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History and a Historian


     Alert: For The Times is a digital book of immense research that opens your eyes, beginning and ending with Fatima.

     If you already skimmed through the book, it may seem like a hodgepodge of chapters.  Yet, the story of Fatima is a phenomenon and it is history, a story portraying the beams of anarchismin both society and the Catholic Church. 

     The following Historical Keypoints are the first of four in this book.  They will enable a reader a better panorama of history, and were constructed as a supplement to Alert: For The Times.  


The opening reference is from 1917, when photography (and cinema) were in their infancy.  Keypoints number 1 also provides pertinent photographs of Oct. 13, 1917, but not limited to October, for it expands into 1950. 

The entire timeframe expands with subsequent Historical Keypoints that will follow in the book.      


The REFERENCE IS MUCH A GUIDE through chronology.  I suggest reading the following Keypoints after studying the first part of Chapter 1, and that means after you listen to audio file #1.  If you don't utilize the audio functions, then go ahead and read Keypoints #1.



PDF Historical Keypoints #1.pdf

The following special PDFs were written specially to act as audio files.

However, I feel strongly that you try reading chapter 1 for reading can derive a wealth of interactive health, as well as knowledge.  There is nothing wrong with reading.  But, in the event that you have to do something like exercising, or chores around the house, knowing how to read anything by using computer intelligence won't be a drag if you practice here with these easy chapters.  Avoid making your reader read fast.  


Let me explain, they are meant for young people who do not have time to real all 370+ pages of the book. Of course, if you want to fully read the book, please be my guest.  The state of the art today is that book readers on the market have advanced a whole lot in just the last 5 years, they can be quite intelligent, but not always. 

These files are meant to be read using some book reader that reads any PDF, therefore, you can skip the reading of the initial Ch 1 pages.  The rest of the audio files will follow as one gets deeper into the book. 

My first 3 audio PDFs I am synthesizing chapter 1.  I have removed the page numbers which can be a pain every time a reader gets to the bottom and advances to the next page.   Moreover, when some words are not in English, a computerized reader no matter how intelligent it professes to be, has a habit to screw it up.  In our files, we rewrote some of those words so that when read by your advance intelligent reader, it will not mispronounce the words; that is a trick in itself.  Our PDF audios are not meant to be read by a human. They are a supplement mainly for young minds who do not feel comfortable reading page after page, although I encourage you to try reading the book.  It will not kill you. Who knows, you may dispense with audio-read files completely...

Audio file number two, encompasses after pages 25.  Audio file number three, encompasses from about page 43 of the book to about page 55.

For those of you who have something like Moon+ Reader Pro, it's a snap.

For those of you who have an Apple platform, there is a free item that came with your computer.  All you do is select the text, and under the Edit menu, choose speech, and you have in your hands a short-cut to read without buying anything. In my old MacBook Pro, I even changed the voice to whatever voice sounds comfortable to hear.  I picked Eva, for she is easy to hear without getting boring after a few minutes but play around with the speed. I went first into my preferences, pressed accessibility and picked speech, with speaking rate a tiny teensee bit above normal.  Each of you is different, chose the one that is best for you.  Like I said, all you do is select the text, and under Edit menu, choose speech and let it rip.  So, if you really want to skip reading most of Ch. 1, listen to all three special files on this page, then advance to page 55 so that you can not miss a beat.  On the other hand, just take into consideration that also you may miss some of the internal links. But, don’t worry about that for now.  You first have to build an interest, otherwise after the first 10 or so pages you might get turned off, we don’t want that, do we?  Remember, this book is massive and is not meant to be read, audio or not, in 1 or two nights.  It is important to download each PDF, otherwise your reader may not be able to pick it up and read it from the screen. Files are tiny. Oh, two more things.  If you posses an Apple Smart phone, sorry, you are out of luck, Moon+ Reader Pro works only on Androids.   Remember, files are not at all large.  

Alert For The Times has a lot of information you will not find elsewhere.  Inside the ebook, on page 24 is a link that gets more into depth with audio readers, and it provides a fascination to AI.

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