual and LGBTQ illustrations-- FOR 10 year olds.


      Immorality has popped up with such frequency compared to a few decades ago, older giants are heard to say it was not like that in the past, be it the 1980s, the 1950s, the difficult forties, or the gangster era of the 1930s; although, those who remember them are disappearing fast.  The tune of immorality has an ugly twin head, the attack on religion, which came to a head in 2023 in the form of attacking Catholicism, under the cover of free expression.  It led to a confrontation by Catholics who said, "enough is enough."  

      Please see following PDF.  It occurred in June (courtesy of KTLA5) during the so-called Pride Month, when that idea is shoved down the throats on many who do not agree with it.            Queer youth, and any youth that desires to be gay/transgender find themselves bolstered by the It Gets Better Project (HQ in LA was begun 2 yrs after California Prop 8 and a series of LGBT teen suicides, founded by 2 married Gays; one was Dan, whose father once was both a Catholic deacon (defrocked) and Chicago detective, and after his parents divorced, Dan became an ardent agnostic) by 2021 became a global movement.

      It was in 2022, after the height of the pandemic, that Disney joined the movement big-time—although, it was a year before, that Disney Channel had announced it would distribute some of their sales to an organization that promotes “queers.”  The Disney marketing leadership then altered that idea with a greater expansion, and openly stated May of 2022, it would “be donating all of our profits from the Disney Pride Collection sales now through June 30, 2022 to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ youth and families. This includes sales of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars Pride Collection merchandise.”

      2022 was also the year Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek offered a $5 million donation to the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer civil rights organization Human Rights Campaign, HRC; of course, a person is entitled to donate anywhere he pleases, five million dollars is no small change, its still a free country.  Within a year, Disney CFO and Catholic, Christine McCarthy resigned from her $20 million post after 27 years with Disney.   Snow White, the Enchanted Tiki Room, the Electrical Night Parade (despite returning in 2022), are they next to change? when changes encompassing other world tasks have arisen in terms of expenses?  As of late summer 2023 moreover, the U.S. park Disney World (GALACTIC STARCRUISER will be permanently closing soon, and the Star Wars Hotel in Disney World will also be closing [it’s not cheap, costing $1,209 a night]) had been having nothing but low park attendance.  Note: in terms of U.S. parks in general in 2023, the industry had a good year, including Disneyland; of course Disney World is a completely different story.

      Disney+ reportedly lost a total of four million subscribers in Q2 of 2023, and for the rest of the year was expected to slash more show content for their subscribers.  Disney+ subscribers second quarter of 2023 were 157.8 million.  Disney+ subscribers third quarter of 2023: 146.1 million.  In other words, Disney+ lost 11.7 million subscribers just between 3rd and 2nd Qtr. of 2023.  Whether subscription rates that went up is the culprit for the loss of subscribers or other  things is debatable.  As for the Disney Vacation Club, their sales and operating income also continued to plummet, being part of the $460 million net loss in 3rd Qtr.  Disney recorded $2.65 billion in one-time charges and impairments, although this was a time they also percured two bright spots: the return of Bob Iger as CEO, who in turn has a wish and hope of increasing Disneys’s latest revenue stats ($22.3 billion); and 4th Qtr Disney+ subscribers rose to 150 million. Overall, it still portrays a decline of 14 million compared with the same quarter of the prior year.  Furthermore, Disneys streaming business lost $387 million in Disneys Q4.  

      Their lowering of subscriptions to their market in India has helped Disney in their overall losses because they have increased India’s market share, but that is a different topic.  

      In terms of the media business of Disney, they are not doing so well.  As of Oct.25, 2023, as reported in Yahoo!finance, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) stock one-month return was .86% and its share lost 22.98% of their value over the last 52 weeks.  NYSE:DIS is an entertainment company that operates Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, and Disney Parks, and products. The strength of Disney are their parks and studio films, and Iger said he will improve the quality of their studio films.

      The Elemental movie was not so hot and the last Indian Jones movie, which cost some $300 million to make (excluding marketing costs) did worse, generating only $369 million worldwide.  It all depends on the strategy Iger will carry Disney in the future—which includes his plan to purchase the remaining shares of Hulu, by buying out Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC to see what will happen.  

      Disney shareholders have seen the value of their investments plummet for several years, for various topic reasons. An NBC 2022 News poll conducted between May 5 and May 10 found that only 33% of people surveyed had a favorable impression of Disney, while 37% had favorable feelings toward President Joe Biden.  Sex changes for children, unfortunately, is a center piece of the LGBTQ forum, and the Disney Channel in 2023 came up with this, via the Chibi Tiny Tales.  If you remember, sex changes, at whatever age, are part of the referendum of the LGBTQ network. 

      HRC, the same group which received $5 million from Disney CEO, and is part of this LGBTQ network, has officially proclaimed October as National Gay and Lesbian History Month; in other words June is not enough.  Aligned with National Coming Out Day, two days before Oct. 13, (on Oct. 11, 2023) and partnered with Orlando, Florida, LGBTQ celebrated Come Out With Pride Festival for a week in October of 2023.               

      However, unfortunately for them, it became mainly a non-big event as that was merely a few days after the headline news of the invasion of Israel and massacre of people Oct. 7, 2023, and that superseded it.  Orlando was named the first-ever City of the Year by as well as a 2022 Gay Travel Awards winner for the Family Destination category.  October 26-29, 2023, part of National Gay and Lesbian History Month, Palm Springs played host to the Palm Springs Leather Order of The Desert called 2023 PS Leather Pride, with admission packages, dubbed CLIMAX and PENETRATION; parties and social packages ranged from $210 to $340; culminating with what is called, “THRUST IN THE DARK” add-on event.  Fatima and October 13 mean nothing to them.  Parties, drag theaters and other special-knit events may sound exclusive but, they are open to all people, with the hope of to change people’s attitudes and minds on what they represent today and in the future.  

      California, your neighborhood library, while a thousand other fringes of daily news abound, the question to ask is, What is known to attract the average person?”  Under the term commencement of the beauty of freedom, love of freedom and liberty...what comes to play is the smokescreen that involves Freedom”.  However, not the freedom to worship as you please. With the hope you are not wide-awake, attitudes of God and the words of the Bible are to change” with new seeds of life, targeting the young.  Lost in a stream of beguiling news of the day will be to dot the landscape with furrows in order to plant seeds... elusive bits of man, that LGBTQIA+ is good, to grow in power and deceive the propulsion of liberty, repeating over and over that LGBTQIA+ is good, and they will stop at nothing.

       My, my how things have been altered since Walt Disney opened Disneyland in 1955; is it a mystery why Sept. of 2023 Disney Channel was in a fight with cable firms Charter and Spectrum because Disney was low on operating funds, and loss of revenue, and retaliated by temporarily removing the ABC and ESPN channels from their national viewership? And, it is not just a Catholic thing. Or, a Disney thing.  The reflection, and the abuse culminated in a strange boycott, coast to coast mind you, of American giants in the business sector, hitting  Target and also on Anheuser-Busch[Double Beaking News: NHL Commisioner announced Thurs. June 23 that the NHL will  no longer be forced to the wearing of gay-themed jerseys during any special night. In other words, this is all not just a conservative statement.] 

      Fri, June 24, 2023 Target market losses swelled to $15 billion in market share since mid-May.  But, why?  Could it be that it had something to do with kids and parents?

      2023 may turn out to be the year leaders of the Pride theme-vistas were hit with a left hook they did not see coming, and the rainbow bridge will start coming down, although it is very doubtful they will entirely disappear. It may also seem, the convergence of adding the dastardly and inhospitable sex-changing aspect (a pro LGBTQ referundum) to minors may turn out to be the Achilles heel of  the lesbian-gay warriors in the United States.  And, it is not, as some news commentators say, retailers have been marketing pro-Pride items and they have been hit before.  It is more than that.  

      In 2023, when the power of a select minority infringed lifestyles by openly targeting children and their clothes, that indeed might have been the straw that broke the camel's back.  As an historian the theme of forceful infringement vs liberty rights is not new, as my research shows, it has an origination shortly after Prop 8 was put on the ballot as a California ballot and was passed in 2008, but when I heard that some Satanist designer was behind all of the new Target designs of 2023, I could not believe my ears.  Now, this is not 2008 or even the time of a huge march of Oct. 11, 2009 against any-pro Prop 8 populace.  

       In any case, the Satanist designing burned up many parents of all faiths (courtesy of @ACAL1).  Perhaps, we are at the forefront of something new and revolutionary.  First, let us go to ABC of L.A. which has a propensity to support everything gay.  Next, Pride business is not for everyone.  Starbucks bans Pride merchandise in their stores.  The Immaculate Heart triumphs at Dodger Stadium.

       One year after the uprising of parents arose (which was a national thing, not a puny sectional uprising) against the pro-LGBTQI+ method of promising to influence America as a whole—and the young in Target stores, in particular, as mentioned above—the ABC network released on June 9, 2024, the program Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be, first on the network airwaves, then afterwards, it became available on the internet to anybody and everybody—no need for even a TV.  Forward to add, it seems gone are the days when it was just a gay and lesbian issue.


      Pick up any Smartphone, and you will read the descriptive phrase, “they are transgender, they are champions for their community” yet, the chips are stacked, for it is not about they or them, there is an additional aspect, it is clever. 

      The title says “Our America”, clever and deceptive.  This means “you” whom should be included, no ifs or buts.  Moreover, it is not just for the straight people.  So you are a lesbian who has the hots for women?  Forget it, sister, in the new Our America world what you are, must have room for a total reversal of what you feel to a new definition.  Program directors who want you to think they are in the mainstream of a pro-LGBTQI+  world, are very smart.  They made no qualms this was not a show about gays and lesbians—but, they never tell you that.  If you would have watched the program, homosexuals and lesbians were not even marginalized, they were totally excluded from the centerpiece.

      About a half dozen people who converted to trans were showcases on “Our America”, beginning with a mural artist who moved to San Francisco, and said trans people should be models for people to follow, true definition of a role model.  In the film, you saw in giant words painted on a mural, “Trans is Beautiful.”  In another person interviewed, she truly believed people will come around and people will love us.  Everything in the hour long program showed a trans way of life to be enticing and good.  To be yourself not just for the purpose of being yourself, but to influence a change for others to their way of life.  Moreover, if you do not agree, then it is because you are uninformed.   However, while it was maybe true a few years ago, this is the era of the Smartphone and it is untrue, and it is not that simple.

      Lately, as an historian, I see that ABC executive leadership has been showing a novel desire to show-case life beyond the LGB realm, by promulgating on their network a new realm of going beyond the gay-lesbian lifestyle.  And, their choice of words in their description, speaks for itself, “We.”  

      They are choosing to draw the American populace to be part of a new future, to share in the power of being not gay/lesbian, or straight, but queer and a change of one’s birth to something else.  On June 9, 2024, with the showcasing of Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be  2024, the ABC network brought the show in the middle of the day, on a Sunday, hoping to net the young, with the concrete power of the “we” and to show the care for the transgender experience.  

      As one transgender in the program expressed, it is not political or only a journey of self-love, but most of all, “we feel full of power.”

      The program was transmitted right after the 2024 LA Pride Parade on ABC.

      This show that aired June 2024 is not singular, it had predecessors in 2022 and 2023.   It is also undeniable that the best way to grow in power is to describe it as a part of love, and that it is normal to accept the new change, and to attach themselves to the gay-lesbian communities, and if you have a brain that does not think, you’ll fall into step with the novel concept of transgender children. 


      Yes, it did not exist say 25 years ago, it was not in the social circuit for example, say 1999.  There was no such concept that existed whether a teacher should advice the parent(s) that their child wants to be known as an opposite sex.  In the education field, the clever lexicon in the pro-transgender world is that it should be a case of either like or not like, not a case of “advising”.  And, if a young person likes it, there is no need to advise a parent. Months of debate followed.  And, it went up the ladder from single classroom to full school district policy agendas, so that one year after the height of COVID-19 when school kids were back in their respective schools, it becomes like a mesmerizing affair.  I suspect if the kid during the era of COVID would have told his/her parents their desire for a sex-change, he or she would have caught hell. 

      If this were to be a world that any trans, or queer would not care to be followed, that there was no call to be emulated, that it were just a case that if you were born female, and change to a male, and notice personally that your hair keeps growing faster than a normal “boy” and if it were not becoming some national movement, something to start in the public schools but later be powerful enough to reach out to friends and to rip into Catholic schools and deem it as not wrong, one may admonish it as some fad, here today, gone tomorrow, but it is not.  



      As more and more teens turn into a youth of the opposite sex, few turn back.

      Agents of transgenderism for kids by 2022 wished it not to disappear and are not silent, expressing their truth as one that more people should hopefully favor, and in the future, synchronize it into the public that it is the stuff of normalcy; they are no dummies.  They are clever and spread the word, loving to label you as un-American, portrayed as a person who is for hate-speech when you don’t agree.  And, the youngish under-40-news-media seem to be part of the nucleus of following the ABC executive leadership without a wimper. 

      As months elapse, younger and younger kids are falling into the trap with the expression “be who you are.”  In other words, it is as if saying the kids of the past were never be who you are. Only these kids of today are smart enough.  (Perhaps, they think the rest of us were just a bunch of dum robots.)  Smile, be happy, it is all part of the community with a T and Q and plus appendix.

      Everybody sing Kum-ba-ya and follow. 

      Various medical organizations are joining their band wagon.  All of a sudden, everybody should join to something that was non-existent a mere 20 years ago.  One in four Americans, according to the Pew institute, say they know of a transgender, but all of a sudden, it is life-saving, to open the doors of clinics for new identities.  No where is it ever mentioned the dangers of surgeries that change a person from female to male or vice-versa. It is only a misconception that you do not believe in, the new you as they call it, which most parents do not agree with.  As in a pride parade, experiences are only to show a panorama of happy, glowing, waving, smiling faces.

      In the program that aired on June 9, 2024, there was one youngish person that tells you point blank the gender change she did, from a woman to being a man, was disapproved by her parents, and it hurt her/him a lot, and when he wanted to get married (as a man) there existed the idea that his mother would not be there to give a happy smile, and comfort, and support. His own mother, that really hurt.  

      He told the listening audience, he/she grew up in a Polish Catholic family and for a while he was “down in the dumps” thinking he would not have a mother “to ask advice” and not to have parents to “wish me well in a big day of my life,” however, she was replaced by the group, as he said it, called Stand In Pride, a new national group that historically, is in tune to replace the power of real parents or a single parent.  As he/she said, he chose Stand In Pride over his parent(s) and circumstantially, something that is never mentioned to be a topic by the ABC leadership, the word of God, as referenced by the Bible, becomes a disregardable entity.  Parents who love their children as God created them, are being hit hard by a network that promulgates a 1-way street, a one-way route, unlike other networks. 

      This idea of going along with being queer and transgender seems to a young person to be viable and even wonderful because others appear to be like-minded however, they do not realize it is because of the clout ABC leadership is demonstrating, a demonstration that hit nationally with strength beginning in 2022, that is influencing them and which when applied by a young person, gives him/her a wonderful new power, a step away from being seen as just a kid.  Help is what they needed, and the gay community responded beyond one network or any pensive parent.  2022 was the beginning year trans were getting tug-boats to push them into the safe-harbor of a trans-life big time, each tug boat was a push to safety, they felt, in ways unimaginable before. Overall, they became more important than their own parents.  As one of the youngsters explicitly stated in the 2023 version of the program Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be, “no one has the right to tell us what we can or cannot do”—which means their parents.  No one asks the question, “I wonder what kind of parents will we see in 2024, the types of 2020?” 

      Or, like those that rose up last year in 2023?  When they got so united, they even put fear into the trembling executives of big-shot firms like Target, Starbucks, and Anheuser-Busch.  The dominion of the ABC executives have no desire to follow in the footsteps of what occurred in 2023. 



      The New You?

      And, they are hitting hard, with the power of a national network that plans to win with their new agenda of the future, hitting at the cradle of democracy, as more and more people are boxed in to the cause that it is your right to act to be a transgender, including the machinations of gender reassignment surgery.  But, they don't give themselves away by mentioning that term, they cleverly speak about the new you

     I have seen, while America is preoccupied by homelessness and immigration issues, the Executive minds of the ABC leadership spend time and money to imbue the concept we need sex-changes to fulfill the definition of America land of the free, and making sure that transgenderism is connected to the legacy of a free democratic America and what makes Americanism strong.  “You have the right to do as you wish,” is the tune inculcated to the youth of America.  That is a tune of beauty to their ears, heard over and over on the ABC networks.  I have seen their power increase from June to June, and most people don’t even see that.

    “Don’t worry.  Everything is good about changing sex” is heard over the network.  

     It is a theme that has dramatically grown to influence young people, from the first few in the decade of the teens until today, where it has grown into a sexual social revolution hitting thousands and thousands of Americans by the carefully crafted plan of ABC executives.  To start a new land of opportunity?  That was years ago. It has gone beyond the starting phase. The strength is the voice of a network, to draw its strength from the gullible youth of America with benchmarks as was expressed by the young person who stated in Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be: they are to follow “Stand In Pride.”

      As in the program shared to a listening audience, you will understand your own problems better by solving them more easily with the help of Stand In Pride, and not your parents, be they Catholic or not.  The cost of this will be felt across the realm of parental guidance, their guidance will mean nothing anymore.   The will of the nonprofit organization Stand In Pride is to loom supreme.  The triumph of the will.  

      I fear Catholic parents will be begging their children not to destroy their relationship, with mothers getting on their knees, but the executives won’t care about that, just like the Nazis did in the 1930s when they made sure more and more children turned against their parents.  To them victory is what they want, and by clever sounding words, trans and queers should win in the end.  

      The following three sampling of programing shown on the ABC network, is part of a deliberate propaganda campaign— most parents never even think about that—to sway kids away from their parents, were programs on the ABC network that were meant to be seen from New York and Atlanta and Miami to the Midwest like Chicago, St Louis, and Dallas, El Paso, Houston, all the big metropolises, across the Rockies into the West from Denver, Spokane, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle, to the nerve centers of Washington DC and the Republican Arizonian hinterlands to subjugate your American youth, forget the oldies.  These are not isolated instances in time.


   In 2022, ABC aired Who I’m Meant to Be 2022

   In 2023  ABC aired Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be 2023

   In 2024  ABC aired Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be 2024


     It is a campaign derived by ABC executive leadership with no plans of scaling down, bent on a certainty parents will not be wise enough to rise up as they did in 2023, but careful to time it with the waving of the Pride flags.  On top of that, they will hammer the concept to the masses, that transgenderism and being queer is part of the lesbian-gay freedom of expression, and that they all should work together, with the theme, only by working together will they achieve victory over discrimination, making sure discrimination of the past on minorities is tied in to the new form of life.  

     What about the Catholic parents?  The executives are not afraid of them. The Catholic priests and bishops?  They are not afraid of them, either.  The executives have more power than any parent, they are positive.  Unless, unless, parents of other denominations join in.  That the powerful leaders of ABC hope not to reckon with.  For only then, a revolution within a revolution will happen.

     The parents of the Deep South? Of the Midwest, of Texas?  Or the NW?  Of California?, especially the southwest with their spanish cultures and Native American cultures?  Chinese and Japanese parents with ancestral ties?  That’s dangerous.

     Parents love their children, and they want what’s best for them.  But, mercilessly they are being bombarded with a scrupulous campaign that most do not see under their noses.  The leadership of ABC is delegated by a clever campaign that charges their enemy is your enemy, that the enemy is anti-democracy, that serious difficulties will arise if you listen to “those bigots of parents”, to those who are not in tune with a new America, and that you should abide only by a new made-up America, that must include trans and queer children.  The hell with the Bible, Koran or whatever you may think. 

    That is no inventive axiom created by this author.  

    The numbers speak for themselves, as the growth is spurned on by the powers that be.  ABC has tentacles delegated by a clever campaign, that started three years ago to take over the world.  The particulars of their new growth are sprinkled with nutmeg and nice-sounding ideas of freedom and liberty, and aren’t meant to look dangerous, you won’t see dudes in brown shirts with black jack boots storming municipalities and parks kicking your ass, pardon the expression, and giving you a bloody face and broken teeth.  The method of beating you up is old, baby. 

      You need new techniques to influence the masses.  In the past 14 months, for example, they successfully lobbied for bills such as AB760 and AB957, and the inclusion of novel definitions in hospitals—but, not with the words transgender surgeries, but, gender-affirming treatments which are “medically necessary.” 

     The ABC network, makes sure they interconnect with all manner of specialized primary care services in as many hospitals in union with the LGBTQIA+ as possible, one today, more tomorrow—by providing safety—which may be nothing wrong with that, for care for all people is important, however, in tandem with that is the flushing power the pro-queers and trans have been able to create, powerful enough that by the close of 2023, we see the majority of major insurance companies now cover gender-affirming surgery.  (You the sucker in the corner, must pay through insurance premiums, whether you like it or not.)  Last year AB 760 was not even law, yet.  But, on Sept. 25, 2023, Gov. Newsome signed it, amidst a bevy of other bills, which the majority of Californians never knew.  It will commence (school year 2024-25) and would require California State University campuses to be fully capable of allowing faculty staff, students to designate a new gender, or as would be publicly known, to declare an affirmed name, gender or both name and gender identification.  Nice legal terms.  From those universities, it will cascade to all grammar and middle schools, social groups ad infinitum.  You are the president of the PTA?  Too late, so shut up and sit down.

      So first the golden state of California, then the rest of the 49 states, they hope, will follow like sheep.  It is a sublime takeover.  It is the network bosses of a network who have schemed to win over the masses on the pre-text the power belongs to the "we" to "us", as if we all agree.  The year 2024 is the third year in a row of their campaign with little tidbits of pro-queerism here and there, in addition to the powerful three programs enumerated above.  

      Tie it to Pride month, and voila, you got ammunition for your ABC dictatorial campaign.  

      The teenagers and collegiates of today, will be the parents of tomorrow. Unfortunately, all their efforts are also made to paralyze Christianity and their methods, thus far, have been successful.

      The year of 2024 is half over in June, however, I am not witnessing any uprising as huge as that of 2023, but who says that the pinnacle of uprisings should only flow from the ramparts of discontent during summer?  It has to come from all religions, all parts of the country, beyond one race, skin color, culture background, but must be a multi-society force as it did in 2023; if not, the boys at ABC will laugh and sneer, they are too strong to care what parents think.  Can it be described as a new form of breaking up families in the modern era? which Sister Lucia eluded to Monsignor Caffarra in 1980?  She warned about the final battle, the break up of families, years before the majority of todays new trans were even born.    



      This following link is overboard and should not be tolerated. 

      Of the many ways to show how things are getting so out of hand, we add four additional links, one from St. Peters, Rome June of 2023 (courtesy of Church Militant), with a half dressed gay dancer; a frat fest that few went to; secondly, from honest transgender views, hard topics, speaking out on the dangers of trans-surgery, please advance to the 5.45 min mark, BUT make sure you also advance to the 6 min 41 mark, after the intro, where you hear the scariest part; and the other involves the L.A. Dodgers, Friday  June 16, 2023, and the backlash (courtesy of The Bahamian Gyal, Black and White Sports, and The ArchCast). Incidentally, the Dodgers lost another home game on Friday, and next day, they got whipped 15 to O, the worst home loss for the Dodgers in 125 years! I have always been a Dodger fan and hopefully things will change for the better and not let perverts rule the world under the name freedom for all. Things can be brighterespecially with the signing of Ohtani, oh, what a world it can be.  


     ​  Immorality seems to be everywhere, some dare say.  Can that be possible?    Does that mean the walking giant is “supposed” to accept the itch as a fact of life, of never ever going away?   

       What In Real life can combat immorality?  The altruistic facts of life have one answer to the itch. 

It comes from an ancient book of wise ways to combat “the itch” and problems of society. The words found in the Bible.  An ancient book I am not afraid to say with Jesus who took a lot of time to prepare His House for you.  He prepared his House and calls us to turn away from sin with beautiful advice and laws which combat immorality, the itch.  It comes from a Creator who loves us.  Jesus said, I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.  If you had known Me, you would have known my Father also.”  So, let not your hearts be troubled.  He also stated, “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me?  The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority, but the Father who dwells in Me does his works.  Truly, I say to you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do, and greater works than these will he do.” Follow the words of the Bible and the so-called itch for the giant can be stopped forever.  Embrace the faith, and do not sin and do not be afraid, and God will provide abundant blessings. 

      Years and years ago, the giants of old remembered the words of Jesus, and tried to follow what He said—more than what the giants of today read and follow.  Immorality was also less existent; of course in the annals of time, you always had a bunch in the past where the Bible meant nothing to them, like Atilla the Hun or Adolf Hitler. 

      Giants in their time who ruled by other than the Bible.  They ruled by the sword.  Hitler had one extra thing going his way: twisting what is morality and immorality on a world-wide scale.

      As you will read in chapter 7, too, Pew Research is telling us something about contemporary times, and that is this: Bible reading is like out of vogue, because less people are attending church services.  Not by direct inference, but by indirect result.  What am I talking about?  The latest Pew findings tells us the increasing numbers of people who express “no religious preferences” is increasing, especially among the young.  Which in my book spells out that the serpents are exposing themselves and they are bringing forth all kinds of seemingly new itches to the people.  Our times seem to distance itself from anything that speaks about wickedness, fornication, and defilement of the scriptures.

      A whopping 33% of Generation Z that has reached adulthood—according to the latest research— have no religious preferences.  That “no preference” translates into more and more people thinking who gives a darn about the Bible.  And, they give little time to go to church. Some like my cousin, also think that religion is an invention by man, so why go to church?   He believes that parts of the Bible relate purely to UFOs.



      And, in terms of America, U.S. church membership has fallen below the majority of the U.S populace for the first time in U.S. History.   That is so inconceivable to think, and the ones most likely to feel the worst possible consequences of it will be the young.  Think in terms of Uvalde and that Fourth of July shooting.  How old were those shooters?  (You will find the answers in Keypoint #4.)   To them, the Bible meant nothing.

      That is a drastic statement to make but that means a lot of giants are walking around who can’t figure out how to stop the itch.  Some folks talk about love.  You think that is a new concept? but by itself is not working.  You call that a healthy environment?  The itch, the immoralities of life, do not come in one flavor, because life is not that easy but they are to be found in an assortment of flavors, because life is not that simple but they all hurt our walking giant, and yet, despite the twists of morality and immorality, what is needed is for more to follow the words found in the Holy Book, the Bible, as a reference to the Word of God.

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