War is hell

   This book reflects the time right after Pearl Harbor was bombed, notably 1942.

    It is one thing to narrate history of the early days of WW II and include ration points, stories of diabolical saboteurs, Battle of the Atlantic, a fresh look at Hollywood, Battle of Midway, Japanese-American internment, 5-Num, the air force, Corregidor and the dual invasions of Guadalcanal and North Africa.

    A spy network, unfortunately, did exist in the United States that many young people today do not know about.  And, the Axis victories in 1942 were many; truly a struggle to achieve Allied Victory.  

    Before we look into some PDFs which showcase the book briefly, let's highlight a few items of interest.   Music was interesting in the 1940s.  We had Count Basie doing his thing, part of an American culture tied in to Jazz and Swing music.  You know what they say:  Music is the universal language.  He was not the only one, for there were other great American composers and musicians like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Cab Calloway (in Tuxedo).  How did the kids dance?  Check out 1943.

A few samples of book pages. Civilian Defense, Hollywood and Popular Culture

Dirty Saboteurs and Spies

Fact filled book: A Toast For You And Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2.  [Award-Winning Finalist in the History United States category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards.]  ISBN-13: 978-1880633-84-7.  

From celebrated Norman Hatch, Maj. USMC WW II (retired): "You have certainly done a painstaking effort in doing the research that shows up on every page of your book.  I have taken the time to go through it all and marvel at your patience in putting it together.  I do not believe that I have ever seen a book assembled in such a manner....your writing flows smoothly and I feel sure that it will put the readers of today into the culture of [the] period."

Orson Wells

   There are many dates and events in this volume that are omitted in other books about 1942.  The WW II generation lived those days.  It is important to note that each date and event are concentric to understanding what that generation went through, because at no other time in WW II history did they suffer so much, at least from the U.S. perspective.  The homeland of Japan was relatively safe in 1942.  The people of Germany only began to receive a taste of heavy air bombing beginning in mid 1942, from the British.  Much of what had been in Axis hands in 1941 was still under Axis dominion in 1942.   Why not order a copy of vol. 2?


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The latest up-to-date chronology is found at the end of each and every book, and it may help historians as a metronome helps a musician keep pace on the gigantic scale of things.  Too many times, I've been asked what is Corregidor about?  And, where ie Bataan again?  The following is a supplemental, informative PDF report on Bataan and the Fall of the Philippines in WW II.  I thought you may like to read about it.  

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