History and a Historian

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The world of today, is not as it once was, say–for example–in the 1950s. The flow of electricity, the information age and science and transportation are quite different. 


     Historically, there are various people who don’t want you to believe in the relevancy of Fatima in the world of today.


    There are several points to this.  It is also old history that more than one pope since 1940 has done their own consecration and there is one, the one of 1984 that is claimed to have been set on the sunset of accomplishment, yet we still have wars.

    More than ever, there is also the present danger of nuclear holocaust with a potential of killing every human if every nuclear weapon were fired all at once.

    The latest development between Russia and the United States is rather sad.

    The scenario also exists that it is no longer fantasy that weapons of mass destruction are in the hands of a military elite in North Korea that are not afraid to deploy their weapons. 

    Although sounding unreal, North Korea has one of the largest fleet of submarines in the Pacific, as related by veteran submariner Kenneth Sewell to Art Bell Oct. 8, 2006.  Maj. Dames in an interview of April 23, 2013, told George Noory on Coast To Coast AM not even the U.S. government knows this one (at that time): there was a devious, diabolical plan of transporting by submarine already-developed devices to be placed off the coasts of Hawaii and the West Coast of the U.S.   They’ll abrogate old-fashioned long-range missile launches.  

    Originally, Major Dames’ team thought those devices were nuclear mines.  But, so claims Dames, they would have the potential to be set off as close to U.S. territories and harbors as possible, if the U.S. attacks North Korea. 

     He is quoted as saying that in this Communist regime, it is not Kim Jong-u who is running the show, but some of his generals, which includes his aunt, a 4-star generaland, on the ropes would be Red China. In January of 2016 N. Korea exploded a nuclear bomb. According to ABC reporter Martha Raddatz on ABC World News Tonight, January 6, 2016, this was “North Korea’s fourth nuclear test since 2006, and the North has the means to deliver those weapons.”  Incidentally, in September of 2017, the world was transfixed on North Korea’s claim that it detonated a miniature H-bomb to protect itself from “war mongers like the United States.” 

    Wars are part of the story. 

     How odd it is to remember that in the 1930s a true story happened,  when through sacred prayer the bishops of Portugal and her Portuguese populace did a consecration in earnest, and all of a sudden, a little Portugal and her people actually escaped the horrors of a Spanish Civil War and a WW II–a candid example of the amazing power of mass prayer, which the Vatican event of 2000 failed to approach, as was shown in the ebook. About 35 years ago–as discussed in Alert: For The Times–leaders of the Holy Roman Catholic Church first began to tell you falsely that the Consecration of the whole world was done as requested by Heaven–which technically includes the geographical area formerly known as the Soviet Union, aka Russia.  Bringing you up to date on things related to the Third Secret of Fatima is the object of this section. 

     Suppose we are in an era of peace and Russia had started to convert.  Keeping in mind, the main points that are to be subscribed to if one believes the requests of the Lady of 1917 of Fatima had really been made, is that, if the request is done as asked for (and accomplished), our big fat world would see peace!   Real peace is happiness.   Are the depositories of happiness and love–in whatever form you best like–felt by you and seen upon this world?   Is your lifestye of today better than before 2000?

     Since 2001, several important events should be highlighted.  (For the record, the only nation on Earth mentioned by Our Lady of Fatima is Russia, Russia which suffered a meteor strike, the same year that the Pope had abdicated.) While in the past, a reigning Pope is the only one thought to be the one dressed in White, we now have another Bishop dressed in White–could he be the one pertaining to the Bishop dressed in White as described in the June 26, 2000, Vatican module, and Bertone's book (The Last Secret of Fatima) whereby Lucia described a Bishop dressed in White being killed?

     The Lightning struck the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica within hours of the Pope’s resignation, Feb. 11, 2013 at 5:55 pm; coincidentally, the same exact hour that back on October 26, 1958 white smoke had poured out from the Sistine Chapel stovepipe telling the world that a new Pope was elected, one by the name of Federico Cardinal Tedeschini. He was elected it seems as the successor to Pope Pius XII, however, the new Pope failed to appear at the papal balcony. Within the half-hour mark of the white smoke, there was an announcement that there was a mistake, and not until October 28 was a successor picked, Angelo Roncalli who became Pope John XXIII. 
    In 2013, Russian nuclear forces conducted a major war exercise. [One ace reporter who spilled the beans on the Russian alert story is Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon: (it) raised concerns inside the Pentagon and with the U.S. European Command because it was the largest exercise of its kind in 20 years.... It involved a heightened alert status of Russia’s nuclear forces.  Was the consecration done? No?  Yes?  No?   (Unfortunately, wars have not vanished, although the USSR of 1984 is no more.)

     Mr. Gertz also pointed out: “The exercises followed a recent surge in Russian strategic bomber flights that include a recent circling of the U.S. Pacific island of Guam by two Tu-95 Bear bombers and simulated bombing runs by Tu-95s against Alaska and California in June and July.” 
     These excercises tested the transport of both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons near Europe and the Pacific.

     There exist many so-called historians who are sure a consecration was done, and ramifications of war are not really evident; only in certain obtuse minds. If the world has achieved true peace, in our time, they seem to think, only cuckoo-feathers are the ones who think that the 1984 consecration-attempt by Pope John Paul II was fruitless. [A Pope Saint John Paul II, as of April 27, 2014.]


     We live in a world of a new concept of war, where the ease of civilians with homemade mini-bombs and easily handled RPGs are treated as combatants. [I am not saying civilian combatants never existed.]  This hostility ensures horrific human tragedy on a scale that circumvents the past.  What does the future hold?

     There is talk of escalation.   Some suggest that the times of today relate to a prophecy of the Bible, namely the sounding of the Sixth Trumpet of Revelation. The Sixth Trumpet involves times of war.  There are two other prophecies presented in the ebook not from the Bible that stand out.  

     One is from good-old Garabandal and the part regarding the last popes.  And, the other pertains to the prophetic list of St. Malachy of Ireland.  Both if you notice, concern the Popes, but for the moment let us leave them and stick on war for now.
     For the past 240 generations–the past 6000 years at least–man has passed on the regimentals of war, but for sure, the modern world has witnessed a horrible growth of atrocities realized by people in civilian clothes and not in uniformed bodies. 
     The stratosphere is the limit when you consider guerillas, sporadic, piecemeal land attacks, whether they are in the mountains or not, or a so-called war of insurgency, as is the new term.  They are not the physical landscape of total war of the past.  It is not a nation with troops in one uniform battling against another nation-state in a different uniform anymore. Or, could that be next?
     With the attack on Paris in November 2015, we are most probably at a life-changing point in history, which tears into your heart.

     What does the future hold? Anyone who believes this will be a short war and dismisses the escalation factor, must be told, as stated before, that is a dream.   

      The landscape of the world and the Catholic Church has changed much the last 59 years since the mandate to release the 3rd Secret was to be in 1960.
     A Cardinal Ratzinger, who later became pope, stated in 1984 that he had read the Third Secret and it included the importance of “the Last Times”.  No mention of war was stated.  There is another sort-of-stunning set of points made about the Third Secret that followed when the Vatican made history and released it.




     Well, since its 2000 release, the world has been dipped in more wars and killings.   


     Before Pope Benedict retired, he made two pertinent statements, one on May 13, 2010, as described in the ebook, and one two days earlier on an airline interview.  It will be mentioned once more here.  As a world was draped in a darkish depression/recession and also war, Pope Benedict said that whoever thinks the prophetic mission of Fatima is ended deceives himself.  This shows that the once Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith–if you know your history–reversed himself on the relevancy of Fatima. 

     Years ago under his tutelage as Cardinal–an intelligent cardinal with two doctoral degrees, and also obedient to Secretary of State Sodano–followed the main value of Fatima that Vatican officials had followed for decades:  To do things the Blessed Mother never asked for.  And, now, he reversed policy and made an astronomical statement by saying the story of Fatima is important.  Really?  Is it an opposite statement from what a Vatican had tried to play that Fatima is no longer relevant to world peoples?
    However, that is not all. 

    On a journey to visit the Fatima Shrine in Portugal, on May 11, 2010, the Pope debunked the idea that the Third Secret was just a visual depiction of past events, and that it was a false claim that the attacks against the Catholic Church are mainly coming from the outside. 

    The following is verbatim what Pope Benedict XVI told reporters while on a seemingly forgotten May 2010 jet flight:
...this great vision of the suffering of the Pope, which we can in substance refer to John Paul II, are indicated future realities of the Church which are little by little developing and revealing themselves. Thus, it is true that beyond the moment indicated in the vision, it is spoken, it is seen, the necessity of a Passion of the Church that naturally is reflected in the person of the Pope; but the Pope is in the Church, and therefore the sufferings of the Church are what is announced....
    The following is what stands out: As for the novelty that we can discover today in this message, it is that attacks on the Pope and the Church do not come from outside, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from sins that exist in the Church.  This has always been known, but, today we see it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from sin in the Church.  (Within two years, Benedict citing health reasons, announced to the world he had to resign.)  However, the novelty was cast. 

     The attacks on the Pope and the Church do not come from outside, but... precisely from within the Church....This has always been known, but, today we see it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from sin in the Church.
     Benedict tells us that the Church’s own members–enemies of the Catholic Church–were destroying her from within.  It leaves one to shed a tear, for it is so sad.  Technically, if left uncorrected, a tipping point will be reached that may spell doom for the internal structure of the Faith and possibly (probably) lead to a chastisement of the entire world.
    His view could mean any one form of dark forces within the Vatican, be they factors in the Church hierarchy who want some reform; pro-one world society types; followers of the 3rd A/C forewarned by Nostradamus; debunkers of the power of the Blessed Mother; accomplices for the spread of pro-homosexual rings within the Vatican; plain, old, crafty practitioners of Freemasonry, or all of the above. 

    It is prudent to remember this important key: Hoping to use the power of the press, a modern Vatican has contended that the vision of the 3rd Secret, as released in 2000, pertains to events of the past, and that, moreover, it portended nothing for the future. This concept to relegate the entire Fatima story to the past is keeping in practice with the passion of the one-world orders, especially the upper practitioners of the mysteries of Freemasonry (the Grand Masters, the super high-level ones).
    An infiltration via a high internal level at the Vatican was an absurd idea some 50 years ago, no matter which features of dark forces within the Vatican you choose to believe in. 

    An occupation of the Vatican by dark and foreboding forces? 

    In terms of religion, we now have a book written by a Catholic researcher named Antonio Socci which I dare to say is well written, with an assertion that there was a hidden letter/envelope shown on Italian television that was connected to cover-ups in the Vatican.  It is relevant to the story of Fatima. 

    Over 100,000 copies in English have been sold of his book titled, The Fourth Secret of Fatima.  As a tidbit of information, there used to exist links, complete with pictures about the hidden letter/envelope that is spoken in his book.  But, they are absent from researchers, now.  We also have in the world of today, a strange story of an assault on Socci that forms a corollary to the complete story of Fatima, a story many people never heard of.  Newspapermen were there when the assault took place in 2007. 

    Another relatively unknown story has surfaced involving a Rev. Claudio Gatti of the diocese of Rome and a mystic Miss Marisa Rossi of Rome. We ask you, upon your first impression, do not totally discard this story as superficial, as some of the words focus on the Third Secret released by the Vatican in 2000. In essence, all this may be the things that St. Malachy of Ireland wrote about eight centuries ago, alluding to a certain papal list and a destruction of a 7-hilled city. 

     To recap, on May 13, 2010 Pope Benedict stated, “Whoever thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded deceives himself”–then, in 2013, Pope Benedict resigns in February. Within hours, lightning hits the dome of St. Peter.  February of 2013, Russia conducts massive practice runs for nuclear war.  Then, a few days after the retired pope arrives at Castel Gandolfo, an earthquake shook the castle.  In 2013, we also had a pope that attempted something special on October 13, 2013–more on that later.  

    Nine years ago, within a lost episode of history, a David Booth reveals a strangely ominous message given to him by his relative Sister Lucia about the future.  If one stops here, then this is a story that is incomplete.
     Can we say before the 1960s, life was of somewhat better, safer times compared to today?  

     Children were not in danger of kidnapping and mass molestations.  No computers were spying on you.  No one had fear to speak his mind on religion.  And, there existed less perversion.  
    Society abided more by the 10 Commandments.  People reflected more on the love of Christ and the love for their neighbor in Christ.  In respect, it was better, if you erase the spectrum of three ugly lifestyles–the spectrum of discrimination, racial bigotry, and the fear the Russians/U.S. would "press the button.

    Some six decades ago, in all religious denominations, the American people practiced their faith more than compared to today.  No matter which Faith one believed in, it is safe to add that compared to our disoriented society, the vast majority of people–whether they lived in the West, East, North or South–including those with power on top of the world, lived in a society that held a validity to basic Christianity, which was how this country was initially formed.
    This is not to say one can not live hand in hand with people of other religions which hold good principles, however, times were safer and more innocent.   

    Flash forward to 2013. Pope Francis on Sunday, October 13, 2013, conducted a ceremony before some 150,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square. He knew what Pope Saint John Paul II had said in 1982 in the English Edition of L’Osservatore Romano: “the messages of Fatima are deeply rooted in Scripture and Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church.” Since August 2013, when the October ceremony had been originally announced that the Pope would consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, countless hours were carried on in corollary.
     Flashing back a bit, in a sermon made by Pope Saint John Paul II on May 13, 2000, he said, “According to the divine plan, a woman clothed with the Sun (Apocalypse 12:1) came down from Heaven to this Earth to visit the privileged children of the Father.”

      His excerpt continued: “These words from the first reading of the Mass make us think of the great struggle between good and evil....The message of Fatima is a call to converting, alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the dragon whose tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven, and cast them to the Earth. Man’s final goal is Heaven....” 

     The ceremony of October 13, 2013, was touted by the Vatican as Giornata Mariana (Marian Day). It was built up as a day to be special and novel. 
Before October, the planned “consecration” sparked much interest. It was only two months before that the Vatican announced the new pope would do a consecration and special ceremony October 12-13 in Rome. (At no time did the Vatican state it was going to be a consecration of Russia.) In the eyes of Father Gruner and his staff of the Fatima Center, a miracle could still have happened, as the date set for the ceremony happened to fall on Sunday, October 13. Gruner and his staff prepared a unique 4-page report that was inserted in Il Tempo, the third largest daily newspaper in Rome, with a readership of some 200,000 plus. They also distributed another 200,000 copies by hand all over Rome of The Fatima Observer (L’Osservatore di Fatima.) It gave a historical rundown on the Fatima apparition and the importance of the request for the Consecration of Russia. Did it do any good?

     For whatever reason, the Pope did not explore anything significantly new.   When Pope Francis I performed his ceremony in late 2013, he did no consecration whatsoever. Unlike the consecration-attempt of 1984, or the entrustment of 2000 when Pope Saint John Paul II ordered over 1500 of his bishops to be in Rome (the largest concentration of bishops since Vatican II), the Pope with a chemistry degree–Pope Francis I–had no defining prayer of request to either the Immaculate Heart of Mary or Jesus Christ.  Nor were the words “ask” or “request” even used, as had been used in the 1930s Consecration by humble bishops of Portugal. During this mass, in the homily, Pope Francis never dared mention Fatima even once!
    Following Communion and the address of Archbishop Fisichella the Pope said the following in part:
    “Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima, with renewed gratitude for Your Maternal presence, we unite our voice with that of all the generations who call You blessed.
    “We celebrate in You the great works of God, Who never tries to incline with mercy on humanity, afflicted by evil and wounded by sin, to heal it and save it.
     “Accept with the compassion of a Mother the act of entrustment which today we make with confidence, before this Your image to us so dear. We are certain that each one of us is precious to Your eyes and that nothing which dwells in our hearts is unknown to You.        

     “Let us reach Your sweet gaze and receive the consoling caress of Your smile.
...our life in Your arms: bless and strengthen every good desire; revive and foster faith; sustain and illuminate hope; create and enliven charity; guide all of us in the path of holiness.”
     His prayer was beautiful, short and sweet, but was not an act of consecration. What influential force made him to omit mention of “consecration”?   The consecration to the world or consecration of Russia was explicitly “forgotten”, “absent” not worthy of a mention. There were those who said they were there and claim the Pope appeared not to be his normal self, not full of pep but, reserved and even depressed.
     Who did have pep?

     The Vatican security had pep.  The actions of the so-called Vatican police on Oct. 12 and 13 that harassed Fr Gruner who was in Rome, showed lots of unusual pep to a little old priest.  Ask yourself, “Would the new pope permit this, if he knew?”  

     Call it what you will, the backdrop of the Vatican is, that despite a new pope, one even called a Marian Pope in certain circles, despite the fact Cardinal Bertone is not officially Sec. of State, circumstances and events of people, by people, for the people, steered away from “faith in and the favor of” Our Blessed Mother.   We must be reminded, in every description of Fatima, that the words of Mary the Blessed Mother pull us toward Christ and not a disacceptance of Him.  Her home is with God.  They are so afraid of Her love for Jesus Christ, for us, for the simple request, that up until now, it is not performed as asked, and that is a disturbing sign. 

     Back in 1960, World War Two was fifteen years old and, believe it or not, in 1960 the Third Secret should have been revealed. Revealed? Is that not a wife’s tale? Interest in Fatima was very strong in 1960 but, isn’t it a stretch that it had to be revealed?
     Did Our Lady really request that the secret be revealed in 1960? According to historian Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite, who wrote The Whole Truth about Fatima: The Third Secret in Chapter IX (pp. 466-502) of volume 3, in 1944, Sister Lucia had given the Third Secret to her bishop, a Bishop da Silva.  And, he was told that he could read it and make it known, but he instead refused.  Da Silva ordered the sealed document to be kept in the safe of the Episcopal curia. A picture of him with the sealed Secret was photographed by M. Pazen, a reporter from Life magazine (below). 


The picture was published in the January 3, 1949 issue. 
The letter is also on the desk, in the photo, but hard to figure. 

     By the way, in 1960, it had been 20 years since another story had surfaced: In 1940, Jesus Christ had made a special visit to Sister Lucia on October 24 and confirmed to her that a consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary could be performed.  Lucia stated that He made a special appearance to her in her convent and told her, “His Holiness (the Pope) will obtain an abbreviation of these days of tribulation if he takes heed of My wishes by promulgating the Act of Consecration of the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary...” As related in the ebook and Keypoints, the Pope did do that, namely a consecration of the world in 1942; twice. 
     In a secret letter to her spiritual director (dated February 28, 1943) Archbishop Don Manuel Ferreira, Lucia did a follow-up by writing to him that God was content with the act that was performed.  Which one of the two she did not say–and that He told her He promises to end the war soon.  And, the “conversion of Russia is not for now.” 
     According to various historians, they claim WWII was shortened because of the consecration.  However, it must be noted, it is never claimed that the consecration of the world would satisfy the Fatima request.  They were different requests for different ends.  (In an interview with an American, Thomas Walsh, on July 15, 1946, about four years after the Pope consecrated the world and less than a year since the ending of World War II, two more important points were made clear by Lucia to him: 1. That Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of the world to Her Immaculate Heart. #2 That Sister Lucia had asked that the 3rd Secret be opened and released in 1960. 
     Where does the information regarding 1960 come from?  Ah, there are several trails, and we would like to relate them to you. 

     After Bishop da Silva refused to open the Secret, in early February of 1946, Fr. Jongen interrogated Sister Lucia and asked her when the time would arrive for the third part of the Secret to be made known.

     Lucia answered: I communicated the third part in a letter to the Bishop of Leiria. But, it should not be made known before 1960. (Moreover, on September 7, 1946, according to Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite, Cardinal Cerejeira affirmed at the closing of the Marian Congress in 1946, Brazil, that the third part of the Secret had been written and placed in a sealed envelope and will be opened in 1960.  Also, in the face of the refusal by Bishop da Silva to open the Secret, there is another decisive testimony of Canon Galamba, close friend and adviser of the Bishop: When the Bishop refused to open the letter, Lucia made him promise that it would definitely be opened and read to the world either at her death or in 1960, whichever would come first.
     In another tidbit of history, Cardinal Ottaviani, pro-prefect of the Holy Office, on May 17, 1955, asked Sister Lucia about the Third Secret. He did not tell you then what she had told him.

     However, later, in a conference in 1967, he stated: The message was not to be opened before 1960. I asked Sister Lucia, Why this date?  She answered, “Because then it will seem clearer” (Doc. Cath. March 19, 1967, col. 542).  Cardinal Oddi, who was Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy in the Pontificate of John Paul II, recorded a conversation he had had with Pope John XXIII asking him why he did not release the Secret. 


Cardinal Oddi and Pope John XXIII.    

     The following is taken from 30 Giorni, April 1961 issue, in Miguel, Aura, “El Secreto que guía al Papa. La experiencia de Fátima en el Pontificado de Juan Pablo II” (Madrid, Rialp, 2001), p. 154. He literally asked him straightforwardly, “Holy Father, there is something for which I cannot pardon you.”
    “What is it?”, he asked.
    “The whole world has waited for so many years, and with some months having already passed since the beginning of 1960, we still know nothing (about the Third Secret).”
Pope Roncalli answered, “Do not speak to me of this again.”
I replied, “If that is what you want, I won’t speak about it again. But you can’t prevent others from doing so.”
    “I have already told you not to speak again of it.”
    “And, I did not insist.”

     In another amazing revelation secretly kept from the public in general, Cardinal Oddi told the 30 Giorni reporter (in the Nov. 11, 1990 issue), quite a candid statement that, “The Secret of Fatima contains a sad prophecy about the Church and, for this reason Pope John did not divulge it.  And neither have Paul VI or John Paul II.   It seems to me that what is basically written is that the Pope would convene a Council in 1960 which, contrary to expectations, would indirectly result in many difficulties for the Church.” Remember this line for later reference.