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“Everywhere, Christianity is in recess," so stated Fr Malachi Martin.

    The final link.

     Are we just before, or are we inside the time and chronology of the soulless creature, the A/C, as the normal and the good are being discombobulated all over the world?  Should one place extra value on Nostradamus beyond his Quatrains? and promote his words on the A/C from his Epistle to the King?  Can the world bargain on the words of Nostradamus and his Third A/C?—one who will reign per tempus, et in occasione temporis [for a time, and to the end of time].  The end of what time? The papacy? The Vatican?  His reign preceded by an eclipse more obscure and tenebrous than has been seen since the creation of the world, and the death and passion of Jesus Christ.  A comet sighting in our times is key to prescribing and identifying the third of three Antichrists.  Nostradamus predicted the war of the Third Antichrist would be the longest of the three.  



     Could the words of Nostradamus, St. Malachy, Conchita, Sister Lucia ring true?  What can we deduce and resolve with the release of Sister Lucia's biography, recently released by her convent not even 12 years ago, which describes she wrote in Jan. of 1944 about a confidential future event?  that ends in chaotic order, see page 311, not from some political activity, but commences with a lance-like flame or the tip of the spear whose tip detaches and touches the earth's axis followed by scenes of horror.   Two popes after De labore Solis is referenced Petrus Romanus.  During his time, will come the destruction of a seven-hill city, Rome, when "the dreadful Judge will judge the people" (but we are not there, yet?)  De labore Solis Is now part of past history.  Presently, we have someone from the 50th degree who is renovating the Christian Church.  But, have we really gone past the era of the Pope called The Glory of the Olive?--the olive branch symbolizes peace. Pope Benedict is still alive as of December 2022* although his reign as governing Pope is nil.  Moreover, the era of Papa Papa has long gone already.  Will there be a figure, as Nostradamus called him in Epistle to the King, to champion against the forces of evil, dethrone those who make war upon the royal persons of the Pope and chase away the abomination?  

* I was wrong.  Pope Benedict passed away on the last day of December 2022. [The mystic seer, moreover, with a gift most human beings do not ever receive in a lifetime, who centuries and centuries ago put on paper a prophetic list of Popes of the Catholic Church, a list that some said was not possible to foretell the future, a list that belonged to the theories of "quite possible"—words that formed the middle ground between the supernatural and real life—little by little were uncovered to be accurate the past 6 decades, leaving the aura of mysticism.  Dare we risk finding out what next ensues?  Are St. Malachy's prophecies far fetched bordering on a tyranny of fear and superstition?  Or, could it all be a cornerstone of the future?  Remember, this book does not face the future via one central core of signposts.]  R.I.P. January 4-5, 2023.

     Will he who arises to dethrone abomination and the A/C change the course of history?  What kind of action hero will rise up? like in the 2022 World Cup, or Super Bowl, against the circle of opportunities that want him to fail?  In today’s world, it is more than a personal choice, for we are witnessing a stampede on society that encircles the destruction of the right and of justice.  Might he or she have enough power to destroy the wicked that go against God and the Bible?  

     There is an old classic movie with Sir John Gielgud, David Janssen, Vittorio Sica, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Anthony Quinn as an Archbishop, later became a Cardinal, The Shoes of the Fisherman set at the height of the Cold War, whereupon Quinn was asked the future state of the Catholic Church, and he gave a reply which made many smile, “I have no inside information as to how the kingdom of God is going to be established.”  Of what has been written in this book, perhaps we do have inside information, now. 

     We are in the synchronicities of the renovator and also in an era of those wanting to change the complexion of natural creation and the family. 

The Rim Awaits

Satanic eyes, beckons to distant rim

Darting, weaving, to catch the mortal soul in.

Thunder and whistling wind darken the rim, 

To mask the soul by evil, away from God’s light and His holy basin.


Treachery and lies, and unholy deceit,

encapsulates this distant rim.

Laid in waste lies this horrid pit, 

the pendulum swings, for the awaiting rim.


Tic toc, tic toc.

Breath of prey, falling, falling in sin.

Weakened by yond clock,

Heart and Soul, little by little,

neither withstanding winds of evil and clock,

— big and little

Forsooth, awaits!, the clutching arms of dastardly sin.

. . . And, into the rim.

poem by the author

     Will there be a champion who comes to change the course of history within our lifetimes or will it take decades, or even longer?  We are far from the 1960s, when talisman of time neither saw the words of Nostradamus and St. Malachy ring true or, the challenging times that would hit Christianity, this is 2023 not 1965.  But since that decade, Christianity is facing unique, challenging, harsh times today as we speak, and a time which lends an ear to the era of the smartphone.  

     This is not 1965, not even 1995, a point in time 25 years ago before the little timeframe of Malachy’s final descriptive mottos.  Twenty-five years ago, there was no explosive solar bomb of 2003 or 2012 that missed us, no 1999 great solar eclipse, no North Korean nuclear explosion, and neither were the Boy Scouts of America in any dangerous peril of extinction.  

     Twenty-eight years ago, coincidentally, about a quarter of a century ago, appeared something remarkable that concerns Fatima and which is relatively forgotten: a small statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins to weep tears of blood, first seen by 5-year-old Jessica Gregori in a coastal town of Italy called Civitavecchia, known as the Port of Rome and very famous in WW II.  It was  February 2, 1995.  That was the year Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, papal adviser to five popes, stated, “In the Third Secret, it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top" and the year a series of prognostications for the modern Catholic Church began, including the awful term apostasy, although it was not all realized in '95.  A series of apparitions began to happen of Jesus, Mary and the angels, historically beginning July 2, 1995.  Our story for a time spell was wrapped up in the pros and cons until Feb. 17, 2005, when Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone declared a Vatican Commission found the story of Civitavecchia not credible; not worthy of belief.  Some in the Vatican would like the story to end there.  On Feb. 18, Bishop Grillo, publicly declared, however, that he had never received notice of such a pronouncement by the Commission; as a tidbit of history, Pope John Paul II had secretly blessed the small statue before he died in 2005.  3 years later, Bishop Carlo Chenis announces a Shrine of Civitavecchia will be constructed, but he dies suddenly and the project was halted.  By 2012, the Commission was dissolved without ever publishing any verdict—see keypoints #113 for further description and also #166 pertaining to the year 2005, the year Sister Lucia left this earth and also St. John Paul II passed away but not before secretly venerating the Madonna of Tears.  Sister Lucia in the late 1990s met the little girl Jessica in the convent of Coimbra where it is said both the sister and the little girl talked about the Third Secret of Fatima. The following exemplary video by John-Henry Weston is designed to enhance the truth behind the whole story.

     America and other industrialized nations have grand technologies, however, in terms of Christianity, they are in decline.  There existed no nimbus clouds of transgenderism 25 years ago ruling the circuits of the airwaves.  One must remember the crystalline words Sister Lucia said about the last times and Satan: The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family

     Christians are surrounded by the younger generations with novel ideas. 

     In the discovery of what can be great things, what should matter is the family. Ideas can change culture. Some twenty-five years ago, no kids of the future contemplated quitting their jobs to shoot the hell out of people after buying a firearm, nor contemplated being mesmerized by a novel term, LGBTQ-is-the-future-of-tomorrow. Technology is being used to the hilt by a younger generation with actions spanning boundaries and borders from A to Z.  What they are also doing is engraving their lifestyles to even younger minds with a celestial form of new love, that in a certain sense sounds logically cool, that sounds that to overcome hate and prejudice, it is cool to assimilate being hip to new friends and new love.   However, while whole communities are being encouraged to explore the world through the speed of online technology sadly, I see, the discount of the goodness of God.   Christianity is being fitted to a new lifestyle, one brimming with unseen tentacles like if from an invisible octopus that is not only growing in power, it has a loathe for Christianity.  How can the strength of any culture, which is the family, attune itself to an exploration of ideas and expansion of communities in building a better future if it lacks God?          



     Twenty-five years ago, no kids of the future were quitting the gift God gave them when they were born, and going gallivanting around the globe, and to, unfortunately, transgress to what God gave them.  When the 3rd A/C comes into the real public scene, he will welcome every activity that goes against God and will gleefully smile to all that—that which has been done against God the Creator.  The young people will be in his pocket, without them even knowing it.  This book announces the warnings our Blessed Mother has given us, in particular about a Satan who “has been the uncontested dominator of” humanity, in a far and wide discourse, to spread, as she warned us, of wickedness, hatred, and immorality.   Like what kinds?  In their furthest spectrum, abortion, obscenity, homosexuality and “recourse to any and all means of obstructing life,” to use her words.  If you look on the World Wide Web, ostensibly in the name of faith, hope, and charity, there exists some prelates who want to wave the white flag and give in to the recourse Our Blessed Mother speaks about, namely homosexuality.  Such prelates may not know it, or perhaps they do,  they align themselves with Enzo Bianchi, the heretic anti-Fatima monk.

     Sister Lucia is not here with us circa 2021-2022, but her words and spirit are.  Her words from an interview with Rev. Fuentes were: "Father, the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Blessed Virgin, and the devil knows what it is that most offends God, and which in a short space of time will gain for him the greatest number of souls...."  Rev. Fuentes stated that she had made him understand we are not in the last times of the world "... for three reasons: The first reason is because she told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And, a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat.  Hence, from now on we must choose sides.  Either we are for God or we are for the devil; there is no other possibility."

     The devil?  He, or it, is always there trying to twist things so that you can distance yourself from God and nothing can make the devil and Satan happier then when you do things contrary to what God likes.  Some of the non-Catholic faith love to state there are many things of Fatima that are not found or taught in the Bible, and Fatima should not be believed.  Computers and televisions which are also not found in Sacred Scriptures, should they too be caste aside?  In the teachings of Fatima, it is said to pray the Rosary to help a person come closer to Heaven, but it never states to replace God with it.  That is a false assumption.  Protestant ministers and scholars are right when they state the Rosary is not found in Scripture, yet Scripture does not say the future must not be allowed to have messages from Heaven.  Mary continually stresses to abandon sin and to not offend God.

      Luke 1:47 Mary said God  "is her savior" and when she said that, she was not the mother of Jesus Christ, but with the birth of Our Lord, she was chosen to be the receptacle of One born without sin and Redeemer of the world.   She and all humanity are saved by Him, but Scripture does not state "Mary is with sin."  That is never pronounced, not even once; it is earthly man who infers she has sin not the Bible.

     In the portals of time, Our Blessed Mother wishes only to bring more people closer to God and to adore God.  Such too is the emphasis of Rev. Malachi Martin, and even though his time on this earth has ceased, not his words.  To seek for a consecration, a topic that he knew well, is but a whispered hope, actually was a whispered hope, because on March 25, 2022, Pope Francis in union with his bishops—and per request asked all Catholics and people of the world to join—did an act of consecration.  Is that the first stage of a profound “era of peace that was supposed to have happened since 1984?”  In all forums, thus far, there are no signs the Judge has sounded His gavel of peace, but that does not mean it will never happen.

     Televised and also on the radio and Internet forums, the words “Russia”,  “Immaculate Heart” and even consecration were not missing.  Moreover, in light of what is occurring in Ukraine, the Pope even asked Heaven to help them against the ruthless hands of the Russian invasion.  What will be the outcome?  Only time will tell.


     Everywhere Christianity is in recess, so stated Fr Malachi Martin.

     In this ebook, his words, partly refer to a past time, partly to a future time, have more often than not, ring true.  Of the many things he has said, he had said the following:  “According to everything we know, from Revelation and what the popes have said, and saints have said, these are his last (Lucifer’s) days of triumph amongst the nations of men, before Our Lady and Our Lord come….so, we’re witnessing, I think, the coming of the slope up to the crisis point of the big battle between Lucifer and Mary the Virgin, the Mother of God.

     “This, of course, is impenetrable for the non-Christian mind, and for many Catholic minds, they don’t even think about this. By the way,….belief in the devil is something that has disappeared. Many bishops don’t believe in the devil. Many priests and nuns don’t believe in the devil. They laugh at it. They teach the very opposite. There are Cate“chisms in this country, the United States, and I’m sure in Canada, which say that this was, once upon a time, an idea we had, but, now, we know, that there is no such thing, that the devil is a creation of our minds, and that all we have are simple structures created by, say, Yankee imperialism, or gross capitalism. But, the idea of a devil, a being who is tempting you, and causing you to sin, and to whom you say, ‘Yes, I shall offend God. I shall break His Law.’ This, we don’t admit any longer; in fact, somebody has said this is the best PR job ever done; he doesn’t exist. And, what spy would not be happy to be known not to exist and to continue his work undercover? And, that is what is being done.”

     “Everywhere, Christianity is in recess…. as a community of nations, you are bloodstained with guilt. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of anti-life stance. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of your greed. You have deserted my orders, and therefore I am leaving you to your own devices. And, death is going to take over[…]”   “man as a community of nations deserted Him….”

     The directional focus of Christianity Father Martin added was that Christians: “…. in the world, today, are confused. They are deeply confused-what is right, what is wrong?-is there a just war going on in the Gulf?…And, the conflicts in southeast Asia, what are we to do about it all?  Where is the directive?…But, the overall picture is explained that, in fact, everywhere, that everywhere you can turn, name one country that you wouldn’t find that Christianity and Catholicism is in recess, recess in its faith, recess in its influence, recess in its way of life.”

source: Father Malachi Martin, interviewed by Bernard Janzen, "The Eternal War, Tape 1. God’s Rule Overturned, 1991”.


     Chasing time I see countless tunnels of neon lights, it is hard to draw the line on a fitting conclusion; trapped inside, Lord have mercy.






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