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     Parting words that are relevant today of Rev. Malachi Martin

Father Malachi Martin said the following: “According to everything we know, from Revelation and what the popes have said, and saints have said, these are his last (Lucifer’s) days of triumph amongst the nations of men, before Our Lady and Our Lord come....so, we’re witnessing, I think, the coming of the slope up to the crisis point of the big battle between Lucifer and Mary the Virgin, the Mother of God. 

“This, of course, is impenetrable for the non-Christian mind, and for many Catholic minds, they don’t even think about this. By the way,....belief in the devil is something that has disappeared. Many bishops don’t believe in the devil. Many priests and nuns don’t believe in the devil. They laugh at it. They teach the very opposite. There are Catechisms in this country, the United States, and I’m sure in Canada, which say that this was, once upon a time, an idea we had, but, now, we know, that there is no such thing, that the devil is a creation of our minds, and that all we have are simple structures created by, say, Yankee imperialism, or gross capitalism. But, the idea of a devil, a being who is tempting you, and causing you to sin, and to whom you say, ‘Yes, I shall offend God. I shall break His Law.’ This, we don’t admit any longer; in fact, somebody has said this is the best PR job ever done; he doesn’t exist. And, what spy would be not be happy to be known not to exist and to continue his work undercover? And, that is what is being done.” 

“Everywhere, Christianity is in recess....as a community of nations, you are blood- stained with guilt. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of anti-life stance. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of your greed. You have deserted my orders, and therefore I am leaving you to your own devices. And, death is going to take over, as long as you pursue this course. In other words, it is nearly an extension of what Our Lady said at Fatima...that what is happening is God is allowing the greed and the avarice and the cruelty of man to run its course since man as a community of nations deserted Him....” 

The directional focus of Christianity Father Martin added was that Christians: 

“....in the world, today, are confused. They are deeply confused–what is right, what is wrong?–is there a just war going on in the Gulf?...And, the conflicts in southeast Asia, what are we to do about it all? Where is the directive?...But, the overall picture is explained that, in fact, everywhere, that everywhere you can turn,  name one country that you wouldn’t find that Christianity and Catholicism is in recess, recess in its faith, recess in its influence, recess in its way of life.” 

source: Father Malachi Martin, interviewed by Bernard Janzen, The Eternal War, Tape 1. God’s Rule Overturned, 1991 

Our world is in danger, and like in The Avengers, it is a world of good vs evil.

Those sepcters of power see themselves invincible in their realm.  Those who think we are made to be ruled by bestial powers are wrong.  The world can be well-removed from evil, and the future can be made better.  Try to stay safe and trust in God in our ride of the future.