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Title: Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets

    The above and this link is from an eclipse in Europe that people saw merely 24 years ago, but is still remembered.   This was August 11, 1999 when this eclipse touched earth.  It sounds great with headphonesc or even try your fantastic speakers. It was far reaching, from the western edges of Great Britain to the farthest slopes, cities and villages of eastern Europe, then India--all were draped in the grand total eclipse; at the 1min 20 sec mark, and 16.04 we get a historical reminisce from a lady who remembered an eclipse of 1927.  At the final end of the video, at the 20.19 min mark it leaves the British Isles and heads for France.  (Courtesy Wootz and Benny The Bouncer.)    

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    Above is a commemorative issued in 2000 after the grand total eclipse, from the Bank of Rumania.

    An even greater phenomena occurred 106 years ago, one which was so phenomenal people spoke of it for decades and decades, namely an earth defying description bordering as an eclipse when it started, because the skies were darkened like an eclipse—and then turned different colors, which is described in this digital book— but unlike an eclipse, a solar disc played havoc with people and which scared the hell out of them. 

      This solar disk that appeared Oct. 13, 1917 defied all laws of nature.  The effect was felt, but not by all.  Countless police, reporters and atheists did feel the effect, and despite their disbelief and skepticism were left in awe. 

       One astounding thing had little to do with what appeared in the heavens.

        Something remarkable occurred on terra firma.   Everyone’s clothes and umbrellas were stone dry.   The ground was devoid of mud.   Mass hypnosis does not dry clothes and land.  The following link is pertinent where skeptic people are concerned.  We feel it is concise and to the point, warranting an addition to the treaties on the dancing solar disk.  It was written by Mark Mallett, a young person at the time.

        It was almost 21 years later, I am sure, there were many who were privy to that 1917 phenomena when all of a sudden, there followed a new havoc with earth’s skies—and surely, there must have been some thinking, here we go again.

January 25-26, 1938

    A great Aurora was seen over the whole of Europe, and also witnessed in California and as far south as southern Australia, Sicily, Portugal and across the Atlantic to Bermuda, January of 1938.  

     The aurora of January 25-26, 1938, a historical year for Hitler, was connected, according to scientists, to a massive solar storm which occurred January 16-26 with peak activity on the 22, 25 and 26 of January and was part of the 17th solar cycle.  Years afterward, Sister Lucia was asked by Rev. Jongen about the strange lights.  She had told her superiors and him that she was told that during the time of Pius XI war would begin and that the world would be punished.  He asked her, "And, what about that great sign that God was going to give the world that He was going to punish it for its crimes?"  The war did not begin under Pius XI.   Officially, WW II began in Sept. 1939, six months after Pius XI died.  She replied, "The annexation of Austria gave occasion for the war.  When the Munich Accord was made, the sisters (of her convent) rejoiced for they thought that peace was secured.  Unhappily, I knew more than they." When asked about the lights again, she told him, "This was the sign that God used to make me understand that His justice was ready to deal the blow upon the guilty nations."  When he told her the scientists said it was a common aurora borealis, she replied, "I do not know, but it seems to me that if they had studied it well, they would have realized that, owning to the circumstances under which the light appeared, it was not nor could it have been an (ordinary) aurora borealis."  As you will read in the link right above on this paragraph, there is one strange cross reference about odd sounds associated with the lights, by Barb Ernster.  

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