Events Leading up to War

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Japanese naval code is profoundly changed, HY009 a new Imperial Fleet signal system instituted.Dec 28---Famous phrase in American popular culture, “Sighted Sub, Sank same.” 

A Special 75th Anniversary pdf on the Bataan era.

Worthwhile sites to visit: Maywood Bataan Organization mbdo 

and also a LINK to 1st Lt. Emmett Gibson, a survivor with actual accounts, and the Bataan Commemorative Research Project (Provisio East High School) BataanProject


Highlights of WW II



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Yes, the low power transmissions which were supposed to go only about 100 miles were fanned out due to solar hitting the ionosphere and carried all over the Pacific basin, as far as the West Coast. Far-north weather reports from Baffenland start guiding Lend-Lease pilots across the “North Atlantic highway in the sky” route.


and gold major’s leaves.  Major Capra began work in Washington D.C., on February 15, 1942.   He became the commanding officer of the Film Production Section of the Information Division of Special Services, under Brig-Gen. Osborn