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With Sister Lucia is Bishop da Silva. By 1964 had passed away RIP Dec 4, 1957.  His relation to Sister Lucia governs the first 40 years of the story of Fatima. 


You now have the power
to control your future,
go back in time
or go forward


Everything Lucia did after leaving Fatima came under Silva's guidance and instructionsWhen she was very sick in 1943, he stressed she should write down the Third Secret on paper. She wrote it, sealed her statement into an envelope which was not to be opened until 1960, or until her  death, if earlier. 


Da Silva presented the envelope to the Vatican, but clearly stated, they did not accept it at first.  There is no confusion, it was not accepted until the mid-1950s.  It was then read by Pope John XXIII.  Cardinal Mario Chiappi, papal adviser to five popes (r) said, "In the Third Secret, it is foretold among other things, that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the top."  In 1956, Austrian Jesuit Rev. Joseph Schweigle wrote "...the third part of the message must remain secret until 1960."  Four years earlier, he visited Sister Lucia and secretly discovers the Third Secret "...has two parts; one concerns the Pope." 

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# 2 

The same date that Pope Paul VI undertook in 1964 to do a consecration, a reflection on the dogmatic constitution on the church was released: Lumen Gentium.  It was lengthy, released Nov. 21, 1964.  One of the principal documents features a section centered on Mary.   A condensed version is herewith.  By the time the Consecration of 1964 was written on paper, Da Silva was dead and buried, and had no say to what was done by the Vatican and new Pope.  As of 1960, neither did Sister Lucia, see keypoint 49.  Follow the important trail, press PDF on Historical Keypoints #2. 

Lumen 1964 




In 1964, Pope Paul VI did a consecration. Press PDF.  35 years later the Third Secret was revealed on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.  This is an interesting chronological listgoing back over 100 years, by EWTN.

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The Blue Army did not exist until 1947.   Our Blessed Mother said, "If My Rquests are not heeded...the good will be Martyred."  Many Christians in the Middle East suffer/are gunned down.  In Al-Qusair, women are kidnapped and sexually abused; in Maaloula of Damascus hordes of Libyan and Chechen jihadists attempted to force people to convert to Islam, and slaughtered those who refused. Monasteries put to the torch; in Yabrood, children were targeted and kidnapped, w/ransoms as high as 20-25 million Syrian pounds requested every 15 days from Christians if they wanted to keep their children and property from being seized, news the mainstream media rarely parlays. 

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Three secrets were imparted in 1917, and a most stunning event occured in Oct.  Sister Lucia stated as late as the mid 1950s, the Third Secret must be revealed in 1960, but the Vatican never did nor the Pope of 1960.  Back in the 1950s Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen had a popular show on television, and he was not afraid to talk about Fatima.

He said peace is made by prayer.  He was one to always speak his mind.  He would often speak glowingly of the Blue Army.   The remainder of Ch. 1 will follow a chronologic order after the Ferrara PDF.

Through Fulton J. Sheen's radio and TV shows, his "avalanche" of books and articles, his talks and conferences were all to help us discover the purpose of life, "eternal union with God."  Christianity was interwoven in the fabric of society.


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