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  Our website divides into two parts. 

  This part encompasses WW II.

  Author Robert C. Valentine has “been in the know” about WW II going back 4 decades. When you have a chance, check out Dunkirk, a movie filled with drama (2018 Academy Award winner.) Directed by Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar). A Warner Brothers film.     


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Few of us had heard about Coronavirus two years ago.  
It turned this world 
upside-down. Hopefully you & your loved ones passed it safely and with the least hardship as possible.
Our aspirations are that we can return to some normalcy.  The above photo was taken in a world of disinfectants and myriad inconveniences in the author's dining room when he was channel surfing.

We can overcome this if we work together.   

November of 2019, this website received a wonderful and breathtaking  announcement when it was awarded by the international and prestigious MarComm Awards, an outstanding achievement Honorable Mention in not one but in two categories: Website Informational and Writing format on digital media--it is one of the most difficult web design competitions in the world among design shops, advertising agencies, international corporate communication departments, and web designer companies,
with over 200,000 entries that year. 

Other notable competitors in 2019 were Hilton, Bank of America, Dell Technologies, Anglo American School of Sofia (London), IBM, Cal State Northridge, the Air Force Museum Foundation, Harvard Business School Online, and Cal Poly. Interested in Fatima?  Please press.

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It is also a great pleasure to announce from Texas--A most recent tribute from the prestigious Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). 
2020 was illuminating,  for outstanding work in electronic media-social media, the Hermes Creative Awards bestowed this website with two awards selecting us Honorable Mention in Web Writing/Content and also exceeding a high standard of excellence in the Informational category.  The Hermes Creative Awards is one of the largest, oldest and most respected evaluators of creative work in the world.  The Hermes is named after the ancient Greek messenger Hermes, an Olympian god from ancient mythology, associated with diplomacy, literature, orators and poets.
Our very first award came from DotCOMM Awards in 2019, when they recognized this website in the Web Design Competition.  Miracles do happen.  How else can a nobody succeed against impressive adversaries?  

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Peace on Earth and goodwill to all
--there is always a tomorrow
for dreams to come true


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Writing a book is like an Olympic event, everything you have is put into it.  The Olympics from Tokyo, Japan, summer of 2021 was an ambience in life that captured many moments, and among the many, I am sure, we find an athlete who did not forget the word faith.  Her name is Sydney McLaughlin.  An athlete just does not go fast, one has to control his/her pace.  An event is engaging.  Genuine gifted athletes go against adversaries of the mind as well as the body, and the road to final accomplishment is composed of many moments that trigger either victory or defeat.  During my college days, I know the feeling, and you must have a fine tuned body to reach any final stage.  Running montage; courtesy of Athletes Productionz.  Sydney after the U.S. Track and Field Finals in Eugene last year, stated, "The mental strain of preparing...in order to solidify your spot is heavy enough.  But the amount of weight the Lord took off my shoulders, is the reason I could run so freely yesterday.  My faith was being  tested.... I just kept hearing God say, 'Just focus on me.'"  You have to have faith in God, in yourself, and the gift God gave you.    I’m from the California coast and remember my track coach who made a big deal about the Penn Relays—Coach Greg Ryan was from New Jersey. The Penn Relays are important on the East Coast circuit. Here Ms McLaughlin getting a surprise visit from Allyson Felix.  Sydney ran at Union Catholic High school, NJ.   The struggle is never nominal when one begins.  (courtesy of above 2 videos, Robbie Sabbakhan and Gatorade Player of the Year). Pinnacle is an exciting Olympic record. (4 mins courtesy of NBC.) The white haired lady in center is Sister Percylee Hart, principal of Union Catholic.

We now present a short 2min 40 sec mini timeline video, a small introduction to the Second World War, which can be viewable on any platform from Hand-held portables to ipads.  See below and press Play Video.   

Desktop File 

The Breeze of Freedom