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History and a Historian

      A very strange story occurred about 20 years ago which a reader is probably not acquainted, and it forms part of the complete story of Fatima, not as an old story that pertains only to the last century.   The following is a story about Fatima not found in any other digital book.  It has been added as a special feature to this ebook. 
      In the author’s research, a spotlight centers upon events from the year 2004. 


      One part of the story is about a peaceful procession, which was not peaceful and was conducted on the premises of the Fatima Shrine.

      The power of mass prayer?   You will see that there were people who did not care for that, and unfortunately it all involved Catholics pitted against Catholics.    The speaker is John Vennarisadly, he passed away in 2017 RIP.  The following is a story connected to the book. 

       Special collection

     One part of the story is about the beginning of a procession.

     Our story begins in an amazing way.

     In 2005, author Valentine attended a special seminar in Pasadena, California.  Many topics were presented at this seminar.  He had no idea they were going to show movie clips.  Some blessed power seemed to have guided him, for he had this inner urge for a few nights in a row before the seminar to take along his video camera.  This was a first for him.  Whatever seminar he had ever attended in his life before, this was the first time he brought his video camera with him.  

     At this informative seminar held September 25, 2005, he listened to several speakers.   Two dramatic videos were presented to the audience on a giant screen.  

     One was a Portuguese film presented on Portuguese TV, dateline May 5, 2004.   It showed that Catholic Church leaders had promulgated the worship and chants of the Hindu religion without any interference whatsoever at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.  A clip is below, but the longer part of the story concerning Our Lady is herewith at Our Lady of Fatima. Subsequent video, he meant 2004 not 2005.

     The other story, which is shown here in part, is about the procession and can best fall under the dual theme of “Inside the Fatima Shrine” AND “The connector to the Fatima reality--which is a broken reality, begun by Pope John XXIII.”   Remember the year, 2004.   It is part of the disruption and disarray that pertained to the world of the Catholic Church for several decades, and which author Valentine knew very little about.   Thanks to a Christian photographer who was at the August processionand because Valentine had his camerawe were able to tape it and bring you this viewpoint.   It is an actual story through the periscope of a lens.  You will see a terrible thing ensue; a world for demons.  

     For as long as one can remember, the power of mass prayer is an important concept for any religion.  What was demonstrated instead were forces that appear to fling out that idea.

     John Vennari in the seminar describes scenes of a procession-prayer, and also the behind-the-scenes scenario that took place.  

     Sadly, it also shows how Church leaders are embodied with a sickness.   The Catholic procession was part of a special prayer enacted in reparation for the worshipping allowed of a pagan religion at the holy site at Fatima earlier in May.
     The accompanying videos demonstrate how several thousand people tried to pray, however, they were met with blaring noise trying to drown out their prayers.  (Remember, all this took place after a 2003 pan-religious congress, and an assurance by former Catholic leader Rev. Fox (may he rest in peace) that interfaith activities would not ever be allowed at one of the holiest sanctuaries in Catholicism.)

A Video

     On Monday August 22, the pilgrims of the peaceful procession began to walk from a nearby fieldwhere they had held a special Mass.  So far it started fine and they walked to the Fatima Shrine itself.  After a while they encountered a barrier.   Despite prior arrangements with Fatima shrine officials and clearances to hold the special Act of Reparation, the group was confronted by two strange obstacles at the start.


     First, there was a big barricade left standing at the entrance.   Permission or no permission, someone had put it there and it had to be overcome.        


     Second, upon arrival at the actual sanctuary, the pilgrims saw cleaning ladies very busy noisily vacuuming the sanctuary area.   One old-timer priest who had been to Fatima lots of times, said he had never seen women vacuuming the sanctuary in the middle of the day.  Nice timing, boys!   So, the procession winded its way into the sanctuary and next began the prayers of reparation.  The atmosphere was supposed to be reverent.   As people prayed, there came from the gigantic speakers inside the shrine, a loud blaring music to drown out those praying.   A hotel owner who resided in Fatima told eyewitnesses later that in all his 20 years there, he had never heard the speakers so loud.

     Early in the prayers, three nuns went up to the altar, and whipped out a microphone, and began chanting and singing very loudly against the pilgrims trying to pray.   This is not shown in the videos.   They tried to disrupt prayers. A tug of war began as to who could be the loudest. A small clip of the blaring is played next.  Simply incredible.
B Video

     This whole scenario would have never erupted if the nuns had not tried to harass the people during their special Fatima prayer.   Is that conducive to Catholic reverence upon a shrine that was specifically requested to be built especially for the Blessed Mother and the honor of God, as described in the ebook?  

    Back in May of 2004, no one harassed anybody and there was absolutely no interference whatsoever from anyone over Hindus praying.
C Video

     The nuns departed, but then, something more... 
That angered a Catholic Brother, who stepped over the outside wall around the Little Chapel, and headed toward the disruptive nuns, on your left, the upper part of the video.  Again unbelievable.  This whole scenario would have never erupted if the nuns had not tried to harass the mass prayer.

     Is that conducive to Catholic reverence upon the special shrine?   

     Anyone can come to the Fatima Shrine, however, it is not a Buddha or Allah or Kali shrine.  When the worship and chants of the Hindu religion were conducted in May of 2004, there was absolutely no interference whatsoever from any Catholic Church leaders or nuns.  The fighting Brother did succeed in stopping the loud nuns.
D Video

     So, we had an event where Hindus are allowed to visit Fatima with the viewpoint that the mother of Christ is a goddess, which she is not, and the other debacle involving a scandalous prayer scene.

     Within two years after all this, the following occurred: David Booth announced a dire warning on October 6, 2004; over 240,000 people died in a Dec. 26, 2004 Indonesian disaster; the Bishop of Leira-Fatima and the Rector of the Sanctuary are sacked; the epic Hurricane Katrina whips people; [the epic Hurricane Sandy whipped even more people]; and 2004 became the year of winds and all manner of weather/climate became wilder.  Nine years later, lightning struck the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica within hours of the Pope’s resignation; and then there are people in avid debate that there is a sickness within the Catholic Church not seen before vs it has happened before.  Are we at the end of St. Malachi’s papal list?   Is it possible?   Maybe the barricades of that August were just coincidental? Is it an illusion?   Is it all an illusion?


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