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History and a Historian

Title: Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets

     Hollywood star and Legend, Humphrey Bogart, star from movies such as Casablanca, The Roaring Twenties, The Maltese Falcon, and Key Largo, played Jean Matrac, escapee of Devil’s Island, who in the final scene of Warner Brothers’ Passage To Marseille, never made it alive after his air squadron made it back to WW II England. 

     But, he left a little letter to his son, his last words read at his funeral, of together they will walk someday, in a better world, where we will “walk hand in hand.  We walk and we look; some of the things we see are wonderful, and some are terrible.  On a green stretch of ground, of 10,000 graves and you feel hatred welling up in your heart, this was, that it will never be again. The world has been cured since your father treated the terrible abyss on it’s body….

     “There are millions of healers who worked with him to make sure there is no recurrence. That deadly conflict was waged to decide your future…you are the heir of what your father and your friends won for with their blood.  From their hands, you have received the flag of happiness and freedom. My son, be the standard bearer of the great age they have made possible. It would be too tragic if the men of good will should ever be laxed or fail again to build a world where youth may love without fear, or where parents may grow old with their children….May God keep you in love as I do.”

      Unfortunately, the present world has lapsed into a mysterious, nebulous void, where history is lost and ideals such as presented in the above and a great vision of the future are things as if from another planet.  Within this commentary, are things associated with Fatima.  Is there a missing text?  Is there a message?  No there is.  Yes there is. No great mystery is unveiled; actions are symbolic, actions are hidden; actions this, or actions that.  What is a poor historian to do? 

      While actions are met by counteractions, history proceeds along, and I remember when I first started this book, I asked myself why I was given the urge to  write this book, and the compulsions to include the persons, things and events that make up my chapters.  It was so strange.   My bag of knowledge was composed of World War Two history, with the lucky sense of being able to be at the right place at the right time when it came to pull out historical facts.  I possess no agenda and no connections with any political sphere.

       All I know is that I like history, love to share history with my fellow man and woman, and enjoy the nature of putting it all together so that my readers may come to a better understanding.  This book was a challenge because I wasn’t sure which changes nor how big my portfolio of information was going to be. 

      The very essence of this book is about the varied things that connect to you, the nature of Fatima in historical context, the nature of the recent climate cycle, Sister Lucia, Fulda, and the theme of the immediate future. 

      We repose in nature, true, but as part of a new millennium, we feel resolved to undertake changes which can circumvent the normal fear we have when we read about Fatima, remote viewing and prophecies.  To this end, Fatima shines as an anchor of aid in fighting fear.  Fatima is indeed a touchy subject if you go beyond the bounds of what is normally understood. 

       It is, or should I say was, surrounded by a cloak of mystery.  I am no Rhodes Scholar, scientist or famous best selling author, only a humble historian—fastidiously, so when it comes to history, developing a path that can help better understand history—developing a path that runs between the past and the momentous future.  

      In May of 2009, Pope Benedict XVI exclaimed, “You promised the three children of the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  May it be so!” 

      The following year, two more exclamations of fact were thrust on the world, taking many people by surprise.  

       For the past four decades or so—it should be again noted—the actions associated to the Vatican were thrust more by what the Secretary of State wanted, and since the late 1990s, certain higher-ups held no mountain of love for Our Blessed Mother.   Then came the mini-bomb shell in 2009, and then followed a greater explosion:

      On May 11, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI, conducted a small tug of war outside Vatican confines when he made further stunning exclamations by warning the Third Secret is not just of past events, he also stated, the greatest persecution against the Catholic Church arises from sins within the Church and not from enemies outside. 

      This flashed less than a week after author and noted spokesman De Carli made his stunning announcement

the Pope.png

    When Sodano was Secretary of State in 2000, the release of the Third Secret was fashioned in such a manner that depicted something was not right; in fact, it is full of generalities and incompleteness.   

     Yet, in a surprise exclamation by then Pope Benedict XVI (above), a small tug of war within Vatican confines began to leak out, starting with his exclamation on May 13, 2009, when he said, “You promised the three children of the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. May it be so!” 

     The following year, another two exclamations of fact were thrust on the world, taking more people by surprise.  


        Pope Benedict XVI was in his jet on his way to Fatima for a pilgrimage on May 11, 2010, European time.  He chose a warning in very well chosen words, about the persecution against the Catholic Church. 

       He was speaking calmly to reporters in a jet airliner, saying the “attacks on the Pope and the Church do not come only from outside, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from sins that exist in the Church.” That is not exactly nice.  He added, “This has always been known, but today we see it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from sin in the Church.”  

       According to the National Catholic Reporter, May 11, 2010 issue by correspondent John Allen, the Pope had been submitted questions ahead of the flight by reporters, several days in advance, hence the Pope had plenty of time to ponder what he would answer.   The Pope’s session with the press lasted about 15 minutes, with items hovering between sexual abuse and the presence of secularism.  Pope Benedict also spoke about the presence of faith in Fatima, where from the little ones a new force of the faith was born.   A theme totally opposite of Pope John XXIII who spoke often of the little children of Fatima in derisive tones.  

      “The faith is not limited to the little ones,” Pope Benedict XVI spoke clearly.   The message he stated, “illuminates this history,” a history for the whole world and all epochs of history.

       All this hints on internal affairs of the Vatican, affairs being fought within the Vatican but of which occurred outside the Vatican. (Also see LINK and also Historical Keypoint 213.) Author De Carli reiterated, as found in this book, what Pope Benedict stated: the Third Secret is not limited to “the past”. 


Author Giuseppe De Carli

     From May 3 to May 7, 2010, a conference titled “The Fatima Challenge,” was held at the famous Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome.  Many bishops, priests and lay people from throughout the world filled the conference room.  On May 4, 2010, author Giuseppe De Carli, a man who in the past was in charge of TV coverage of Pope Benedicts talks and travels for the Italian national TV network, took time from his busy schedule to address the conference.  He admitted several things during the conference which were covered elsewhere in this book.  Of all his statements, I feel the following that he stated is important: “that the Third Secret is valid today.  

      This may seem trifle, but by saying that, as author, or should I say co-author with Sec. of State Bertone, he stressed something in a non-trivial way.   For until then, if you study the history of Fatima and what numerous Vatican sources were saying, Fatima was something to be dustpanned away, and that includes what Card. Ratzinger wrote in his commentary released in 2000.  Ratzinger, future Pope Benedict XVI, appears variable regarding Fatima.        He is a man who wrote in 2000, when the Third Secret was released by the Vatican, in a commentary addition to the releaseand as I wrote on page 296he stated, “Those who expected exciting revelations about . . . the future course of history are bound to be disappointed.”   A crucial aspect to this account, however, is that Ratzinger as Cardinal followed orders from his Secretary of State, who was in a position to see everything.

     However, the acknowledgment by De Carli suggested the Third part of the Secret, like all of the Fatima story, is not to be relegated to the last century to disappear into a microcosm of only prayer and down and out of history. There used to be a link on the internet of what he actually said in a cool audio, but that has since disappeared.  Perhaps, someday it can be posted back.  There is this two minute link explaining a few additional circumstances at the conference on May 6, 2010 by Mr. Chris Ferrara. 

      Following this, Pope Benedict made another intense exclamation, when before an audience of 500,000 people in Fatima, he stated, “One would be deceiving himself who thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.”  He said this during a most solemn occasion, during the homily of the Mass at the Fatima Shrine.

      There was little doubt left when he stated, one would deceive himself, namely individuals who espoused that the Fatima mission is fulfilled.  Whether a prophetic mission entails plural events, one of them chiefly being the assassination attempt on a Pope “dressed in white”, another being the consecration of Russia or, only an event meaning the assassination enumerated in the Fatima vision module released on June 26, 2000, he strongly hinted it is not over.
      Again, it must be reminded, the Vatican curia in the recent past took special care to show, or should we say by virtue of careful omittance, the making of a mockery of relevant data concerning the release of the Third Secret that it was mainly a vision which pertained to John Paul II.   But now, that was not true. One must remember, as stated in chapter 7 of the ebook, when the 3rd Secret was released, Benedict, who was Cardinal Ratzinger, had in his commentary regarding the June 2000 release, explicitly stated that “we must affirm with Cardinal Sodano...” that the pronouncements related to the Third Secret refer to past history

      Journalist Peter Seewald grilled Ratzinger on what he meant the mission of Fatima is not complete.  An answer appeared in Mr. Seewald’s book Light of the World, with Ratzinger saying there are 2 aspects of the message of Fatima: one “recounted in forms typical of visionary experience”, and the other, being more of a fundamental significance that is not due to curiosity or politics.

     It is a transformation of the heart.  

     This transformation is “of the heart—through faith, hope, love, and penance. 

In this sense, the message is precisely not a thing of the past.”  He also said the quest for the answer continues “which also means that the indication Mary has given us retains its validity.”  Ratzinger stated tribulation is found in every conceivable form, and it threatens to trample down faith, ending saying, “…there is need for the answer about which the Mother of God spoke to the children.”   What encompasses the “validity”?  It is more than just prayer, hope and love.  It is the honoring the requests that Our Lady requested decades ago, namely for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart; not just a transformation of the heart.  Do you not think the past concrete consecrations from 1942-2013 were expressions of vigor and only prayer?  They were but, that is not what Our Lady asked for.  

     When Pope Benedict made his first declaration that in the end, the Blessed Virgin would be triumphant (in 2009) the word would denotes the future. That is a data point that contradicts all data and referring points from Sodano in 2000 that nourished the idea that Fatima was for the past.   He who thought so was engaged in self-deception, pronounced Benedict.   

     “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity”.  

     It is curiously funny that after the Pope made his homily statement, the Vatican tried to change a bit of the words by saying he had said: “We would be mistaken to think that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.”  Being in a state of self-deception is not like a little oops, mistake.  

     That is a big difference.  

     From the May 13, 2010 revelation, the prophetic mission of Fatima, or the foretelling of future events, is not finished, according to Pope Benedict XVI, and anyone thinking so would be engaged in self-deception.

Fr Gruner Sept 9, 2013.png

     Fr Gruner on September 9, 2013, addresses the “Fatima: The Path to Peace Conference”.  He was a learned prelate who always spoke about Our Lady of Fatima positively, and oftentimes provided assessments on the Communist Party and Masonry, a bit beyond the scope of this book.   Ever since 1917, when Leon Trotsky left America that year and sailed for Russia with 300 select men and $25 million in hidden real gold  (in today’s currency would be worth $2 BILLION) who IMPORTED the powers of international Freemasonry into Russia, we find the convoluting errors of Russia has spread.  An interesting book to read is one written by Rev. Denis Fahey CSSP, The Rulers of Russia, Today! that documents the story of the Communist Party, a 96-page book from 1938 that names names. 


Do a google, you can still find it.


     Many historians point out that after the consecration of 1984, we have seen the dismantling of the USSR and a conversion of Russia and religious freedoms in Russia.  What kind of Russia are we speaking? one that kills by invasion and has brought war to countless many in 2022.  Our Lady promised Sister Lucia “the doctrine of faith will always be preserved” and "an era of peace" will be at hand when the consecration is accomplished as requested.  The invasion of Ukraine abrogates peace, you know. 

     This link goes back to 2015, and within it is a link that is from 2001, which falsely claims that “Russia has been consecrated” in 1984.  Falsely?   Yes, because I ask you how in the world can Russia be consecrated if the word “Russia” was never mentioned in the 1984 Consecration?, as genuinely reported in this ebook.  The object of consecration is valid when it is done properly and an object of consecration to be valid must mention the object which is to be specifically intended, not a generality.  Our Blessed Mother never asked any generality nor did she ask to consecrate our big blue marble, earth.  A fine distinction?  She promised no more wars if the consecration would be heeded as requested.  Guess what?  Wars still abound. And, there are those who yak the consecration of the world was done, the Berlin Wall fell. Also, this link desires to claim the “directive of the Virgin Mary has been fulfilled.”  This linked article from Catholic Word News adds, so official sounding, without crediting which author wrote it, that not only has “the directive” been fulfilled but that in 1984 what was needed, a consecration of Russia,“has been consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.”  

     Unfortunately, that is a false invention because neither consecrate or Immaculate Heart were even uttered by the Pope of 1984.  However, certain Vatican prelates do like to remind people that Fr Gruner is a “renegade” who planned to have a Fatima conference in 2001.  From that 2001 to his death in 2015, did he not say Mass every Sunday?  Neither Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI or Francis ever publicly declared for “good Catholics” to stay away from this “renegade priest” because he has been “suspended” from all priestly functions.  He was never suspended.  And, that should include when he was saying all Holy Masses. Moreover, I have already described how crooked the Apostolic Signatura acted and told you about their shenanigans of the past, and if you wish to believe a link about the consecration and the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and their definition of justice, it is up to you. 

     Sister Lucia once in 1936 asked our Lord why was Russia the sole object of consecration and why in heaven’s name must the Pope do so in union with all his bishops of the world on the same day?  His answer: It is the key to our own deliverance: Because, He answered her, I want My whole church to recognize that Consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that later on, My Church will place devotion to My Mothers Immaculate Heart beside devotion to My Sacred Heart.  The birth, development of the USSR and dissolution of it, unfortunately left some people with the idea in certain circles, who needs Fatima now? in AD 2000.  That was then, and although the USSR and communism is kaput, 22 years later we saw a new Russiainvade Ukraine and bring new horrors of war that as of March of 2024 is still going on.   


Priore Enzo  Bianchi

     Now, for three tidbits of disconcerting information regarding the importance of Fatima.  About 9 years ago, something unusual took place that leaves one to wonder what is going on. Pope Francis named an anti-Fatima heretic monk Enzo Bianchi as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity in July of 2014.   Bianchi (above) thinks the Mother of Jesus is “not a suitable model for the promotion of women in the Church.”  He twists the importance of Our Lady as a “stupid idea.” And, he pronounced Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions a “swindle” to again use his words, in the sense that a God “who talks about the persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million Jews annihilated in Germany (during WW II) is not a credible God.” He denounced Fatima as an expression of  “a God of Catholic racism”. He was ordered to exile in 2019-2020 but did not depart his monastery until 2021.

     Tidbit number two takes us back to 2004-2005

     Tidbit number three:

       Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict XVI passed away on Dec. 31, 2022.  Whether one believes Benedict was not conservative enough or the opposite too conservative, or that he did not fully believe in the power of Fatima, or is quoted in form and writings from what he wrote/stated as a younger man decades ago, something novel appeared on the scales of history in early 2023 that deserves at least a mention. 

      On Feb. 2, 2023 a nun from Colombia, South America, allegedly member of the community of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross, received an apparition of Pope Benedict XVI.  Notate alleged; as of late-2023, no proof has arisen who she really is, but if she is authentic, no doubt her life is in mortal danger. 

      Historically what follows is not 100% proven as true, but one must remember the words of Pope Paul VI and of what he said regards nefarious hands. Ten years into his pontificate, he stated,The smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.  And, that ladies and gentlemen was 50 years ago.

      The nun received two apparitions that day, one in the morning, the other in the evening.  The message is long, and is cited below in PDF form, however, part of the message is rather shocking.  It is also an affirmation of the extraordinary “end times.”  The message did not begin to make the rounds around the world til late April, and I leave it up to you to disbelieve or believe in it.  It is too early to secure any judgement in this author’s opinion, but it is a data point that draws an echo to the semi-forgotten words of St. Malachy of Ireland, where he distinctly wrote descriptive phrases of Popes from his time to “the end” and that during  “the end”  will be the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, AND there will reign Petrus Romanus amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hill city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge his people.  

     As stated on this website, we have reached the final phrase of his long list.  It does not matter whether you liked Pope Benedict or not, ditto with Pope Francis.  St. Malachy’s descriptive phrases have been 100% correct since 1962, and the chilling factor is that the reported appearance and message of Benedict to a holy Catholic nun is one of a forceful attribution that describes his death amidst indescribability and a pillow talk of holy reassurance, and yet so shocking, the revelation is too horrible to mention here.

      We ask you to read the PDF. Benedict was dressed in white and gold robes when he first began to speak to Sister Benedicta who wrote it all down. When the alleged apparition first hit the light worldwide, the nun was unnamed and anonymous and for the record, it has not been documented her real name is Benedicta, however for the present that is the name provided.  He prayed the Tridentine Mass in perfect Latin, all the while the little chapel she was in was filled with the fragrance of incense.  In the second vision, is when he issued the most dire pieces of information you can ever imagine; he speaking in Latin, she with paper and pen in hand, writing everything he told her, but able to understand it all in her native tongue, Spanish…with information that as she had written, “will cause a hurricane that will shake the Church to its foundations, especially the central government, the Curia of the Vatican.”  

      Benedict in the realm of the spirit world told her that he had issued an encyclical, Mary Co-Reddemptrixx, Mediatrix and Advocate, and certain confidential letters to be given to certain men of faith, including Cardinals Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Raymond Leo Burke, Robert Sarah and Cardinal Zen, plus to certain journalists from around the world, and also to international scholar and translator of over 100 books and hundreds of articles from  German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, his very good friend Giulio Colombí, and that he had addressed an open letter to the People of God and urged that these letters be published three days after his death. 




      Instead what is related is that all the letters were burned.  

      The term Mary Co-Reddemptrixx, Mediatrix and Advocate, is not novel in history, although to a young Christian it may sound heretical. Putting Mary the mother of God on the same level as Christ?  One should never advocate replacing Jesus Christ with Mary; that is unthinkable. As stated in 1 Timothy 2:5: For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus....  It is not, however, a spiritual wound to cite a mystical vision Sister Lucia received in 1943, when as she related in a May 27 letter, she had a correspondence with Jesus Christ Himself.  He chose to communicate a very important message to Sister Lucia and related it was His desire for devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for from her heart the rays of His light and of His love can radiate on this Earth.  A reflection on the dogmatic constitution on the Catholic Church was released in 1964 per section 62 of Lumen Gentium that named Our Blessed Mother Mediatix, Advocate, and Co-Reddemptrixx, and no Vatican bishop back in 1964 called for heated disagreement to drop it; although there was some debate.  

      There exists also other stories to tell.

      Between 1945-1959, on numerous occasions there were visitations to a Dutch woman named Ida Peerdeman (56 in total).  Ida in her first visitation was told to pray the Rosary, and that the Lady deliberately held up five fingers saying that the war (WW II) will end in May. It is claimed the first visit was on March 25, 1945.  On May 4, General Montgomery received surrender of German forces in Denmark, NW Germany, and Holland, and it was to become effective on May 5, 1945.  Technically, the war ended for Netherlands on May 5.

      Much more can be said about messages that Ida received including that Israel would rise again, but that it would also ignore the rights of Palestinian people. She spoke of many dangers for the world, such as trade wars, boycotting, disasters, paganism, deniers of God and that the war in Korea (Korean War of the 1950s) would be the beginning of great misery.  She warned about false doctrines, particularly on the Eucharist but, also told Ida the moment has come to speak of Mary as Mary Co-Reddemptrixx, Mediatrix and Advocate and to ask the Pope to do so and for her to be called, the Lady of All Nations.  She gave a prayer, which is found at this link.  

     The Akita apparition of the 1970s is an officially approved Catholic apparition and contains a special statue carved by a Japanese sculptor, Saburo Wakasa, who used a small image of The Lady of All Nations as its model, and it became a wooden statue that weeped for 100 times and was witnessed by the spiritual director firsthand, among other people.

     Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became Pope, as prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Fatih, said that the position of the Congregation is that the term Co-Reddemptrixx is problematic however, if the words of Sister Benedicta ring true we have a major about face.  The Vatican in 2020, a year after the Vatican and Pope Francis conducted their strange Pachamama affair in Rome, declared that the position of the Church on the apparition of Ida is condemned.

       There exist other secretive stories regarding the Vatican.  Benedict, as shown in this book, before he was Pope was a man who held in the past contradictions downplaying the importance of Fatima but in the calendar of things had said in 1998 the messages of Akita and Fatima are essentially the same (see keypoint 118); a man who exclaimed those expecting exciting revelations about Fatima will be disappointing and in 2004 wrote a book Truth and Tolerance downplaying the importance of Christianity’s unique importance (Akita should be remembered is officially approved, and enumerated punishments for the human race), all instances were as Cardinal who followed the party line, never properly investigated Garabandal, and followed orders from his superiors, first Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli whom in June of 1981 praised the research of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (although forgetting the warning issued by the Holy Office on June 30, 1962 warning that Chardin’s works contained grave doctrinal errors)—Casaroli once was given a beautiful ceramic statue of the Virgin Mary by Irene Trorreta, whose husband Marco was a secret KGB agent since 1950 with the statue containing a powerful secret transmitter, the bug monitored by the Soviet Embassy in Rome, Marco was the nephew of this Secretary of State— then Secretary of State Angelo Sodano who had no admiration for Our Lady of Fatima or Our Lady of Civitavecchia and whose policies regarded the Third Secret of Fatima belong only to the last century, as shown in this book, all these things enumerated in history.  But Ratzinger was variable, and as Pope publicly totally warmth on the importance of Fatima.  Do not take for granted only what Ratzinger did prior to becoming Pope Benedict XVI.        

      As Sister Benedicta related, Benedict told her, “It is very difficult to work with a hostile government, as I did, and with few allies, against a majority that openly stands up as relativism and modernism, in all its shadows.  We soon noticed that there was a climate of open rebellion and disobedience to the Pope, and all this threatened to lead to a great schism within the Church.”   Freemasonry, is “predominant in the College of Cardinals and in the various dicasteries, had spread its tentacles through alliances not only within the Vatican, but also outside it.” He also said, there are souls “who do not give in to evil and who know where the fault lies. These souls are loved by the Lord and are present in great numbers. They are quietly ordained and form a mighty army that walks at the hand of the Mother of God.”  “Never lose that vision of faith,” he told her, “that is the only true vision of the way of the Church and the world. May there always be in the heart of each of you the joyful knowledge that the Lord is with us. He will not disappoint us. He is close to us and fills us with his love.” To this he added the Lords ways are not easy but to bear witness to the truth that is matter how much they want to silence me, the truth will come to light, albeit post-mortem.

      At the very, very top of this link is a photo of Benedict, and behind him is Bertone standing tall, and behind the right shoulder of Pope Benedict, partially obscured is George Ganswein, who is mentioned in the PDF below.  

     Just before he died, Pope Benedict was able to see his friend Giulio whom he told to please publish these documents after his imminent death, and to give a copy to each member of the College of Cardinals, however, Giulio Colombí never had a chance to do what was requested, for Giulio died on January 1, 2023, the day after Benedict’s death.  I predict there will be readers who will not find this apparition credible, however, only time will tell for an auspicious outcome, if any, because it is disarming to the Catholic faith, but watch out, if true.  Never discount the spirit world, for the medium of the supernatural can be very real.

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