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History and a collection of our imminent future

    Who was it that said, “Throughout every civilization, from seers infinite to the obscure, comes what could be a single unusual prophecy or final warning that is known as Armageddon, 3 days of darkness, the great chastisement or purification, or simply the end of time.” 

    There exist many obscure pieces of information.  Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, uncovers many that have never been documented in one book before, in either English or any language, and some of the things stated, however are chilling, and may shock you. 
    They form an integral part of the profound research.  Across the bridge of magical displays, from psychics and something called TRV (Technical Remote Viewing) and exceptional apparitions, we will transcend the geo-physical; and from the bridge of the geo-physical we link to the stars.

    It is not comfortable to talk about or mention many things, many secret things. The book Alert: For the Times, Book of Secrets is not just a splatter of dates.  There is a story within a story, actually a gallery of secrets. 

    Some of the events are exclusive, offering an uncanny insight to the rebelious identity of decadent times.

Secret Portals Antonio Socci

    When one reads this book, a reader cannot escape the unbroken tides of history, vistas connected by Valentine's remarkable collection of secret portals.   Come join him in a journey to the unique, to the old, to the modern, or traditional.   Access the phantoms of history, and escape to the amazing.   People, events, timescales of journeys not found in other books. 

    When you consider the predictions of the past concerning our plight with the astonishing climate of the heavens, some of you might be amazed that this is the first time the pluses and minuses of various intuitives (for lack of a better word) have been shown concerning their prognostications.  

   Various aspects of history have criss-crossed time, yet when brought together, display an unusual vista of the powers of the unknown.   Do not take this section lightly.  The following  is a brief on investigator Antonio Socci, who is in the ebook Alert: For the Times, Book of Secrets.  Forthwith is a mini-description. The next PDF is sample information done in timeline form.

Timeline 2.pdf

Fatima, Maj Ed Dames

     The strangest part of all, is that when they spoke their strange eerie predictions, some of these things sounded so utterly fantastic and incredible in our rhythm of life, they appeared way off base.
     Their words are not prophecies, and are not written as such. But, they do tell us something. 
     It is, furthermore, no exaggeration to state Alert: For The Times is the first book in the whole world to provide the total bizarre story of Fatima, and how Major Edward Dames and Technical Remote Viewing interrelate, from 1996-2021.

Loris Capovilla

a young Capovilla 2018-10-31 at 11.35.18

     Loris Capovilla was made cardinal (in 2014) by Pope Francis.  His testimony is found to be important regarding Fatima’s Third Secret and Pope John XXIII, and is found in the fascinating ebook.  He passed away in 2016.  
    It was shown by many who knew Pope John XXIII, a portly pope from 1958 to June of 1963, that he began the modernization process of the Catholic Church.   The faith of John was intense and pius, many agree, and for a world of modern times, he dedicated himself in faith and adoration to the reformation of the Church through Vatican II.   Social and religious reforms touched mankind in a strong way.  John XXIII became a saint on April 27, 2014, but unfortunately,  I confess the very existence of the Catholic Church in America has been in decline for 50 years coincidentally when social and religious reforms began to be instituted by Vatican II itself.   It takes a grand event of faith to make a saint.  On Sunday, April 27 the canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II had a 2 billion global TV and internet audience.

    The trajectory of sainthood begins in “the saint's house”, in other words in the home environs of the candidate, and if sanctity does not exist there, how can one hardly become a saint?, unless there is a bending of the rules.   A saint according to tradition should live a life of specialness. We must remember that for over 1,200 years in the history of the Catholic Church, elevating a person to sainthood had strict processes and tradition. 
    Many youth of today do not know some of the actions “in his house”, which in respect to Fatima were unadmirable, if you think about it.
    In real and spiritual terms, the real modern numbers speak for themselves; and which are found in chapter 1 of the ebook.

   Can we blame him for the decline in church attendance, baptisms, parish priests, the decline of nuns and Catholic youth in parochial schools nationwide?   All the little groups of American youth may find it difficult to grasp the meaning of having 4.2 million students in Catholic schools in 1965 versus only 2.7 million in 2010. It does not click.   That is before their time, but they are very real statistics.   The question to pose is, “are those statistics that admirable?”

     Much of the Catholic school system of America has changed between 1944 when WW II was in full swing to 2014.

First, the change was positive.  Really, numbers were going up in every sense of the word after WW II had ended.   Then, a change of declining numbers from the mid-sixties that did not begin until coincidentally right after the inception of Vatican II changes.   The word “decline” is a recurrent theme of the last 50 years.  The chosen one for sainthood from the 1960 era has bad luck to be associated with that decline, doesn’t he? 

     Yet, the story goes beyond the frontiers of statistics.  
     When one includes the complete story of Fatima and not just the apostolate, the pius and sanctity associated with a bringer of “modernization”, the goodness of John XXIII, the interior of his house
and also the interior of his hearthas to be considered.  
     As detailed in the ebook, he was responsible for wedging a barrier between the world and the Blessed Mother, and also by choosing to balance a favor for the Soviet-influenced ministries, while conducting his series of high-level conferences called the Second Vatican Council.  

     That was a time when the mighty Soviet Union exploded the most powerful nuclear explosion in the history of atomic warfare, at Novaya Zemlya (50 million tons [Mt] of TNT.  On Oct 30, 1961.)   A time of spies, the embargo of Cuba, the Berlin Wall was just new, the tension associated with fallout shelters and nuclear strikes.  [The first 19 mins is the best.]  


    Did you know that on July 9, 1962, the United States exploded a 1.45 megaton (equivalent to 1.45 Mt of TNT) nuclear bomb in space? 250 miles above the Pacific and filled the night skies of Honolulu with extraordinary light?   It is estimated about 47% of the world’s total nuclear fission energy release from atmospheric explosions occurred in the period 1961-1962. 


     When you order the wonderfully, informative ebook, Alert: For The Times you will receive a free copy of KEYPOINTS of history, full version.

     The full version contains 220 historical keypoints--correction, over 341--such as when Cardinal E. Tisserant and Metropolitan Nikodinin full accord with the “Sergius Adaptation” of 1927, met secretly in Metz, France to finalize the Metz Pact, a hush hush step outside of world eyes to KO Fatima.   The early 1960s also saw the discovery of Russian missiles in Cuba.   And, the good outcome: the world powers signed a test ban treaty. 



     John XXIII during this time did everything he could to silence Fatima.  He took care to see that the Metz Pact of 1962 flushed through.  He forbade all talk of Fatima during his short papacy in the early 1960s!  Moreover, after he passed away, the manifestation of dislodging Fatima’s importance continued in Rome, for decades.
     It is sad to digest this part of history.   In his heart, we see that he transmitted nothing positive for the importance of Fatima.
    Since 1963, regarding his sainthood, one did not have enough evidence for his sainthoodhowever, in one moment, it is a mystery why, Pope Francis all of a sudden did away with the process of sainthood investigation.
    Sainthood represents specialness, and the pulse of evidence for 1200 years had normally been to have at least two citations of saintly miracles.  Not 1.  Not 100.  But, just two.  

    In the process of sainthood investigation, the Church investigations never could find one more than one.   In an unprecedented action, Francis threw out “old history”.   This was lucky for the sainthood of John XXIII, otherwise I don’t think we would have seen the novel transmission of two saints on an April Sunday of 2014, namely the canonization of two persons, John Paul II AND John XXIII.  Two popes declared saints on the same day?   Something the Catholic Church and the Vatican had never done before on a public venue.

    The book is rich in history.   The documented evidence may astound you.   Where once in the past they were concepts of prophecy, they have left a world of prophecy and have become actual history.

What you find in the book Alert: For The Times may be disturbing, yet nothing is invented. 

    With a serious face, I say, this book is not a novel, but a reach into the powers of the unknown, using the power of history. Facts are a foundation of a good historian.

     An instance frozen in time is related to the story of Fatima.  Scoundrels, the uneducated, Lucerferians, and atheists struggle with all sorts of fluctuations to denounce the meaning and the reality that Fatima happened, but when it occured, even atheists who were privy to October 13 were left dumfounded with what they witnessed.
    Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets is also the first history book to tell the bizarre stories of mystic Father Andrew Wingate, and David Booth,  principals mentioned in the book, as well as Major Edward Dames and Technical Remote Viewing
although it does no justice to describe Maj. Dames and TRV in a few paragraphs here. 

    This section provides just a biographical sketch; the messages and their bios are covered in depth in the book. The personages are Rev. Andrew Wingate and Major Ed Dames, beside Rev. Malachi Martin.

     This research was conducted independent of each knowing what was being done.  They had no idea they were being extensively researched, including their prognostications. 
     A vast spectrum spoken in discourse, assembled, tabulated, and comparatively researched is presented. 
The book builds upon facts that have built the bridge that has connected humanity for over 100 years, however, it concentrates on the recent past.  This volume utilizes the latest scientific discoveries and geophysical examples to point out things.  The reader will find a goldmine of information, from ASTROVIRTEL, Comet Apophis, St. Malachy of Ireland, polar reversals and the melting of both poles to Akita, Asteroid 2001 KX 76, Comet Ison, Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, Sandy and all manner of geophysical disturbances, cited as historic reference.
     With each rising succeeding geophysical example, one realizes this thing is too big to keep hidden.   Facts are a foundation of a good historian.  There exist specialists in their fields, like professors Mark Serreze, David Vaughan, Robert Schoch, Andrew Rothrock, Pedro Skvarda, and good old Stan Deyo, Nick Nuttall, Ross Gelspan, Graham Hancock and Linda Moulton Howe, who are mentioned in the book.  

     Trivia funWho invented the windshield wiper?  

     Answer below.   Inventions and discoveries are many and are a grand testament to man.  Many things did not exist just 100 years ago, like from the last century, discoveries like ATM, instant coffee, Dolby Sound, Gallium Arsenide Microwave/Millimeter Wave Monolithic Integrated circuit, lasers, super heterodyne radio receiver, Human Genome Project, spin-based computer random access memory, polystyrene, Colossus, the Super Chief, first supermarket laser devise, and other human achievements, including the fact that Art Bell was the first person to conduct an interactive live show on both radio and the internet, in 1997.   A special section entitled Inventions and discoveries will be made available with the purchase of the ebooka special radio promotion that will be announced soon.  The non-digital version of Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets contains the special section inventions and discoveries, 1900-1999.
    Our journey into knowledge observes the historical past but, also the present, your present time.
    You will, moreover, garner an expanded appraisal of the future.

  My main emphasis is to lay it out at your finger tips.  I leave it up to you to believe as much as you want to.

Ans: Mary Anderson invented the windshield wipers in 1903.

    If mega earth changes are in store within our lifetime, I believe science and technologies, including proper food preparations, such as MountainOven can help many survive, even in the face of future heat waves or tornadoes. [Try a headphone; it may sound better.] 


     Preparation is one of the themes by our intuitive subjects in the book. But, prayers can also help. If a nasty torment heads your way, this prayer from the Pieta Prayer Booklet is very helpful. 

    Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets was begun years before Peter Hewings and James Baker issued their startling WARNING IN 1999.   Way before the author heard of George Noory, Art Bell or Linda Moulton Howe.   If you are interested in her website, press here.

But, as one one travels the halls of time, it is established that what they say is nothing to be discounted.  How to develop and envelope the varying subjects of this fantastic book is another matter.

     If you learned about interpyramidal probes, CME’s, the Miami Circle, Ginger, EgyptAir Flight 990, Fatima, Pfiesteria, TIME, the destruction of Atlantis, solar calendars, interplanetary probes, disintegration of icebergs, sono-luminescence from listening to Coast To Coast AM, it is guaranteed you will not want to miss this very special bookAlert: For The Times, Book of Secrets

     A group of individuals from present society form an integral part of this book, beside the hard-core scientist.  Collectively, there are individuals from present society who seem to stand out in the spectrum of prophecy.


     Another such instance, frozen in time, is related to the amazing 1917 story of Fatima.   

    Our ebook documents history, proceeding into a range of events expanding on the supernatural, science and religion.       This treatise has interconnections never before revealed in any book, especially when it comes to Sister Lucia.   Sister Lucia knew of Rev. Andrew Wingate, a man who in many web circles is discredited but,—they are not aware of many things.

   Walking to Fatima  (photo below 1917.)  


    Our ebook Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets closely examines the phenomenon of October 13, 1917 that was associated with the Sun.

Seeing the solar disc dance after the rain stopped,   Oct. 13, 1917.

Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets follows not just the trail of Fatima, but criss-crossing time, this ebook awards you a rare vista to the present.  Many falsehoods will be dispelled when one reads the ebook.  Lucia dos Santos is the protagonist.  (Lucia with Pope John Paul II, below.)

  Fatima, Portugal, 1917: The spin and dance of the solar disc was witnessed by over 60,000 people of all faiths.  This history book goes beyond any regular Fatima book. 

Malachi Martin

  Researched since 1996, we reveal the latest events and stories related to Fatima, not just what is known.  It seems a special message was delivered to the public, of times of dire consequences foretold long ago when the world will find itself glowing in wickedness.  This ebook includes what Rev. Malachi Martin revealed to Art Bell during highly prized interviews many years ago.

Last Chance Colorado

  It is important to realize the winds are not dying down at all.  Without the word of the tabulating scientific, this book looses something.  Moreover, while the power of winds is not shrinking, there have been seen apocalyptic scenes, such as rare hailstorms of phenomenal size in Texas, on June 13, 2012.  Or Last Chance, Colorado.  Coloradoans are hardy, but this was too much. June 13, 2012.   History can be unscientific, but I tell you, supernatural stories without the scientists would make Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, just a supernatural book.   Thus, this book is not just about the supernatural.   Eyewitness ABC records everything incredible.   The story interrelates to the changing climate in more ways than one.   Wednesday, June 7, 2012, Colorado was hit first before June 13 witnessed its share of anomalies.  And, it was a bit to the intimidating.

  Robert Valentine's book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets  provides numerous data points, suitable for any age.

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