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War is hell not a picnic

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1942 in brief

   This book reflects the time right after Pearl Harbor was bombed, notably 1942.

    It is one thing to narrate history of the early days of WW II and include ration points, stories of diabolical saboteurs, Battle of the Atlantic, a fresh look at Hollywood, Battle of Midway, Japanese-American internment, 5-Num, the air force, Corregidor and the dual invasions of Guadalcanal and North Africa and to try to make history interesting.


    A spy network, unfortunately, did exist in the United States that many young people today do not know about.  And, the Axis victories in 1942 were many; truly a struggle to achieve Allied Victory.  

    Before we look into some PDFs which showcase the book briefly, let's highlight a few items of interest.   Music was interesting in the 1940s.  We had Count Basie doing his thing, part of an American culture tied in to Jazz and Swing music.  You know what they say:  Music is the universal language.  He was not the only one, for there were other great American composers and musicians like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey.  This video is colorized with Cab Calloway  (in black Tuxedo with baton) and the Nicholas Brothers   And, it was a superb performance.

Fact filled book: A Toast For You And Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2.  [Award-Winning Finalist in the History United States category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards.]  ISBN-13: 978-1880633-84-7.  

From esteemed Norman Hatch, Maj. USMC WW II (retired) and

former Director for Defense Information: "You have certainly done a painstaking effort in doing the research that shows up on every page of your book.  I have taken the time to go through it all and marvel at your patience in putting it together.  I do not believe that I have ever seen a book assembled in such a manner....your writing flows smoothly and I feel sure that it will put the readers of today into the culture of [the] period."  A few are available at the TCA Convention.

My friend Sgt. Norman Hatch in 1944

   There are many dates and events in this volume that are omitted in other books about 1942.  The WW II generation lived those days.  It is important to note that each date and event are concentric to understanding what that generation went through, because at no other time in WW II history did they suffer so much, at least from the U.S. perspective.  The homeland of Japan was relatively safe in 1942.  The people of Germany only began to receive a taste of heavy air bombing beginning in mid 1942, from the British.  Much of what had been in Axis hands in 1941 was still under Axis dominion in 1942.   Why not order a copy of vol. 2?  PDFs below are low res, however all illustrations in the book are actually high res.  Picture of babies (further below) are infants in portable gas masks in Hawaii.

    1942 really began horrible.  There were spies, saboteurs, attacks on ships off our shore, rations of foods and commodities.  The entire Philippines was captured by the Japanese, and their rules and laws became more vicious as time passed. Ditto for all of Asia.  Moreover, readers of this volume will see that things did not get that much better until past summer.  There were lots of air raids.  And, plenty of anti-aircraft batteries, although not like THAAD.  Luckily, the aircraft of that era could not reach U.S. shores; but there were attacks on U.S. soil principally on the West Coast.  One thing that highlights 1942 over previous WW II years is the acceleration of the extermination of the Jewish people of Europe. One point about this is a report from one of America's most celebrated broadcast journalists Edward R. Murrow, on the concentration camps, issued December 13, 1942:  "One is almost stunned into silence by some of the information reaching London.  Some of it is months old, but it's eyewitness stuff supported by a wealth of detail and vouched for  by responsive governments ...millions of human beings, most of them Jews, are being gathered up with ruthless efficiency and murdered...a picture of mass murder and moral depravity unequaled in the history of the world."   Excerpt from Edward R. Murrow, And The Birth of Broadcast Journalism by Bob Edwards.

A few samples of book pages. Civilian Defense, Hollywood and Popular Culture

Unique book


Epic Midway and the Air arms UK

Table of Contents Dr. Seuss

other side of the world

Midway p159

UK 8th Air Force flyboys

Labor Force


The epic at Guadalcanal as seen in a special  Anniversary tribute.

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Dirty Saboteurs and Spies


Enigmatic history

N. Y. City at war

Orson Wells


Sullivan Brothers

Jun 2642 negro Seuss.tiff

Germany seemed untouchable for a thousand years.

Aug 19 42 Seuss.tiff

few items about the series of WW II books.


At the end of every volume is the latest chronology, which may help historians on the gigantic scale of things.   Also, the author has been frequently asked what is Corrigidor about?  And, where is Bataan again?  The following is a supplemental report on Bataan and the Fall of the Philippines.  If you ever visit the Philippines, Bataan is accessible via the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX).  One of the main highlights of my trip to Bataan was the visit to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, about 20 k from the Mt. Samat Shrine.  It is a unique heritage resort.

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