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History and a Historian

    About 18 years ago, an event occurred involving an extension of Fatima, on the very holiest of places.  But, although the story is connected to the chapel in the Shrine of Fatima, it is not a good story.  Herewith, is the unusual report using videos.  

     The access to the 4 videos will give you an insight to something never done before that displays prayer by Hindu priests in the Marian Shrine and also serves as a primer to August 22, 2004.

       Almost 7 months since the pan-religious conference had taken place in Fatima, where Anglicans, Hindus, Buddhists, and others attended called The Present of Man—the Future of God (see page 104 of ebook), our destination, the streets of Fatima and it’s Shrine were unusually, very empty of people, pedestrians and residents as a spell of bad weather which had begun the night before still raged on May 5, 2004.   

       The skies were grey and gloomy.

       A little after 9 pm, an unreal setting, an unreal ceremony was shown on Portuguese television.  Hindus were shown traveling to the Shrine, which may sound as no big deal, except it is what occurred that is troubling. They had travelled that rainy, gloomy day by bus earlier that May fifth.  In the video you see a busload of travelers on their way to Fatima.  From all accounts, they were not noisy or unruly.  It is no platitude of misinformation. An unreal ceremony, however, occurred in 2004 when for the first time ever, a group of Hindus were allowed to commandeer the Shrine of Fatima for pagan worship.  Beforehand, the author Mr. Valentine had seen some stills in early 2005 and that looked incredulous, but nothing tops it until you actually see the videos.   It may sound harmless, but an unbroken teaching of the saints and popes and doctors of the Church had instructed that idolatry is wrong and not to be taken lightly, yet the Hindu ritual took place, the exact spot where the Blessed Mother appeared to the three children in 1917.  To a devout Hindu, there is no single mother of God, in their avenue of worship, they possess many Gods.

     Idolatry is the worship of a creature or entity which is regarded as a deity, ie. sun, animals etc.  The Blessed Mother is the mother of Jesus Christ, not to be treated as some sort of goddess. I am sure we all have friends who are Hindus or know of Hindu neighbors, and they are in most respects very nice people.  During their visit they did their prayers and chants. But, as an act of worship in one of the holiest sites in the Catholic religion, fills one with great dismay and anger that Church leaders had permitted this.   The story has nothing to do with allowing delegations of anybody to come and visit the Shrine of Fatima. 

     Within two years, the Bishop of Leira-Fatima and also the rector L. Guerra were sacked.  What you saw above, surrounds a danger to Christian Faith. The film was shot by the author at a seminar held by Rev. Gruner r.i.p on September 25, 2005, in Pasadena, California.

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