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     Many years ago, nearly three quarter of a century, the personal emissary of Pope Pius XII was sent to interview Sister Lucia in an unpublicized interview.  This link contains three PDFs that synthesize chapter 7 and includes the story of this emissary.        As is found in chapter 1, the page numbers are deleted and these Pdfs are not supposed to be read.  Before your eyes, comes the power of the computer, where by the acceptance of aid from computerization, helps you discover what this final chapter is about... in a short-cut way, it is your destiny.  It is a supplement for young minds who are constraint when it comes to time.  Just select the text and choose speech to make your audio reader read, as you did in the first chapter and do a download.  Chastisements, spooky threats, the red dragon, safety and realism are all concepts and themes given herewith.

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