Title: Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets

     May 13, 2000

     The Third Secret of Fatima was, indeed, to take place in the year 2000.  

     But, when it transpired, there was evidence that there existed another part.  We will explore that later via the ebook. 

      Pope John XXIII for his own reasons, forbade any and all references regarding Fatima and Russia and the Third Secret about 60 years ago.  Pope Paul VI in 1964 consecrated the world, but due to a secret Metz Pact did not mention Russia in relation to Fatima, and for nearly 4 decades the Third Secret of Fatima was kept away from the public.  The Metz Pact is so secret, most people never knew it existed, however, it is described in the ebook in the later pages.   In the following video file, a legendary Hollywood star Ricardo Montalban posed the question that was asked to the children of Fatima: Would people be sad if they knew the Secret?   The reality is that each said the same reply, “Yes, they would be sad.”  By the way, Monsignor Guerra, in grey, was incorrect when he stated it was 1942.  It was 1944, not 1942.

The Last Century.pdf

had a very popular show on television, and he was not afraid to talk about Fatima. He said peace is made by prayer   Link 1.  Link 2