Above is Cardinal Jose da Silva next to Sister Lucia.  He was torchered during the revolutionary period of Portugal, and that affected him in his later years when walking. 


 Press for Historical Keypoints #2 PDF

A miracle happened in 1917.   Several events appeared in the pages of history connected to Fatima that are not easy to explain, such as what happened to some German priests who were in Hiroshima the moment the Atomic Bomb was dropped in 1945


     In the 1950s, Archbishop Fulton Sheen spoke about many things.  He had a very popular show on television, and he was not afraid to talk about Fatima. He said peace is made by prayer.  He would often speak glowingly of the Blue Army.  He was one to always speak his mind.  Fatima was no exception. 

         Our Lady of Fatima - as related by Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1 Part now).

     Fulton J. Sheen, the author of pro-Fatima. (It may take time to load, be patient.)

Fatima video - Part 1. 

courtesy of EWTN

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