a global pandemic

    Question.  Which is better, Hand Sanitizer or Hand Washing at Disinfecting?  


     Let us thank DoctorOz for the answer.  This web page is written as a special addition, a public service. 

     On March 17, 2020, it was reported that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) had spread to all 50 states and had killed 93.  About 2,730 patients were infected with 2,720 in mild condition.  At this hour, it is difficult to keep up with the stats. The week of March 23, I recorded these numbers from the site Worldometer.  Numbers dead in the U.S. Monday at 830 pm it was 582; Tue near 450 pm: 696, but at 849 pm: 782; Wed at 7pm was 944 but near 9 pm it rose to 999 but jumped to 1032 by 10; Th closed with 1300; Fri 2pm: 1,543 and Sun 9 pm Mar 30 had killed 2,484 people.  The number of people who had recovered/discharged were 108 out of 9,216 infected patients on  March 19.   Those in mild condition were 9,152.  On Friday, March 27, the number of people who had recovered/discharged were 2,525 out of 99,979 infected cases.   All times Pacific.  


     This site has a Coronavirus Worldometer, with up to the hour figures.


     Sunday Mar. 15:  As of midnight, Los Angeles had been issued orders to close all gyms, bowling alleys, nightclubs, bars, museums, libraries, movie theaters, arcades while churches and houses of worship were left to their discretion.  Restaurants are also not allowed to hold tables etc for the public but, restaurants can deliver from, and people can take out or drive through for their meals.  I imagine this order includes Hollywood.  The Santa Monica hiking trails have just been included closed & nearby beaches.  California's governor ordered all Californians on Mar. 19 to stay home. California, it must be remembered, is the nation's most populace state.  On a different note, many people are under a belief that gargling with warm water with salt and/or vinegar can prevent or even eliminate COVID-19.  According to this site, Snopes which has investigated it, stated that is false. Dr. Adrian Wong also said it is false.

     At the close of Sunday, March 29 the number of people who had recovered/discharged were about 4,500 out of 135,000 infected cases. with 2,970 considered critical.  Deaths per 1M population: 7; in Italy it is 178 and China 2.


     Name of the game all over the world, disinfectants, quarantines, restrict access.  On March 16,  ABC World News Tonight reported the demand for testing far outweighed many states capacity. Community spread of the virus was the hot topic.  Watch all 4 mins of video.  The current number of deaths in Italy.   In South Korea their government administered 200,000+ tests, in China at least 300,000 have been given out, but as of the 11th, here in America roughly 9,000 tests had been administered since the Coronavirus first appeared stateside.  On March 14, I was told firsthand by a registered nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, they had not been given testing kits. [They now have the kits.]   NBC News was on target when it also reported hospitals were running low on supplies.  One unfortunate aspect to this, are the ventilators.  They are in critical shortage. Hospitals, we are told, have roughly 160,000 ventilators.  An information piece from MSNBC.  Here is a glimmer of good news in this picture amidst the turmoil, that appeared on NBC March 11 (1min55 sec) regarding testing.   Another glimmer of positive news concerns the time it takes to do a test.   Normally, a test process takes days, but with gigantic algorithmic effort, some claim processing with results can be handled in hours.  One is from Indiana, one from the Philippines.   One from Roche Molecular Solutions. One from Dusseldorf, Germany.  And an extra note, from the University of Minnesota Medical School and Dr. Tim Schacker who are studying a drug that might actually slow COVID-19.  Abnormal measures is the new normal as one American reporter put it on TV.   


      Living in the era of COVID-19, Chinatowns and small business all over are hit by the health crisis.  And, nothing is impacting people as much as what is happening to our airlines.  This scene is repeated at every airport, with the fear of job layoffs, and that, sadly, translates into no regular paychecks.  If it cascades and cascades, this so-called new normal may remind people of the Great Depression which began on a different note, but that also turned into another new normal which gave a populace no jobs.  The Great Depression hit the first high note on an October of 1929, but it took several months before it got worse and worse because of inaction.  Although this one is a killer--although some say compared to the flu, it is not as bad, which I disagree because percentage wise it is a killer--if it will take months and months to check, beware of the no-job-prospect if no legislative action.  Think of the families and individuals who will feel it like those who felt it generations ago in the 1930s.  An imminent economic collapse?  If you have time, see this short  4 min video by John Chapple.  The layoffs and bankruptcies are what worries the author.    

     Allow me a historian's perspective.

     One of the countries most affected is Italy.  Gather this euronews from March 20: and infection still spreading (8mins).  Wednesday, March 18 saw a terrible big 1 day jump when Italy's death toll jumped by 475 from the previous day, with 35,713 reported cases however, there was a sprinkle of good news:  4,025 of those had recovered.  (Correction, the greatest 1-day jump of deaths is 793 on Mar 21; double correction I'm sorry to say, but 919 were reported to have died on Friday March 27.) Nurse: "We're not even counting the dead anymore;"  my gratitude to CNN.

      An observation inside a hospital, a frontline report by Stuart Ramsay who was granted special access into the intensive care unit, most undoubtedly repeated in our United States hospitals with hardworking staffs who keep going past breaking points.  Daily hospital scenes which will, as of now—seem ignored by unthinking youths, millennials or not—as the Coronavirus keeps spreading, but, that will hit the American intensive care scene when the epidemic peaks.  Listen to the beeping in the background, the beeping in the background; my gratitude to Sky News Australia.

      London, (credit to AFP) Madrid, Bruxelles, Paris and others deserted, (credit to BFMTV).

      Spain became the second European country to impose a nationwide lockdown after incurring a wave of attacks--Spanish authorities reported the number of deaths brought about by COVID-19 reached a 1-day high of 832 deaths.  And, despite these rising numbers, there were tourists who ignored the emergency measures in the beginning; my gratitude to ITV News.  While Spain is in dire straits, good news emanated from the measures in China.  It reported the first day of no new cases.  Again, Italy is still hit hard, so hard they are running out of space to hold coffins AND see a strange scene, of military trucks filled with coffins traveling in slow convoy out of the city because local morgues ran out of space. Click here to see all of these news.  A month-long lockdown, or as they say community quarantine, with checkpoints began at Manilaamong other things, thanks to South China Morning Post.  WE ARE AT WAR, my gratitude to ABC News.  Disinfectants, self-isolation, bewildering shortage of testing, restrictive access, and incredibly long lines from some craze in panic buying in certain parts of America (1min42) became now part of life, although I hope the panic stuff ceases.  

     NCAA Tournaments, NBA and myriad other sporting and recreational events were being either canned or postponed.  The difficult time hit all Disney Parks; my gratitude to DFBGuide.  As of Monday, Mar. 16, at least 15 million, no correction 36 million school kids are not gong to school, meaning this is how serious this is.   

      Historically speaking, America, meaning her infrastructure and medical forces were unprepared, as this MSNBC report with Rachel Maddow illustrates (8mins05).  New York state surpassed the other 49 states with the most people stricken with COVID-19, on March 20 and unfortunately things are not getting better, yet.  Another MSNBC report (10mins09). Here is a helpful timeline on this COVID-19 from NBC.  A word on U.S. Navy hospital ships to the rescue.

     Now, for a lighter moment in time.  Maybe this helps alleviate the situation.  Bangkok's train service released a safety dance video against the coronavirus (1mins03).   Trying to maintain a semblance of happiness in Italia, music from balconies and all over.  From people in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, Germany singing Bella Ciao’  (an Italian resistance song) to a whole lot of others in solidarity to fight and not be pessimistic.  Spanish singer song livens up the place (like 1min.) And, some cool local cops in Mallorca grabbed their guitars and sang to entertain families as they remain in a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Cheer up, we can handle this thing together if we work together to beat it.  On CNN, Mar. 13, Chris Cuomo was right when he told Anderson coronavirus is an enemy and we have to shift into a war mode to tackle it.   Wash your hands often correctly, wipe down doorknobs, screens, cover your cough, stay attentive to your news.  In the Houston area, the owner of a new hotel in the Texas Medical Center has purchased two germ-fighting cleaning robots from a San Antonio-based company that is used in battling COVID-19.  Interesting video from WNKY.   We first have to slow this thing down.  Then defeat it.  And if we slow it down, places look pretty empty (2mins25, Eyewitness News ABC7NY).  Let's crack the international circuit (5mins50, Inside Edition).

     Senator Kim Schrier from Washington recently stated, “This will require all of us to step up and do our part….Even if you yourself may be at low risk, because of your age and your health, we know that you can pass this disease to others.  And, unless we take this on as a whole community,  we are going to see a very big spike, and people needing to access hospitals, ICUs, ventilators, and our hospitals cannot accommodate that kind of spike.  So, please follow the guidance.”  Senator Schrier is also a physician. This page will be updated periodically.  For now, we end with this thought: COVID-19 could be highly sensitive to warmer temperatures (3mins45).  Press here to see how it all started.