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To Support a Stronger Immune System

This page is done as a public service.

Many of the symptoms between the flu and COVID-19 are similar but, things are quite different especially the incubation period—as the Vox video showed.  Seasonal flu deaths in the US in 2018-19 hovered between 30,000 and 40,000.  In the winter of 2017-2018, it hit 60,000.   With COVID-19, which you may say began in Jan. 2020 here in the States while others say Feb, depending on who you talk to, it is not even Feb. yet and, sorry to say, but the number killed (as of Jan. 20 noon) due to COVID-19 are 414,083, and still mounting.   The more immunized people are, the more one can be protected. 


However, please remember, no human immune system had seen this sickness before.  There is no natural immunity to COVID-19.  In the case of the flu, a combo of the old flu shot with staying healthy by exercising always seemed to be helpful.  I still believe in exercise, however there is a recent study that just showed up from another corner of the world that bears taking heed.  Please see these series of videos with very helpful information you should learn about; Exercise on the Cellular level.. lower right controls sound.

Something More on Health

Everyone on the planet is susceptible to this hideous contagious disease but, why not try lessening the compromise of the immune system?  One is able to strengthen the immune system by a system of aerobic exercises. 

An aerobic routine plays a greater part on our lives than at first thought.


Aerobics create a group of amino acids that clear out damaged proteins. This bit about amino acids is the latest in the research world.   These educational videos were condensed for you so that everybody can see them.   They aired on KDOC TV, on a nice segment called Circle of Health, reported by ace reporter Denise Dador.  My immense gratitude to KDOC and ABC.  Yet, how to do it and still keep some social distancing will be the trick.   Of course, nobody is going to force you.  And if you don’t care, well, what can I say?  Other than, you got to believe in yourself. 

You got to believe in yourself that you can.   Concentrate on the “today” for a better tomorrow.  I wasn’t co-captain in soccer and ran in the 10,000 meters in school for nothing, you know.  I guess I was a kind of a success, we took League champions for two years in soccer and in the 10,000 got gold.   Your uncle or your brother or sister are not going to do it for you.  You have to create a structure that also lasts over some period of time, not some 1 week deal and quit.  Only you can take the first step, and as my old track coach Greg used to say, and be consistent.   Consistent in the sense that you start off right, and continue over a period of say weeks or months. . .  without getting injured.  Don’t forget to stretch.  If you are all new to this, I suggest doing the first week or two on a 1 day exercise, 1 day off completely, then 1 day on, 1 day off etc. for at least the first week or even 2 if you are really out of shape.  Consult your doctor, too.  Perhaps, it’s best also to do it with someone or a gang of people; that way you are no quitter and chicken out after a month.  Keep track of your progress. [Web designer tip: after viewing this web page, press R (reload) to refresh, as this page is Ram intensive.]

Five minutes on what are amino acids?

Some Memorial Day weekenders.

The importance of amino acids.

The facet of letting our guard down.  NBC national correspondent Miguel Almaguer reported a news piece on not to let our guard down or else!

At the Cellular Level442

At the Cellular Level442

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