Introduction of the Contemporary

With the rise of
space weather and the web, are we just being bombarded by planetary waves of information on a grand scale?

  You will discover things not normally found in a typical geophysical book; a kaleidoscope of events. 
Grim anomalies in a way not seen in recent memory.


For starters HBO Chernobyl

   A nuclear turmoil was turned into history 35 years ago at a place called Chernobyl, and which HBO has captured with a new 5-part miniseries, debuting on Monday, May 6, 2019.  As I understand it, this is a true-life horror story and should be watched.  It impacted the climate in Europe in more ways than one.  I include it as a historical tidbit in my Historical Keypoints which is provided free to whoever buys my ebook, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.  

   Chernobyl translated into English from Ukraine is wormwood, and many people do not know of that. 

   There exists a prophecy in the Bible, keyword Wormwood, chapter 8 of Revelation that tells about a star, named Wormwood, that falls upon the Earth, with cataclysmic results.  That such a name was picked by St. John some 2,000 years ago and mentioned no where else in the New Testament of the Bible becomes eerie.  Wormwood is used in Russia for medicinal purposes, and a characteristic of that is that their tongues turn black.  The Ukrainian word for black is chornee (чорний.)  In Ukraine, Chernobyl and Wormwood is interchangeably used, but if taken in the context of Biblical verse, Chernobyl arises and the waters were made bitter, many died, as a result of a star falling, or a description of what St. John thinks is a star, a promp reference to a nuclear explosion St. John knew not. 

   This incidence worth being aware of.  Author Valentine believes Chernobyl is the 4th Trumpet of Revelation, something different, yes, but an event which took place on April 26, 1986, 35 years ago.  

   One final tidbit in history to add, pertaining to Revelation 9: in 1991 the world awoke to a reference point of a bottomless pit when during the invasion of Kuwait, an angry Saddam set fire to 700 oilfields, and an entire sky was darkened due to the smoke of “the pit” and where the people of Kuwait did not see the sky or the sun easily for over 3 months. 

   The flying war helicopters were like giant locusts permeating the land, with the faces of men visible—behind their windshields—with a unique sound of their wings so said St. John—the blades.  This portion of the Bible also describes, in verse 11 of Ch 9, a term St. John uses, of a king named Apollyon or Abaddon.  One should be made aware that each of these words translates into English as “the destroyer.”   So the world, in my interpretation, saw scorpions of the Earth [flying choppers] with horns (locusts) and breastplates [metallic suckers with faces of men] fly down over the Earth, and the world witnessed the bottomless pit and what it brought.  To this, John wrote, of a king whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon calling him the angel of the bottomless pit, and not necessarily a good angel. 

   Abaddon in the Greek language is Apollyon.  The word destroyer if one carries it into Persian translates into of all people’s names, Saddam.  No, not Charley or Hussein.  But Saddam, the creep who wrote his name in modern history for many reasons.  Saddam is, or was, Apollyon or in Hebrew Abaddon.  This bottomless pit stuff is connected to Trumpet 6.  Go see Chernobyl, and remember we are dealing with history and climate and the invisible.   Something that has never occurred on this planet before and which resembled a wartime Hiroshima in terms of radiation and death.




   We had a strange timing of another sort in April of 2017: there was a BBC report on icebergs, but were they majestic or massive problems?—plus headache problems for commuters that greeted Americans on April 20, 2017, that gridlocked  San Francisco for 7 hours.  This impact was real and was also felt in Los Angeles and New York but, can we, should we...

—chalk it all away as Hollywood inventive make-believes?  or just imagination.


  That was 7 years ago.  However, Operation Gotham Shield was recent.


  What is it with the tragic opera of events that same April 2017, when something of a different nature also struck.  Do you recall the terror attack that  struck the Champs Elysee in Paris?  Or, Sweden and a rampaging Muslim.   Thank God for women who want peace.  Author Mr. Valentine does not put things in a helter-skelter manner in his presentation, but places dynamic historical events in a proper perspective to give meaning to life, that each person means something in the scope of things.

  “At one point six million in the Carolinas, that's where my mom lives, are without electricity....The worst ice they've seen in they don't know how long in the Carolinas. At least 22 dead are blamed on the storm.
  “At the same time here, look I get an e-mail from Anchorage, Alaska. Helga: ''Art, I was watching tv news about the weather back East, all the snow and the rest of it. Do you know I've been enjoying Spring, here, in the Anchorage area?
'We've had the warmest November on record. The grass is still green. And, we've been having record-breaking warm temperatures. We've had a few traces of snow earlier in the Fall, but, nada since. There's no snow in the forecast for the next five days. Gee, what strange weather."”.

Art Bell December 5, 2002, on Coast To Coast AM

  “It has been a long day for utility workers. They spent all last night restoring some electricity to some 6000 metro Atlanta residents who lost power as the storm moved through here last night. And then when they thought they were in the clear, they got a call to go to North Carolina when things got real bad....More than a million in North Carolina [were without power] and more than a quarter million in South Carolina. That's more people than the number that lost power during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Officials say this is the worst winter storm they've seen in decades....”

correspondent John Serrie, FOX News on Your World with Neil Cavuto, December 5, 2002

Downtown Chicago an instance in freaky weather.

University kids are getting the message from Loyola of Chicago.

Alas, within news of abnormality of weather, reality swept our contemporary, escape from terrorism Paris, Nov 13, 2015.

Back in time, to history’s unforgetables, such as NY 9-8-2012, MW 5-19-2013. 

A strange meteorite that crashed in Argentina that killed a woman and lost in time.

Scientists from Scripps and the University of Arizona released a new report, the first of its kind, analyzing the last 35 years of wildfire activity, funded by grants from NOAA, the U.S. Forest Service and the California Energy Commission.  The average fire season has grown--by more than 2 months as spring comes earlier.  Fires have destroyed 6.5 times more land than in the 1970s.  Our terrible fires are unfortunately not a fluke AND are linked to the disposition of our “changing climate”--one of my themes in my book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, which people should read.

 --- ----
The following were distributed propitiously after Katrina: 5.4 million meals, 144 generators, 3.5 tons of ice, 3.5 million gallons of water, 10,400 tarps, 11,000 cots, and 135,000 blankets.  With this premise, using color pictures and maps, we will try to provide a historical understanding and will explore what experts—like Professor Lonnie Thompson, Professor Christina Hulbe, Professor Mark Serreze, Professor Ted Scambos and James Baker disclose.  We do not delve into only one or two subjects, but a plethora of information about your climate, which forms part of the story.

Professor Lonnie G. Thompson.

The videos on this website are a brazen testamont to history.  For historical and educational purposes, we include a few movies, and we must thank the army of men and women who brave it all and recorded history for us.  The book is not a whimsy spur of the moment thing.  In time, the picture becomes clearer.  The author has labored on it since 1996.

Robert Valentine's book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets provides numerous data points about the climate, suitable for any age.

Supercell thunderstorms are not novel but are in the news.

  To the uninitiated Coast To Coast audience, certain names will be new. Therein lies a nest of facts, and within lies the unknown, the forgotten years, unless you lived them. 
  For example, did you know weather and fungi damages are already aggravating food crop yields?  That is in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. 

  Another example, the 1960s, were more than just rock and roll and Viet Nam.  The early years witnessed the apparitions of Garabandal and the tension of the Cold War.  May we suggest the movie by Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks  Bridge of Spies, a screen drama of security tension and spies that we strongly recommend.   Moreover, whoever makes a purchase of Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets will be privy to a special informative list of facts called HISTORICAL KEYPOINTS of history that tells you many secretive things not the Cold War, like the rare Centalign-B machines for processing tiny ball bearings that went to the USSR, and STARFISH of 1962. So what is relevant?   Do you remember the wicked freaky tornado outbreak in Europe, summer of 2013?

  Granted we live in a busy world yet, what is really relevant? 
  To those who were in St. Louis when a horrific hailstorm hit on April 28, 2012, that was relevant!   The power of God and nature is awesome.  It is scary, but it can be fixable.  But, at what price?   The answer will not be simple.   Nor is it frameable in 1 answer.  Within the book, you will find a framework of items akin to a treasure of information, a goldmine.  A goldmine of information where people prompt the question, “What happened?”  
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