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The Man Art Bell

  Coast To Coast AM was started by a man with a big dream.

  Art Bell used to be stuck in Manila.  He is now back in Nevada.  He loved what he was doing. He is not situated in a big city like New York.  His show transmitted from Nevada was first relayed to a couple of stations on the Chancellor Broadcasting Network. He transmitted 5 hours a night about 14 years ago, M-F plus he did something on Sundays called Dreamland.

  On the magical night of July 17, 1998, his radio program hit 400 radio affiliates and was heard all the way to Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, which spans over nine thousand, three hundred and thirty miles. Millions of people used to hear him when his program Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell was beamed on the Premier Radio Network.
  Granted, not everything was 100% believable that was heard on the talk show radio circuit.
  However, one must and should not discount it as total baloney. Far from it, the test of much of it comes from history itself.

Coast To Coast AM

  Listeners never knew what to expect beneath the endless skies of a purple night and what would pierce those purple curtains.  I remember well a night of 1997, when Art Bell put on a radio program with Richard Hoagland, the topic being pyramids and Mars.  This was a simultaneous transmission utilizing both the web and radio, or in other words, an interactive live show on both radio and the internet was a first and well ahead to its time!   Like, Wow! I kid you not.

  The guests of Art covered a wide range of people and topics, normally away from politics.  He initially ran West Coast AM, later changed to Coast to Coast AM, which began a meteoritic rise in popularity from 1996 on.  He was one of the first to bring us word of the correct dimensions of such diverse topics as the Miami Circle, Pfiesteria, Ginger, the mobile geomagnetic transportation device, and the dead zones in the Caribbean.  His programs were stimulating and served an auxiliary resource before the advent of the power of the worldwide WEB.  One of his regular listeners was world famous Willie Nelson, who listened in his traveling bus as they traveled from city to city.  

  Back on October 12, 1996, one of his guests Major Ed Dames made his famous announcement that something would affect the whole world: it was strange, geophysical and “non pulsing.”  Every time Maj. Dames was announced to appear, I recorded his words although at first I did not believe in him and his TRV.  It sounded too fake.  He later stated the “biosphere would collapse; the ozone conditions will continue to deteriorate (that’s nothing new I thought); a global economic collapse will be evident by mid-1998” (not a stock market collapse, and it all would get worse about 10 years later) and the most astonishing part of all, something he called a discontinuity in human evolution. On Coast To Coast AM you have other guests who parallel him, like Andrew Wingate, Sean Morton and Gordon Michael-Scallion, but none of the warnings compare in scope and severity to what came from Maj. Dames, in terms of weather; Maj. Dames has not changed his tune:  Geophysical events, tremendous quakes, volcanic eruptions, horrible solar flares, turbulent winds and excessive heat heralds events of our future, including his so-called kill-shot which up till now has not materialized and which it is my duty as historian to monitor.

  In a certain sense, with a purpose and resolve, like the program, my book envelopes people into many different realms of science, real historical events, the problems of this thing called global warming, the sanctity, or nonsanctity, of religion, the occult, the supernatural.  And, I test the waters of how, when something is predicted, it is supposed to fall under the heading of the supernatural but, when it comes true, yours truly, the historian, has to mark it down as real history.

  It is wise to remember two important things.  Many of the topics in the book I authored deal with what is really happening in our universe, and the unnaturalness of our ecosystem, learned in part by listening to Coast To Coast AM.  The host of Coast To Coast points out things the mainstream media would forget to mention, and that is important—many things from actual scientific reports.

  Second, I discovered, while researching this book, the reseach methodology I undertook while researching the history of the Second World War is useful; in fact, very useful. What ensued was concrete information. That helped me prepare to deal with the wild, surreal multi-faceted subjects of the book Alert: For The Times.

  In October of 2002, it was rumored that Art would retire. Art retired the last day of December, 2002 from hosting weekdays.  On September 20, 2003, Art returned as host on Coast To Coast AM and accomplished innumerable informative programs from Pahrump, Nevada.  He transmitted on a limited roledue to a bad back.  For his contribution to radio, Art received from Radio & Records a Lifetime Achievement Award on March 10, 2007.

March 10, 2007:

George Noory, Art Bell, Ian Punnett [foto courtesy of Lex Lonewood]

Edgar Cayce, Roswell, Corso, the Gulf Stream, Exorcism things in the night

  After his brief retirement in 2002, Art came back.  At first, Art was on radio every other Sunday, due to back problems.  On July 1, 2007, however, Art Bell took all by surprise and announced his retirement from regular programming.  For a couple of years thereafter, he filled in as a subsitute on Coast To Coast.  He married a beautiful Filipina girl, got stuck in the Philippines due to immigration problems and even transmitted from there for a while.  However, after Halloween of 2010 he really got lost and nobody heard him for three years.  I learned a lot about the sciences from the essence of the programs.  The program Coast To Coast is not dead. 
  We traveled the halls of time. Traveled into ancient Egypt, the ancient Americas, learned of Roswell, Col. Corso, Jay Bond Johnson, Jamie Chanderay, Jesse Marcel, and, of course, Stanton Friedman.  Learned about Exorcism, the $100,000 secretive Pentagon report, Edgar Cayce, the Gulf Stream, learned of secret passages and discovered what the heck was sono-luminescence, Ginger, Art’s Parts, and—this super secret thing— called technical remote viewing, among many other weird, wonderful things...and not so wonderful, like the cell from hell, Pfiesteria.  We learned about the melting of both poles way before the mainstream media got into step.
  Part is entertaining, but it was not all baloney.
  It was educational, too.  On September 16, 2013 Art returned to radio via Sirius XM Internet Radio. Nightly, from 7-10 pm on the Pacific time zone.   U.S. digital satellite radio service first started in San Diego and Dallas/Fort Worth on September 25, 2001.  It expanded nationwide in October.  It was $9.99 a month.  Time magazine called it the “Invention of the Year”.  Now there exist over 100 channels and the minimum monthly is $14.49. The radio world lost contact with Art Bell in November 2013 when he left Sirius, and one bridge to the future surprisingly closed for a while.   In July of 2015 Art returned but on Dark Matter Digital Network, streaming in 48k mp3 and 48kAAC, from Pahrump, Monday - Friday from 9-12.  He loves doing shortwave, WTWW, Tenn. 

  We still travel through time and the thick and thin of things.  Weather is still pretty peculiar.  Coast To Coast AM, with George Noory, John Wells, and George Knapp, who carry on at the helm, will inform us. (Ian Punnett retired July 2013.) 


  Mr. Noory is a veteran broadcaster of 34 years and recipient of three Emmy Awards.  At age 28, he was the youngest news market director in the country when he was at KMSP-TV in Minneapolis.  He has written several books including in colaboration with William J Birnes the 319 pg book Worker In The Light published in 2006.   George celebrated his 10th Anniversary with Coast To Coast AM on January 6, 2013.   I believe George and company are doing a remarkable and commendable job. 
  It has been a long time since 2003--one must remember the American people on home soil have not been attacked since 2002-2003.  Nor have any coasts felt the wrath of war, like during the Second World War. There have been hideous plans.    But, formulating a plan is one thing.  Carrying it out is something else, and murderous die-hards have not been successful in unleashing any sort of large-scale concrete action.



  As America sails through another decade, let us briefly cite some dates that one should be aware of historically, of plans that were stopped before reaching maturity: May 8, 2002 Jose Padilla, born in Brooklyn, working with al-Qaida, is arrested in Chicago, a radiation plot (dirty bomb) was allegedly stopped; convicted on Aug 16, 2007; Sep 25, 2002 European agents of bin Laden are captured in England, including computer wiz Kamel Daoudi; by years end, the world saw the Klez worm, a virus that infiltrated email AND
The Gatekeeper and The Keyholder, two of bin Laden’s top lieutenants that handle money transaction for al-Qaida, were apprehended; assets worth over 66 million pounds have also been seized.  Ramzi Bin al-Shibh–the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks–was captured in a dramatic gun fight in Karachi.  By the end of 2003, M.I.T.-educated Aafi Siddiqui was arrested in Karachi for assisting al-Qaida; great mastermind of numerous terrorists attacks, al-Qaida operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was apprehended in Pakistan; two flasks are found in a locker in a train station in central Paris containing the deadly poison ricin; Osama bin-Laden announces his intention to bankrupt the U.S,; the fastest worm in the world coincidentally arises, infecting 75,000 computers in first 10 minutes; doubling every 8.5 seconds, known as Sapphire or the Slammer; Feb 12, 2004: Working with FBI, an informant helps catch two leaders of an Albany, New York, mosque who agreed to launder money to help purchase a surface to air missile to attack the Pakistani Embassy in NYC. 


  On July 13, 2004: Mohammed Naeen Noor Khan, nicknamed The Codebreaker, main developer of a homemade computer program of codes for bin-Laden is captured along with 3 laptops and 50 CD’s packed with secrets; Jun 15, 2005: Masoud Khan is sentenced in a Virginia courtroom to life for waging a Holy War on USA; accomplice S. Chapman given 85 yrs. Sep 27, 2005: Abdullah Abu Azzam, al-Qaida’s number 2 leader in Iraq, is killed in a gunbattle; Michael C. Reynolds is arrested in Dec 2005 before committing acts of sabotage–on July 13, 2007, was convicted of plotting to blowup trans-continental national gas pipeline, a Standard oil refinery in NJ, and the Williams Natural Gas refinery in Wyoming. 2006: Al-Qaida’s master bomb maker Abu Khabab al-Masri is killed by U.S. missile attack in Damadola while attending a master planning summit; eastern Pakistan. (Not to be confused with another Abu al-Masri, the notorious Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who was wounded by Iraqi govt forces on Feb 15, 2007, who was mistakenly believed killed in Oct 2006, the head honcho of al-Qaida in Iraq who succeeded al-Zarqawi after June; Apr 27, 2006 Professor Assem Hammoud is arrested in Beirut, Lebanon, very important information is found in his laptop and his CD’s detailing how he was establishing a plan to destroy the PATH commuter system between NJ and Lower Manhattan. He and his saboteurs were to enter via Canada and operate at the end of the year; Jun 2, 2006 Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Royal Canadian Mounties and police swoop down and arrest 17 Muslim Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area, including a nearby college town, Kingston, after a yearlong surveillance, nefarious plan to bomb Parliament buildings in Ottawa using ammonium nitrate was thwarted!; July 31, 2006: Two suitcase bombs are left on 2 trains in Cologne, Germany, by 2 Muslims, bombs did not go off; Aug 10, 2006: From London a plot by 10 British Muslims to blow 10 American airliners out of the air as they would fly overseas bound for New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco is stopped; The National Australian Bank holds on despite an intense internet attack by terrorists that tried jamming big-time NAB’s connection to the Web to slow or stop bank’s online service.

  Scotland Yard issues urgent warning that Great Britain is under a mass attack by terrorist hackers, virus code backdoor. Backdoor targets credit card numbers, passwords, financial data and email addresses. Welcome to the world of cyberterrorism and the future.
  If you are a Coast To Coast fan, you may recognize some of the historical events. 

  As we venture onward, George Noory, Art Bell, and company will have to contend with news of perpetual thunder: Solar Cycle 24, rogue planetoids, the non-shrinking rising heat index, blackouts, the unknowns of war and terrorism that are inescapable if one listens to Fr Wingate, Nostradamus, John Hogue, Sean Morton, Maj. Dames, Jerome Corsi, the Great Miracle, the antiprophet, Signs in the Sky.


  Let us not cease but, continue to venture into outer space, the inner space of physics with Michio Kaku, nanotechnology, submerge deep into the unknown worlds of our mind.  Let us continue to explore. 

  Art Bell during his heyday will be remembered by this generation who listened to him as Edward Murrow was revered during the Second World War period.  Among the hundreds of radio personalities, world famous Murrow stands out among his peers to this day.  He was a favorite because he told you the score.  In much the same way, but in a much harder way with the advent of competition by television, Art Bell will be remembered, then and now. Thank you for your time.

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