A history of Technical Remote Viewing and Major Dames

      During the course of the author’s research—Robert C. Valentine—on Maj. Ed Dames and remote viewing which spans 24 years, there have been quite a variety of topics put on file.   We shall concentrate here on only four: EgyptAir Flight 990, a strange fungus, the weather, AND  COVID-19.   What Maj. Dames had to say about COVID-19 is extremely timely.  

      A most profound prognostication he ever made was a strange one, involving the chilling story of a Boeing 767 jetliner that crashed 60 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts, in October of 1999 killing all 217 aboard.  During the night of Thursday, November 11, 1999, Maj. Dames appeared on Art Bell’s radio program, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.  This 5-hour program was heard Monday through Friday live in the late evening, 10 pm PST.  Maj. Dames had foreseen the destruction of the jet.  What follows is only a synopsis...BUT IF YOU really want the full information and all the news scoops to your heart's content, complete with informative videos, his story is offered in Alert For The Times, Book of Secrets in avid detail. The digital ebook version runs in the neighborhood of 20 Mb, and all the latest updated information is available in 2021.   Almost 50 years ago, when it started, the subject had been secretive, nestled under a government program called TRV, short for Technical Remote Viewing.   Other books on the market tell you about the distant relatives, like coordinate remote viewing etc.  

      Major Dames is executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group.  He formerly directed Psi Tech. He is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He was a technical consultant for the feature film Suspect Zero, (a Tom Cruise-Paula Wagner production), and he also played the role of an FBI remote-viewing instructor in the movie.

    Please note, an ebook and book have more information than is presented here.   It fills the world of the bizarre.  


    The flight of a giant jet that crashed in 1999: EgyptAir Flight 990 (cont)

   From the world of parapsychology labs, we bring you a story about the fight and take-over of a giant jet that crashed late 1999.

    “There was a violent altercation in the cockpit, Art.

    One of the crew members, or it could have been a flight attendant attacked the pilot from behind.   There was a very violent altercation [that] followed, part of members of the crew tried to hold down a single individual, but the individual got up again. And started essentially...went postal in the cockpit, that is why when the cockpit voice recorder is retrieved, you will hear that in the recorder...”

    The quote above was made by Maj. Ed Dames on November 11, 1999, between 11 and 11:30 pm PST BEFORE the flight recorder was retrieved from a crashed EgyptAir Flight 990.  The following educational video is included for a better understanding of this event, assisted by the information gathered from the flight recorder, which was found from the deep of the Atlantic several days later after Nov. 11.   This was an exceptional example of alerting the public before the investigators made their public findings.  [Note: Rivets to be inspected for damage?  Yes, but according to the NTSB, 767 aircraft have provisions for such things to avoid a crash, and there is the account of the flight officer repeating over and over, when he was still alone in the cockpit <I rely on Allah.>   See also The Atlantic Monthly, November 2001 issue.]  

     Major Dames is not some seer who predicts the future or intuitive who brings astonishing revelations.   On some things it must be said he has been incorrect; he has been chillingly correct on others.   He is of the belief the ozone conditions will continue to deteriorate so bad, the structure of our society changes radically. 

     Since 1995, Maj. Dames, recipient of the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Army, paratrooper, a biological case officer, specialist in bio-electronics and bio-chemical warfare, has been publicly predicting earth changes.   Since 1996 he has spoken about wild, rapacious winds to come down on deck, with the strength of a tornado or hurricane but, in reality not from a tornado or hurricane. 

     Is it invented?   Is it amazing?   He warned to be on our guard. 

     From October 12, 1996, Maj. Dames has been making announcements about what to watch out for, and the author has been monitoring him every step of the way.  It is set forth in the wonderfully informative ebook:  Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.  Why not order a copy?  It is now available, see menu under Home.  People, moreover, do not compute that there is a difference between remote viewing moving people and something ecologically large.   The information is so fantastic, nobody else has conveyed it, and that is what makes this 370+page digital book unique. 

Maj. Ed Dames

      September, 28, 2001: “We are better than the best natural psychics who have ever lived at what we do.... ” Major Ed Dames

   Remote Viewing and a new plant fungus 


     Maj. Dames made a most bizarre prediction in April of 1998, when he revealed a new genus of plant fungus would sweep the world.   About 13 days before Father Malachi Martin appeared as a guest on Coast To Coast AM, during the night of April 24-25, 1998, the author was able to record what Dames told Art Bell on the air on Coast To Coast AM, and he stated that this new plant fungus “appears to accelerate the growth of fungi.”   He also said that the African fungus, a particular matter in the atmosphere over Africa will affect food crops, not animals.  It later became known as Ug99, which is an amazing complex form of blight, Wheat Stem Rust.  A horrible devil of a disease that is eating the whole plant.  We in America may take food for granted however, in places like India something that affects plants like wheat, which India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world and a foundation of Indian substanance, Ug99, if left unchecked, can reverse everything that Dr. Norman Borlaug accomplished. 

Date: April 8, 1999 Extra From: Fox News Science Tech section: “A new mutated form of the stem rust fungus, a disease... reappeared suddenly several weeks ago at” a farm in the rainy highlands of Uganda, as discovered by a research group of scientists from Mexico.  The reappearance of the wind-borne spores which grow on plant stems threatens a genetic fix introduced in the 1950s and 1960s.  


   This killer rustlike fungus— has already spread from Africa, as Maj. Dames told us 23 years ago that it would.   Author Valentine has the actual recording that Dames made back in 1998; and now Ug99 is revealed for you in ebook form.  This is something that the team of remote viewers led by Maj. Dames clearly foresaw as a future event—just like the Fukushima Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster that was predicted years before it even occurred.   A powerful report on the nuclear disaster is also found in this interview from March 31, 2016 heard on Coast To Coast, when Linda Moulton Howe was interviewed by George Noory--if you can find it, it is worth your while--the repercussions have not abated.  A fungus that has evolved—for over 20 years—that most Americans don’t know about?   A mutation that almost no wheat crop can resist the horrible destruction?  


*Do you remember the year 2004? It was severe in tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and straight-lined winds.   Were 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 all the same? 2004 seems to be an unforgetable and notable year in terms of winds.

     Instead of sticking to special contracts with wealthy clients or military intelligence, Maj. Dames expanded into the avenue of the biosphere. 

     The source of Maj. Dames’ predictions is technically not based on a prediction, a fragile premonition or a lucky guess.  It is not telekinesis-the ability to move objects at a distance.  The subject is Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). The pathway for technical remote-viewing involves brainwave frequency, a synthetic telepathy that operates around the brainwave frequency of 4-7 Hz, known as theta. 

     Since the mid-nineties, when Dames and his team had set a course to go public, he and his team had been processing the mind pattern of what the future would hold, and in terms of weather, they did not see the extremes of weather lessening.  The nature of TRV involves a dimension of once-highly-classified techniques.  Techniques once developed at SRI by pioneer Ingo Swann as far back as the 1970s, under coordinate remote-viewing.

   Technical Remote Viewing, Maj. Dames and The Year of Winds 


     Dames and company were conducting environmental studies when precisely 17 years ago, on April 10 , 2004, Major Dames made a pronouncement that extreme winds would be seen in 2004.  What kind of a deal is that?  What made it so special?   Both mainstream scientists and numerous weather bureaus cannot deny the fact Maj. Dames made a statement on April 10, 2004, well before 2004 became critical, that 2004 would be the "year of winds“.  This historical point should not be muffled.  [Since 1900, typical tornado year counts hovered around 1,100 so, maybe you may think, the count went a bit above that.  If you do not know the full story, the following may shock you.]


     In 1999, historically at least 1,236 tornadoes had been reported and that was rather high, but, that was eclipsed in 2004.  

     So many people today forget that Major Dames made a pronouncement, and the Major’s pronouncement regarding 2004 that 2004 would be “the year of winds” seems to have played out as those events constituted a year of winds beyond normal.
     Before we delve into 2004, allow us to quote a person who has nothing to do with Maj. Dames or technical remote-viewing. Chief meteorologist Jack Hayes, Director of NWS said this about the howling winds and wind storms, “In my weather career spanning four decades, I've never seen a year quite like 2011....with nearly every conceivable type of weather.”


     Yes, for in 2011, despite a massive outbreak of twisters, and also other record breaking phenomena, those winds—a horrific and powerful series of record-breaking wind-stormsdid not break the record of 2004, and the record of confirmed tornadoes still stands.       

    When the year ended in 2004, the United States people had been subjected to a murderous 1,722 twisters.   In 2011, despite a massive outbreak of twisters, the record was not broken, as it had tallied 1,704.  And, into the record books it went in second place.


The year of winds forms a record and a testament to the accuracy of Major Dames!


      I also remember going back to the year 1998 when I learned that the Astronomical Society had issued one of its first warnings to military establishments to be aware of solar flares due to Sun bursts which may blast high altitude pilots and affect radio wave communicationswords echoing Maj. Dames.  Then, that September, came startling news of over 1800 pigeons that lost their homing instincts and of bees being blinded and close to over 300 whales beaching themselves and perishing off remote coasts of the globe.  Ditto with dolphins.  

    On Oct 1, 1998, on Coast To Coast AM came the creepy news from Maj. Dames:  he exclaimed a remarkable strong wave of radiation, a geomagnetic Sun flare, had depressed our upper Earth atmosphere.  Its intensity was never seen before by world scientists.  

    On the West Coast of the United States, the burst turned night into day in the upper ionosphere.  But it was not from our Sun.   It was a gigantic implosion from a super dense neutron star, some 26,000 light years away, Magnetar SGR 1900+14.  Maj. Dames did not mention at first it was SGR 1900+14; he did not state, "Ladies and gentlemen we will be hit by SGR 1900+14 on so and so date."  But, he did warn us about the sun bursts and that it would grow in ugly ferocity.  Can you imagine that?    Something so far away, like 26,000 light years away and still having us feel the affects?
    Is is merely some Doomsday implantations?  

    And, now a data point from Disney’s MAGIC Kingdom.  Hurricane Charley disrupted Disney World fun, central Florida, Aug 13, 2004.   [We must marvel at Tyler Schiller’s foresight to keep his historical perspective, from the first inklings of trouble to the ferocity].    Please also note, 2005-2008 was part of a so-called quiet solar cycle.   We must realize another fact: May 2008 began with a deadly seriousness—solar cycle or no solar cyclewhich was expressed on many news channels; in other words, do not be fooled when some may blame every big weather disturbance on the Sun.


    Author Valentine has it all chronicled in tantalizing format in an astounding ebookwhich is now available.   It gives you a bio on Major Ed Dames and the rise of PSI Tech from the 1990s, plus the disenchanting economy and weather to our time that is not found anywhere else!   Valentine keeps perking things up with stories of our modern history that is quite relevant to us.   

    Here are further examples of what readers get into the insights of a chronological reference document—AND it auspiciously includes 2008: NY Thunderstorm Ground ZeroChicago 7:30 central time August 5, 2008.  



    However, on the timetables of time, some items in the book do not involve the weather.

    On national radio on Coast To Coast AM, Jan. 1, 2005, Dames predicted that a huge quake of 9 would hit Indonesia in March.
    On March 28, it materialized.

    He warned to be on our guard. 
    He also warned about something entirely different, and that dealt with the economy. 
    Before our economy circa 2009 began to hit the skids and was in serious trouble he warned people. 
    Where are we today? For starters see the national debt.
    If you have a good paying job, do you really understand this exorbitant national debt situation?  Brilliant mathematicians tell it like it is. Part of the economic picture revolves around the unemployment rate and the food stamp numbers.
     Some accountants hope you are too dum to know it.   It is important to discern the difference on how one treats the true numbers.  According to Catherine Austin Fitts, while 39 million people are on food stamps, an unbelievable 300%+ is being spent to assist Wall Street over what is being spent to help those on the food stamp program.   And, that was before COVID-19 hit.  She related this on Coast To Coast AM to George Noory.  All these economic items and corollaries are also included in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.  

    The recent government statisticians lately announced the unemplyment rate fell to 6.7%.   [At one time before that CORONA hit, many mathematicians said it really was around 11.5% or above.]  The numbers are significantly higher than just 6.7% in 2020 and how close it will approach the unemployment rate of the 1930s Great Depression is up for grabs.
    Times were terrible during the Great Depression.   Bread lines were rampant.   It was very sad when many people were at the start out of a job.   A Bing Crosby song from the 1930s:

Crosby 1930s
00:00 / 01:39

      What did Maj. Dames have to say about COVID-19?  

      The virus aka COVID-19 has been either a massive, violent scourge to many or an instrument of mass-hysteria that does not warrant that much criteria of danger.  

       It is more than painful affliction.  

       It brings death;  it is a killer and will be marked by history as a potent cultural event, a bringer of sorrow and death that knew no class, race, distinction-- like war, and one of Maj. Dames' earliest prognostications on COVID-19 was treated by him as a series of warnings, that to some was akin to mere fear mongering and was more bent along hyper-media baloney.    When it was just beginning to run its dreadful course in late Spring of 2020, his spoken words can be encapsulated here.  

       It was going to bring a changed environment, he stated, in more ways than was imaginable.  Moreover, on Dec. 26, 2020 Maj. Dames issued the following on COVID-19.  This is not an imagination situation. Remote viewers foresaw this not just a few years ago, but decades ago; stating even that this pandemic will make science-fiction movies look like kindergarten shows.  

        Much more is elaborated in the informative digital book.  In 2020, as early as March 17 when he appeared on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, he began to speak out loudly about it.    Suffice to say, this corona virus attacks weak immune systems, and takes advantage of the weak.  Major Dames spoke about martial law, and lime pits, the importance of vitamins A and D, oil of oregano, further economic consequences, and said in March that it could be nine months before this particular pandemic peaks.  This brief link has biographical information.  He explained in this interview (3-17-2020) what the kill shot is, which is covered in minutest detail in the digital book.  He has been predicting it over many years along with the disturbances of the Sun, the global economic collapse and Fukushima.

      The PDF (below) is one little page from Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.  

    This is all chronicled in the book that seems to be too amazing to be believed—another indication of something Maj. Dames on Coast To Coast AM has tried to warn people beforehand and revealed in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets—provides serious researched information that forms an unusual historical track record and that is not found anywhere in the entire world in book form.    

     As people with PhD diplomas tell us the ocean currents or atmosphere or the changes in Greenland and Antarctica are quite rad, all these people with PhD diplomas are speaking out so that it is not as funny as it once was in 1996.  Despite the fact recent historical developments are propelling weather-related news to the forefront, it seems people, unfortunately, are making it out to be only a global warming picture.  You either are for it or against it.      Bingo, that’s how people place the weather picture.   The author has studied the topic of weather and climate long enough to know this.     

     All this is enumerated in the fine book.  But, whether it’s explainable by science or not, there exist a few things that have occurred and remain to this day unexplainable by science.   The sun is strangely quiescent now.   No scientist can explain why the sun exploded the way it did in March of 2001.   Nor, why another burst of energy with a killer force more powerful than every nuclear devise being detonated at once chose to do its thing on November 4, 2003.   Only by the grace of God, Earth was luckily not facing the direction of the Sun, for if it had, the repercussions are too horrible to even contemplate.   That is no fabrication.

     From the author: I have been privileged to have met such persons as Major Dames, Gordon-Michael Scallion, Sean Morton, Dannion Brinkley and Rev. Andrew Wingate.   Science alone cannot give you all the answers.   However, I have also learned it would be foolish to subtract science from our lives.   With the exception of the Bible, there is no official document telling us what to expect in our future.
     Thirty years ago, the topics of Garabandal, which is from the 1960s, and Fatima, which is from 1917, were not favorites of mine.   In early 1996, I never had heard of Rev. Malachi Martin, Rev. Andrew Wingate—both whom could discern things the ordinary person cannot—and I knew little about Art Bell, Linda Howe, George Noory, or Major Edward A. Dames.  

     As our ecosystem undergoes dramatic changes, humankind, especially Americans, will be forced to face another drama of its own.   Major Dames is of the opinion our grid system, all its electrical components and intricacies will be affected and go down.   

    Please note, the ebook has more information than is presented here.  

     To put it into perspective and very bluntly, what is documented in the book is an astounding translation of humankind’s future, that defies explanation.   While Alert: For The Times is composed of many years of research, and discloses fading secrets, it does not claim to tell you the future.  The ordinary person in the street knows little about the techniques of the skill of remote viewing, as seen in this contemporary social posting in video format, including social posts by people who are not aware about historical events, but do mention their opinions including their inaccuracies that Dames has never been right.  Their modem of opinion is not accurate.
     Think back in history to what we have related.  It involves patterns of history.

     We know there are many of the opinion TRV is a hypothesis or who think it may not work. But, you can be the deciding factor once you read the spellbinding new ebook.


      Principals in TRV, decoding the past, present, and future.  Ingo Swann, Paul H. Smith (left to right)

A Brief History
    The following dates for the record, 1972 to 1999, are important regarding Remote Viewing and were researched and compiled by Paul H. Smith, and we are very grateful. (Only the chronology in reddish script was added by Mr. Valentine.)

October 1, 1972—The CIA awards Stanford Research Institute (SRI) $50 million exploratory contract.
October 18, 1974—Russell Targ and Dr. Hal Puthoff publish article on remote viewing research in "Nature".
July 1975—The CIA terminates involvement in and funding of remote viewing, but later the U.S. Air Force Foreign Technology Division becomes the primary funder of SRI research [laboratory] program, with Dale Graff supervising.
September 1977—U.S. Army’s remote viewing program GONDOLA WISH is established by Lt. F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater at the direction of the Army Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence Maj. Gen. Edmund Thompson.
July 13, 1978—GONDOLA WISH is changed to name GRILL FLAME, listed on the INSCOM books as "Detachment G" and is composed of soldiers and civilians with natural psychic ability.
Dec 78-Jan 79—Selection of remote viewers for GRILL Flame. Civilians Mel Riley, natural psychic Joe McMoneagle (photo below), Ken Bell and three others are included.

September 4, 1979—First Army-conducted operational remote viewing session performed.
March 1979—Remote viewers working with Dale Graff at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and at SRI correctly locate downed Soviet TU-22 recon aircraft.

1979-81—Stephan Schwartz conducts Alexandria Project, a remote viewing archaeology project in Egypt. His book Alexandria Project is subsequently published.
ca. 1980—Air Force Chief of Staff cancels AF RV program; Dale Graff joins Defense Intelligence Agency as principal staff officer for remote viewing effort.
1981-82—Putoff and natural psychic Ingo Swann develop coordinate remote viewing (CRV) architecture at SRI, via a set of instructions that allows one to be trained in the collective unconscious to produce detailed target information.
1983—Charlene Cavanaugh joins military RV unit in August; Paul H. Smith joins in September, the RV program has 3 aspects: Operational Unit (classified); Medical Evaluation program that monitored trainees' health (classified); A remote viewing R&D program (unclassified).  Before entering the world of RV, Maj. Ed Dames served as electronic warfare officer and scientific and technical intelligence officer, 1979-1983.  No civilian researcher had access to military intelligence.
Jan 1984—Bill Ray joins military RV unit; second prototype group of CRV candidates begins training (group includes Smith, Ray, Cavanaugh; Maj. Ed Dames is last minute addition to training contract while remaining assigned to his sponsoring unit).
Apr 1984—Natural psychic Lyn Buchanan joins the

Ft. Meade RV unit.

1984—Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) takes over from the U.S. Army.

Maj. Dames receives two Meritorious Service Medals for distinguishing service as targeting and analysis officer in identifying new USSR secrets weapons program in biochemical warfare; for several years thereof as Targeting Director of the U.S. Intelligence Electronic & Security Command, he was mandated to brief DIA, NSA, other agencies and the President and his advisors.
1985-1986—Caravel Project, an underwater archeology project is conducted by Stephan Schwartz.
January 31, 1986—After a year of holding operational control, DIA takes formal control of the military operational Remote Viewing [Psi Spy] program, and renames it SUN STREAK.  Ed Dames joins RV unit.
December 1987—F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater departs the Ft. Meade RV unit on retirement leave.
June 1988—David Morehouse is assigned to the Ft. Meade RV unit.  Before the year closes, a Pentagon Inspector General team evaluates SUN STREAK.  The remote viewers were ordered to avoid the inspectors, and many documents were shredded behind the inspector's backs.  In a documentary Psi-Files: The Real X-Files, Maj. Dames claims that three shredders had their motors burnt out in the process.
December 1988—Maj. Dames departs the Ft. Meade RV unit.

1989—Maj. Dames forms Psi Tech and increases his full-time effort to advance remote viewing technology, and to create teams of professional civilian Remote Viewers to work on complex projects.
June 1990—David Morehouse departs, and Mel Riley retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
August 1990—Paul Smith (below) is reassigned from the Ft. Meade RV unit to the 101st Airborne Division for Desert Shield/Desert Storm, full-time effort to advance remote viewing technology, and to create teams of professional civilian Remote Viewers to work on complex projects.

Paul H. Smith.png

late 1990—Civilian Dale Graf becomes chief of the Ft. Meade RV unit, and changes project name to STARGATE.  It consists of 3 individuals; one was a professional remote viewer; the other two were tarot card readers and channelers.

1991—Edwin May moves RV research program from SRI International to Science Application International Corporation. Maj. Dames retires from the U.S. Army. STARGATE consists of Lyn Buchanan, Robin Dahlgren, Angela Dellafiora, and a DIA civilian, under branch chief Dale Graff.
January 1992—Lyn Buchanan retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
1993—The book Mind Trek (by Joe McMoneagle) is published.
June 1993—Dale Graff retires.
1994—Wording added to Federal Y95 budget transferring control of STARGATE from DIA to CIA.
1995—CIA begins Congressionally directed evaluation of RV as an intelligence tool. American Institutes of Research is hired to do a "scientific" study; in the report officially published in Sept the AIR concludes that RV has no value as an intelligence tool. Significant questions are raised about the completeness and accuracy of the AIR study.
June 30, 1995—CIA cancels STARGATE program. The five remaining personnel are reassigned to other jobs in the government. 
November 28, 1995—Ted Koppel's "Nightline" on ABC reveals to the public existence of government remote-viewing effort, and inaccurately states it has a 15% accuracy rate. Interviewed are former CIA director Robert Gates, Dale Graff, Edwin May, Joe McMoneagle, etc.
1996—First time Robert C. Valentine hears Maj. Dames on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.
November 1996—The book Psychic Warrior (Morehouse) is published.
January 30, 1997—First time Maj. Dames mentions word "discontinuity" on radio.
February 1997—The book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies (Schnabel) is published.
November 25, 1997—Maj. Dames discloses what the "discontinuity" could possibly be on Coast To Coast AM; for the record it is in detail in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.

October 1, 1998—On Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell, Maj. Dames discloses he and his team remote viewed The Third Secret of Fatima
March 18, 1999—The International Remote Viewing Association is formed.

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