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History and a Historian

     How history can be found

     There came to me a small window of opportunities during my early years of research, and it involved a man who had read the Third Secret of Fatima and knew about Garabandal. 

      The life of Rev. Malachy Martin has come to me in bits and pieces.  Some of the tidbits of information were a result of his dialogues with radio host Art Bell, and my luck to be able to record what was said on Coast To Coast AM.  That’s over twenty years ago.  In my discovery while researching Fatima and Garabandal, which required diligent research and at times a bit of detective work, I was able to garner information that helped me put things in some order because of these radio recordings made.  

     The order is complex.  At that time, I was not even sure why I was doing the recordings by radio.  It seemed interesting to me at that time, and nothing more.   But, I believe it was worthwhile, although at the time, it did not even seem logical.  There were times when something hits you out of the blue and an idea or connection was in the offering.    One such time occurred in 2006. 

      I had the privilege to hear live Art Bell interview Rev. Malachy Martin several times.

Let us first start with a radio recording I made on March 5, 2006  that I would like to share with you, in which Art interviews a good friend of Rev. Martin (2mins 52 sec).  The following historical information is divided into 5 clips.  The friend is a former surgeon, graduate of Harvard, turned to a priest in 1997, Rev. Rama Coomaraswamy. 

      I had no idea what I was to hear, and it is stunning.  Clip #1.  Clip #2.  

Art Bell bio on Fr Coomaraswamy  (press)

best friend of Fr M Martin  (press)

     The next clip revolves around the story that Rev. Martin was pushed.  Clip #3: Art interviewed Kathleen Keating.  This revealed interview occurred before Art Bell interviewed Rev. Coomaraswamy. Incidentally, I have in my possession over 1000 audio cassettes, some concern other topics like sono-luminance or the weather; it will come suddenly, "like a thief in the night."  But as the Book says, "know not when, for it will come suddenly, like a thief in the night."  Only the fools say there is no God.

Malachi Marin was pushed  (press)

     Here again is the voice of Rev. Coomaraswamy ( 1min39 sec) who makes an impressive yet enfolding anecdote about how Malachy Martin got to read the 3rd Secret. 

Fr Coomaraswamy on Third Secret  (press)

     Here is the voice of Rev. Malachy Martin, who speaks about the Third Secret of Fatima and conversion.  This is a fresh anecdote of history that is found only in this book. 

3 Popes and 3 minutes  (press)

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