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   WWII involved the common people.  

   On Sunday December 7, 1941, a new element of warfare--long-range air navigation bombing from aircraft carriers--was first burned into the inhabitants of Hawaii that Sunday, and then it spread to the rest of the American people.

    For all those too young to know that In 1941, Hawaii was not even a U.S. state, read on.  Hawaii was a territory of the United States.  This website is a reference source which offers an outstanding detail on the Second World War.  Expertly guided.  Author researched for over 30 years.   The presentation of WW II is for both history buffs, and the youth of today who know very little about the subject of WW II; it is an excellent resource for gen X, gen Y, gen Z, the Indigo children, the millennials—the largest group after the baby postwar generation, and we know there is a lot of information here, but it is spicy and not boring.  

    An entire generation of Americans brought up on peace felt the seriousness.   



    I have always treated Hawaii special in my history reports and modern Hawaii of Dec. 2021, stands outs because of its relation to WW II, and should not be forgotten.

Three minutes from a rainy Pearl Harbor (courtesy CBS Mornings).  A few remaining WW II veterans headed for Hawaii (courtesy 2 mins NBC News) on the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  However, early Dec. of 2021 is also memorable for other reasons, the weather.  December 2021 posted even a blizzard.  First is December 6th (1.35 mins by Jerry Rigging in Hawaii who braved it all.)  

Some items may appear simple to the casual observer, others not. Blizzard warning on Hawaii (courtesy NBC).   It appeared at the higher elevation but this type of weather happens up there  FOX report  (3 mins courtesy FOX Weather). The wind gusts report for the month of Dec. 2021 were astronomical and rather historic.   From the island of Maui, natives tell you nothing like that they ever seen before.  No lie. (courtesy Hawaii Real EstateORG). Another individual eyewitness  (5 mins courtesy Hanacal).   The worse is yet to come. Yes it came and the Hawaiian islands were hit hard (1.39 mins courtesy of  chave weather and KHON2, 1.50 mins).  Wind gusts report for the month of December were not just excessive in Hawaii but also historic for other parts of the nation, see Intro of the Contemporary and Climate under menu.


 This website is a labor of love and it centers on the people. If you are a teacher or a student who will use the information on this site, don't forget to see the informative timelines.   Please give credit. 

    Anniversaries are usually special, and the real 75th Anniversary of Dec. 7th was very momentous and special: the following stations are a few who did not forget, ABC,  CBS, and KHON2.  Youth, the future, at the USS Missouri,  looks at a commemorative activity while being a part of history.  "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me."  

    May we suggest this newer video to learn more about Pearl Harbor; this new episode is from Naval Legends and is quite educational.  History is a waste if we don’t learn anything from it.   Incredibly, Dec. 7, 2016 marked the 75th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor; this old video link was available, too bad they took it down because it was is one of the better made videos, narrated by David Brinkley.  Nurse participants and raw video of the 75th Anniversary.  Highlighting sailor Ray Chavez, 104 years old and Marine Ray Garland.  Both are WW II vets.  Overall, we have added educational scrolls of history that portray when America left the palace of safety that isolationism had brought a prewar America.  

      The unfolding of the historical Oberg color film footage of Pearl Harbor.  Here is an American archive of David Brinkley on discussing the most important event of the 20th Century.   

    Author Robert C. Valentine has written several books about the entire WWII-era generation, especially about those who participated in WW II.   He is a member of the 8th Air Force Historical Society, the 94th Division Association,   The National WW II Museum and the American Air Museum in Britain.

   What does WW II represent to you?  Was it a world with an attitude of greedy dog-eat-dog?  Or was it the individual who believed in something more?  

   If you were alive in Nazi Germany or Italy in the late 1930s, you could have been branded a heretic and put to death for preaching democracy.  In Japan, speaking against the Emperor could have resulted in being beheaded.



   The WW II generation is shrinking but not what they did.  All the turmoils and history of the early years are described vividly in two stunning books, volumes one and two.  The spread of darkness had crept beyond the borders of Germany, Japan, and Italy.  Volume Two, actually, was a Best Books Award Finalist in the U.S. History category.  The 1944 commemorative edition is Valentine's detailed book that highlights the year 1944, when many, many people were liberated from oppression.  It is a hardcover commemorative.


1944 is special and extraordinary.  Hence it is highlighted. 


The chronology of 1944 is special and it is sprinkled with rare color photography—none are colorized, although it must be noted the power of color is a rich aid to the young, and, in the panorama of today’s contemporary digital power, these old color pictures can be awesome and should not be discounted. 


    Official documents, radio reports, published works both official and unofficial, manuscripts, letters, films both in color and black and white, and personal interviews are offered in this complex war diary.

     We must stress the nexus involves the common people.   In this special internet site, you will be transported back in time to experience the Second World War and to also see what led to victory and freedom for the world from Axis tyranny in a unique chronologic perspective.  We must stress, each war year was very different from each other, yet it was the people that changed the course of history.  The commemorative is hardcover and handles only 1944.  This website works on all hand-held devices. The liberation of Rome, Italy 1944.  Rome was the first European capital to be liberated on June 4, 1944.  By 1943-1944, the scenes of camps, staging areas, training bases, prayer groups occupied daily life alongside the apex of the Arsenal of Democracy.  That is General Doolittle, a famous personality of the WW II generation-- above the sailors.

Liberation of Roma 1944.jpg
Gen. Doolittle in color 5 copy.png
ambulances Belgium
kids barrel72dpi
72Scouts-3 blurdesp+3

    Fortunately, for the world, the essence of liberty never met defeat during World War II.  Allied victory was anchored on American help; without the U.S. there would have been no victory or liberty.  Victory was in 1945.  The last year of the war.  

     See the caps the army guys are wearing?  No, not the sailor.  They are wearing what they called a garrison cap.

     The Second World is composed of a Home Front and a War Front.  Our author, Mr. Robert C. Valentine, covers the entire world war, not just one geographic area. Yet, it was by no means "just an American show."  It was a great Allied show of peoples and nations. (—To continue, see menu bar at top.)


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