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Looking Toward The Future

     This digital book is created on the presumption that better days can lie ahead for the collective human race.   Do you remember yourself 10 years ago? (courtesy of Bright Side)

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    This short 8min video is bent more for an inner city environment (courtesy of Future Tech).  The internet will become even more globally connected than you can imagine, and also more connected with the environment.    Some things will be great; other automations do not seem applicable. 

     IOT will be quite prevailing.  Another thing is artificial intelligence (AI), which is part of our daily lives.  


     I think the days of artificial intelligence (AI), like HAL in 2001, are gone, replaced by the latest in AI technology, like conversational AI AMELIA; not your common every day AI. [edit note: artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of a machine that ties thinking, perception and action together.  Conversational AI is now in its infancy, yet goes beyond Siri and Alexa].   Beyond AI, there will be things like nanotechnology.  Remember that for it will be prevailing in the near future.

    While on the topic of techno, a subject dear to the author’s heart, although the following PDF does not provide information about Fatima, the PDF provides a unique look at what was invented during the last century, which is a key component of the story of Fatima.

    This is part 1, from 1900 to 1967.   This PDF is included to show what existed and what was possible in terms of inventions and discoveries.   It was originally included as an appendix in the printed book. 

     This PDF is quite varied, from the first radios and air flights to outer space. It goes up to only 1967.  Part 2 of this will follow later, including such goodies as GTO-DI, GPS and the first Hollywood film to link the camera with the wizardy of computers.   If you are quite young, this is a bonus for you.  The things they did is quite interesting.  This will, perhaps, be helpful in the understanding of history, because remember, we are covering many decades in the ebook.  

The Last Century.pdf

     Quantum teleportation is still far off, however, the Next two videos are awesome, take your pick: about 10 mins or 12 mins(video courtesy of CubeHub01, and courtesy of Futurology).  Take your time to watch them; at least one.   Bus, taxi, delivery truck drivers will get the ax, if projections for a driverless world fully pan out.   The presence of a better future for the rest of society can be a reality for a growing population that is expected to explode even further but, sadly, if it turns out otherwise, it may be because of not following what was requested in 1917.  Its disputes and countercoups are best related within the ebook, because it is complicated.  If you are Catholic, you may have an idea.  If you are not, you may ask yourself why should I believe any of this in the first place?  Isn’t promising technology good enough for society? 

    The same question was asked by many in 1917—by non-Catholic and Catholic alike like “Why should they believe it?”—it did not matter what denomination you belonged or not.  It did not matter what nationality you were from and it did not even matter if you believed in no God.  A phenomena was felt by all.  Society is in an era that is indisputably grievous, even though absorbed in wonderful technologies, however one October day in 1917,  something happened so supernatural, it shook people by their eyeballs, young and old.