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This is Link Saint

It has been 15 years since researcher Paolini had first contacted Capovilla in 2006 and discovered that the Third Secret has 2 parts, because the Pope of the time in the 1960s had to read “the Secret” twice, as in the words of Capovilla “Precisely So” due to the fact that he had to, for there existed two separate documents that had to be read separately.  

In 2007, things became juicy and embroiled, and on an Italian program Porta a Porta,  Cardinal Bertone demonstrates envelopes about the 3rd Secret— fair to notate, he concentrated on the envelopes of the Secrets.  However, he failed to notate distinctions and this is where this video comes into play, to perhaps help you disentangle the situation.  Note the 38 min mark and 41 min marks of the talk. You are a few sentences away from where our author Mr. Valaneinte describes the Port a Port incident, which is discussed in the ebook.




     The opening panorama of dates is from 1917, when photography (and cinema) were in their infancy.  The solar disk defied all laws of nature.  The effect was felt, but not by all.  Countless police, reporters and atheists did feel the effect, and despite their disbelief and skepticism were left in awe.  One astounding thing that was felt by all and that was, and is, undeniable, had little to do with what appeared in the heavens.  Something remarkable occurred on terra firma.   Everyone’s clothes and umbrellas were stone dry.   The ground was devoid of mud.   Mass hypnosis does not dry clothes and land.  The following link is pertinent where skeptic people are concerned; is concise and to the point.  It is an addition to the treaties on the dancing solar disk, by a young person Mark Mallett.  



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