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     The three magnets that hold this book together are Science, Religion, and the Supernatural. Forthwith is a 3 mins introduction to the new movie on Garabandal. It is very interesting... at your lower right is a control for sound.  It is called Garabandal, Unstoppable Waterfall, it premiered in 2020.  The special documentary, created by Mater Spiel, is something else for it has searched and provides eyewitnesses of the apparitions from the decade of the 1960s.  They are still alive.  

     Garabandal, Unstoppable Waterfall is an exceptional collection of interviews and film clips.  If in case you are not able to load the above video,  you can be able to hear and see it for yourself  on this 3 min intro LINK to Garabandal, Unstoppable Waterfall.

      Keep in mind, some film was probably filmed in 8mm, and that quality is far from high def, and do not be deterred by there being no sound in some of the video clips.  This was the 1960s era, and I remember even my family when we were shown old family movies, there was no sound.  That was a natural thing of life, and we were in a big city like Los Angeles.  It starts with the warnings, but that is covered in the book; it is a story that when it occurred in the 1960s, seemed too incredulous.  The informative video has a collection of both actual moving film and people describing what they remember.  It is not a rendition, for it contains actual eyewitness testimonies of people who were there, and it is done in high definition.  The people who lived it give us a better understanding if it was a true event or what.  It is a streaming visage of Christianity, in which it is reminded, there are those who wish you not to acquire knowledge of the true story.  

      In addition to Unstoppable Watefall, the author discovered this little gem of information, titled Beyond the Vision, Garabandal: Only God Knows, garnered together by people binded together in describing the truth of this little point in history, lost and forgotten until now.  It draws a commentary totally different from the metamorphosed explanation issued by the Vatican. The 1960s  village of Garabandal was deep in the mountains, with not even a road or electricity, yet, from the backwards and isolation came a 4-letter word: hope. 

    The story of Fatima has been featured on television many times, such as History Channel’s “Histories Mysteries”, AND Fox News --even the Washington Post wrote about Fatima.  But about Garabandal, nothing.


     With the help of modern technology, watch the complete video of Unstoppable Watefall when you have time at this link.  I urge you to watch the complete video when you have time.  If you do not have time now, make some time later.  Get comfortable and check it out.  Maybe even take some notes regarding some marks in the video.  Around the 13 min mark is when the story gets really interesting, but, at no time are we stating this is the end times.   Why it took so long for someone to get the eyewitnesses together in tandem with running commentary is beyond me.

     About the 34 mins it relates how important the theme of messages become, followed by the intervention of actual video of the little Communion Host popping out of nowhere in front of the cameraman.  An angel actually told the girls beforehand that God would work a miracle.  That was related in the ebook, however, nothing is quite as vivid as seeing it for yourself.

     At the 54.14 mark begins the information about the messages, the Eucharist and also a few words from Sister Nieves herself on how certain people twisted the arm of Conchita to say things that seem unbelievable.  You will be involved with those who lived it and become suspicious as to why the Catholic Church did not come out with proper investigations, found around the 1 hour 9mins and 14 seconds mark.  Around the 1 hour and 5 min mark you will hear one of the stories of a miracle, that of Menchu Mendiolea.  They did not keep their mouths shut.

    We must realize we are not in the sixties.  Many trials, wars, and tribulations have come and gone, and much of the story of Garabandal is still hardly known. This particular website is from Australia and in this author's opinion, they did a pretty good job with excellent pictures and information.

      This piece of information contains a clip saved by someone when Conchita appeared on The Late Late Show from New York.  The  interview with host Gabe M. Byrne is most probably from the 1970s or 1980s, as he was the first host of that CBS show, covering a 37-year span until 1999. Duration about 13 mins.

AND? We have two links, which are not nice. One pertains to the night of the screams and the little miracle--which in the video Garabandal, Unstoppable Waterfall, is related around the 44 min 50 second mark.  Next is also about the night of the screams, but Skip to about the 7.45 min mark on this Link to where they talk about the night of the screams.

At this website from The Catholic News Archive, a novice to the story of Garabandal will read this and leave with the impression that Rome gives a negative note to the whole business of the apparition. 


The bottom line?  From my years and years of research, I can state that it did—and still does, although it is more careful now with a different choice of words— a whole lot of denial, one of which is that Conchita did not see Pope Paul VI. 

If you read the short paragraph below, remember, this is from May 23, 1969.  We now know this Vatican descriptive information is a bold face lie, but as the author shows, this is the Vatican of the sixties.  Forthwith, is the section about Conchita: 


The Doctrinal Congregation labeled as false statements in a leaflet circulated by the New York Garabandal center alleging that Conchita Gonzales, one of the visionaries, was given a private audience by Pope Paul VI. This leaflet bears the imprimatur of Archbishop Michel Kien Samophithak of Thailand. The congregation also denied claims of Garabandal devotees that Pope Paul had given a special blessing to the Gonzales girl at the alleged private audience. An authoritative source said the Garabandal apparitions have been championed by members of the family of Prince Xavier di BourbonParma, pretender to the Spanish and French thrones. This source said that it was in the company of members of the Bourbon-Parma family that the Gonzales child attended a public papal audience. They afterwards claimed that the Pope had given her a special blessing. The source said this claim is false. Garabandal has been the center of controversy since the inception of the alleged apparitions in 1961.


What kind of Vatican is this?  Well, in a nutshell, it was dominated by evil men, controversial a statement if ever described, but what else can you say if   A. It is a sad pronouncement to say this.  B. Looking back in history, you find time after time, the 60s era descriptions on Garabandal is full of inventions and lies.  C. There is word from the Vatican that state they did a thorough investigation.  D. Forthwith is the start of this 1969 article: 

Vatican City —(NC) —Claims of Vatican support for alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to four children at Garabandal, Spain, have been denied by the Doctrinal Congregation.   Devotees of the Garabandal apparitions have held that the “official note” made public by the late Bishop Vicente Puchol Montiz of Santander in 1967 was not binding upon them. They claim that pronouncements on the authenticity of Garabandal were entirely in the hands of the Holy Office (the Doctrinal Congregation was formerly known under this title). The congregation’s declaration of May 10, 1969, put an end to their claim. The "official note” of the Santander diocese (where Garabandal is located) declared: • There was no apparition either of the Blessed Virgin or of St. Michael the Archangel or of any other celestial personage. • There was no message....

The Doctrinal Congregation gave full support to Bishop Montiz, saying he “acted correctly in this matter, and in full accord with his authority.” 

     This is an excellently done website, from America.  It presents the story of Garabandal, and not only in English but in a variety of languages, like in at least 100 languages.  At the bottom of the site is a very nice 53 minute movie, which includes the story of Jesuit Luis Andreu.

Link to The Mystery of Garabandal, Fantasy or Fraud found at this address.

     We include here parting sound bytes from Fr Martin, on Garabandal interviewed on radio by Art Bell.


3rd Secret and Garabandal  (press)

historical vestige on the underground church 

Fr Luis Andreu
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poster ready
Conchita holding a cross
walking at night
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     The three magnets that hold this book together are Science, Religion, and the Supernatural.  

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