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History and a Historian

    Europe from America seems so distant.  

     In today’s fast paced world, a world of ominous change, lack of morality, and sexual scandals, we showcase Garabandal.  Much is unknown about the old Garabandal in today’s fast paced world.  And, while other books on the subject center mainly on religion, our template features the supernatural as well as the geophysical, from the ivory halls of conservative Catholic history to the darkness of evil, and that is why this section on Garabandal has been expanded. 

     When you combine Garabandal and Fatima with the historical spectrum of persons like Malachi Martin or St. Malachy of Ireland, and his short phrases and coda in Latin, as you shall see, that is what makes our version unique.  St. Malachy writes about the papacy, as does Garabandal.

     In the 1960s, when the story of Garabandal first began to hit the airwaves, Malachy’s coda was not so impressive.  In the 1960s, it made little sense, but it procures an impact once you read this book.  What makes it unbelievable is that his coda—published several centuries ago to the untrained eye—is 100% accurate!  

     Let me qualify that.  

     It covers approximately 700 years, however the time span of sixty is for certain 100% accurate, and those 60 started approximately 60 years ago.  To the trained eye, these are the problematic years the house of the Catholic Church began facing an unsurmountable fire with prophecies of the past forewarning the persecution to come for Catholics and other Christiansnot just for "a" Pope. 


     It is a relative story that will have an impact on Christianity.  No, not Christianity from the 1950s or the last century, but a positive impact on today’s life in all the crucibles found in the big cities.   What of the people of the future?

     We are given ample statistics to boggle the mind in our world, from the footprints that advance across the technological wonders to the census of overpopulation.   At times, the future seems to hold nothing but treachery, intrigue and the temptations of change for the Christian world.  In that climate, religion will be under fire.  Into that mix, at least in the United States and much of Europe, as you will read in chapter 7, people are also abandoning faith as never seen before.  

     Is this vision of people abandoning their faith a test of God? 

     Or, as some say, it is the course of the future where religion has passed its prime with people advancing beyond its restraining tenets.  

      Unfortunately, the version of a modern church and new way of life has been trapped by the web of pedophilia and the incursion that child molestation will never be caught.  Add to that the broadcasts which call for one-world religion to, as some see, obliterate the mess and bring about a transforming change and voila, for some a one-world religion is an attractive option.  Garabandal, as Fatima, is part of the world that is in a state of high transformation.

      In the context of time, we have reached historically the last part of St. Malachy’s vision.  His prophecies are in their end phase.  There is no debate on that.  

     So, what’s in store for the future?  

     The prophecy of St. Malachy seems to coincide partly with the story of Garabandal and with the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima.

     There is a book entitled The Last Pope, The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome written by author-historian John Hogue who I feel is a great writer and whom encapsulates in his EPILOGUE well dissertations on the fate of humanity, although I do not always agree with him 100%.  He points out one aspect of the 3rd Secret, which is that the Church, too, will face the time of its greatest trial…. What is rotten will fall, never to rise again—which he quotes comes from the apparition of Fatima, however, he writes God’s Word on Earth could be divided into three epochs; and on this I commend him.  He wrote the three epochs: the Era of the Old Testament; the Era of Christ’s Church; and Era of the Holy Spirit.  Both Garabandal and Fatima belong to the second era. 

     Basically, that era is now, and unlike the 1950s, we are in a sensurround, surreal mode, packed with the wallop of the handheld pda.   He makes a delivering point that one should not condemn the past but that, “Catholicism” is like a lumbering and fundamentalist dinosaur, and two cases pop up: it will become totally extinct or “will transform” in the new Aquarian Age of personal freedom, as he puts it, an age of humanity in terms of religion growing up.  It is his hope that a “better religious life is waiting for us” minus the trappings of Protestant, Catholic misgivings or whatever religion one is inclined to follow.  The downside to this is that the Gospel belongs to the so-called trappings.  Perhaps, as he wrote, “The Era of the Gospel is destined to die as a seed dies so that a new flower of the Era of the Holy Spirit can be born.”  

     In basic A-B-C, that is the theorem behind the new society for a one world order and religion.  Or, in other words, it can be a world where one who thinks for a one-world-order craves for one world religion or as Hogue often states, no religion.  I don’t know much about that, but notice how the words stated by Pope John XXIII in 1962 for his hopes of a future parallel this discourse:   “We feel we must disagree with those prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world was at hand.  In the present order of things, Divine Providence leading us to a new order of human relations which, by men’s own efforts and even beyond their very expectations, are directed towards the fulfillment of God’s superior and inscrutable designs.  And, everything, even human differences leads to the greater good of the Church.”

     The new revealing thesis is that we can be offered a new Age of the Holy Spirit.  As author Hogue so candidly included in his EPILOGUE by Joachim de Fiore in the 13th Century, “The Church of Rome shall be destroyed in the Third State [Age of the Holy Spirit], as the Synagogue of the Jews was destroyed in the Second State, and the spiritual church shall from thenceforth succeed, to the end of the world.”  The Age of the Holy Spirit?  Here is where we differ.  Our Blessed Mother never speaks of a new age, and especially one that should leave the Gospels.  As will be seen, the future needs to re-connect with the love of Jesus Christ, her son, who says only through Me will you be able to get to Heaven, a Heaven that the Blessed Mother wants us to be able to attain.  The underlining message of Garabandal is Jesus, and His presence is like a juice of vitamins for an iron and vitamin deficient world.  How wonderful that we have a mother who is close to us and looks over us as this world turns in confusion and loss of faith.  A renewal to that which is basic in the storyof what it means to follow Christ. 


      Garabandal is a humble village, so tiny this author had a hard time finding it on a map.  Jerusalem, Rome, Fatima, as other places, can be located in numerous maps, but not so this teenee weenie spec.

      A wealth of information can also be found via maps in the internetas related by the following entries, beginning with northern Spain travel. Please allow about 7 seconds to elapse, then click on photo. If you do not wait, you will see the center is all black with a photo on the right of a girl on a bike. If done correctly, the center is not black but a nice panorama should show up.  We lucked out. Here we find two views, one a general view of Garabandal, and the other a cool air view of the village and surrounding countryside.  Courtesy of, for historical knowledge, Google Earth.

     Pax, the author 

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