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The Power of Love 
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     Spend some time reading on whether a certain movie may turn into another movie like Sound of Freedom.  


     On this web page, with the Oscars in the limelight, I will write about a new film called Cabrini, and my trip to Chicago, June of 2023.  I stayed for about a week.  My opener is on a link about the film Cabrini, with a trailer sung by  Mariah Carey.  I first heard about this in February, 2024.  A few special words about this movie will be in order.  The world is broken and only love can heal it.

    My real reason for visiting Chicago was to learn about a novel organization that involves the Catholic Church.  I had to go see for myself what it was all about in 2023, all this before the convocation of the Synod of Bishops and the learning about a new Fatima message in 2023.  The story is conveyed further below. Photos above, from right to left, or top to bottom if you use a Smart phone, the speedy Zephyr at East Dubuque, Illinois, April, 1940; Mother Cabrini; the world of forced cancelled priests; St. Mary of the Angels.

     Being a historian, there was no way in the world I would have missed visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, which actually holds a captured U-boat from WW II.  But, before even then, I found myself visiting one of the most beautiful Cathedrals I had ever seen in the USA, called St. Mary of the Angels (above).  There was no intention to see it at first, but by a red light, I had missed my bus that would have taken me to another church, and I instead winded up back in my hotel, all mad at myself for missing my transportation, searching for a substitute when St. Mary of the Angels popped up, and being the easiest of the churches to take a bus, I headed in that direction for Sunday Mass.  I love taking public transportation to see how the locals live. 

     They had Mass at a perfect time that Saturday evening.  

  On to Chicago

     Stepping inside was like being in another world, this church was decorated so beautifully. There were also many carved statues of saints. I had no idea churches were still allowed to possess votive candles, which reminded me the way all churches of the Catholic faith were in the mid-1960s when I was growing up, be they in the north, east, south, west, or way up yonder in Alaska, or Hawaii.  And, their little candles were lit up, meaning people paid attention to them.  The beginnings of this parish traces back to the late 1800s, and in 1909, began the plans by a Fr. Gordon on the current site of where the church is built. For further information, go to this site, and see history.   To think some thirty years ago, it was almost torn down, but when there is a will, there is a way, and something miraculously seemed to happen as people got together to save it; and it was taken over by priests of the Prelature of Opus Dei who assumed all responsibility. If you do a general google you may come up with this:  But, I found that by typing St. Mary of the Angels Chicago and looking on the right side on a desktop you see a box that says See photos, hit that.  You will see that some photos that some folks took were very nice pictures of St. Mary of the Angels, and that you may like to see.   The few pictures that follow were taken by yours truly. 

Zepyhr all air cond 112 mph shorty.png
Zepyhr all air cond 112 mph shorty.png
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     Above is a photo of a 1940 car, by the same name as the train in the museum: the Zephyr. I also enclose pictures of the inside of the church I visited , that has breathtaking artistry. The seal signifies the stature of the organization I investigated, it is not your fly-by group. Photos of Archangel and Jesus from my Galaxy S24 & Google Pixel cameras comparison.  

     On the night I was supposed to fly out of Chicago, Oh, I had the luckiest timing I could ever dream. My flight at O’Hare was around midnight. That same evening, out of all the days of the entire year, was an evening they were going to do a special celebration Mass of St. Josemaria Escrivá on June 26, beginning at 5:30 pm.  He led a life holy and full of God, a life dedicated to doing God’s teachings.  Priest and founder of Opus Dei, he once said, many moons ago, after reading an article of a member of Opus Dei mal-treating another person, said:  How can I defend the freedom of my children, if my children do not first defend the freedom of others.  You can speak the truth and counter bad things with lofty arguments, without degenerating to low blows…  We cannot have two standards: one standard for ourselves, and another for others.  No, my children.  We only have one standard, that of Jesus Christ” (see P. Urbano, Man of Villatevere.)  Eight thousand one hundred and twenty-five miles away in Manila, other special Masses were held in honor of  St. Josemaria Escrivá, (go here if your web does not show it ) as occurred in many churches around the world that day.  By only a few hours, I would have almost missed a special Mass the parishioners of St. Mary of the Angels presented.  The story goes something like this.  At Sunday Mass, the priest invited people to come to the celebration they were going to have at so and so time.  I said to myself, oh, no, that Monday night is when I depart Chicago.  However, looking over the subway and bus schedules, I figured that if I leave by a certain time, I could make it to the airport.  So, that night, I arrived early and took a seat way up in the front, as I wanted to see if maybe I could shoot some video. Two small clips are on this web pg.  By the time of the celebration, Jesus Christ, that church was packed to the hilt with people. The Mass was said in English. Unbelievable, and I mean that big building was stuffed.  Who said people don’t go to Mass anymore.  I had planned to stay at least til Holy Communion, but that did not happen as the homily the Bishop spoke was long, and before you knew it, I had to depart.  Press pic for sound.

CTA from Rosemont small.png
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cool stremliner by R Valentine 1 Mb.png

A few pictures, as best I could shoot, of my visit to Chicago, gateway to the West. Automobile in blue is a battery electric car, which by 1912, there were 38,843 electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S.  It is not a hoax to state 40% of cars in the U.S. were powered by steam, 38% by electric, and 22% by gasoline.  At the turn of the century, the world speed record was held by a Frenchman in an electric at around 65.69 mph.  Ooo-la-la.  Pictured below is the author with John-Henry Weston.

caapture top Secret Ht622.png

      Back to electrics. Electrics were most appealing to women, as they attained quieter rides, and there was no stupid hand crank to start as in a gas engine.  This was the era of Mother Cabrini.  But, they cost several times more than a Model T, and after WW I with mass production at hand of the Model T, sales of electrics plummeted.  The cost of owning an electric was around $1,600, equivalent to $44,000 in 2017.  In 2011, there were about 22,000 EVs on the road in the U.S, and by 2023 over 2 million.  We are still quite a few years from 2035, when the ban of new gas-powered vehicles sets in.

enigma copy.png
shorty at280 2023 w_John-Henry.png
Milburn Light Electric car.png

The Museum of Science and Industry has 3 levels, and on level 1 is the Pioneer Zephyr train exhibit. Level 2 houses most of the amazing halls of exhibits.  One such exhibit explores the world of James Bond 007 opening into the secret field technologies of spies (runs from Mar-Oct 2024).  I took the CTA (subway) from Rosemont to downtown Chicago.

In addition to the world of science, I was intrigued  by how much they had on the Second World War.  That included numerous artifacts from the era, including real Enigma coding machines.  There is a lot to see surrounding the world of espionage and secrets that it does little justice to enumerate here. 

Science copy.png


Eye Spy.png

A little trivia on Nostradamus and the world of silence 


      My main reason to visit Chicago that summer was twofold, to see what’s up with this new organization and to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, which is the Western Hemisphere’s largest science museum. The organization I went to check out is rather unknown to the mainstay populace, like the story of Mother Cabrini, although before this year is over, I bet it will be known by a whole lot of people.  It has been said by some that this new group is against the reforms of Pope Francis, a man whom I believe is referenced by Nostradamus as the “reformer” in his letter to the King of France.  Do not take this information lightly.  It does not matter whether you call his reforms cool or unjust, the case is that his reign as Pope will be written in the pages of history as “a reformer” when it comes to the Catholic Church. 

      The disquieting, distinguishing part of Nostradamus is that with the coming of this reformer, it is a prelude to the rise of the 3rd Antichrist.  ON TOP OF THAT, Nostradamus almost 500 years ago said this reformer will come from the 50th degree.  Take a globe, any globe, or look it up on your google.  Francis hails from Argentina, a country on the 50th degree, as my dear brother pointed out to me.

       The new group is called the Coalition for Canceled Priests.  Reverend John Lovell is one of the founders of this little known organization in the United States.  He himself (ächtung), is a cancelled priest--one of among many, and still growing-- who because of varying reasons have fallen in disfavor of the Vatican, but, none have anything to do with stealing money, sex, maltreatment, going political and squealing for all sorts of public demonstrations or rallies, or heresy.  

       It never existed during the time of St. Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI, for it only began in 2020, under the era of the so-called reformer in the Vatican.  Something is getting so screwy in the Catholic Church, for it to exist is a call for this organization to protect Catholic priests who had been removed by the modern Vatican.  A cancelled priest is a reverend who desires to return to ministry and reconcile with his bishop/superiors but is not allowed to, by the Vatican, be it on orders from the Secretary of State or the head Pope himself. 

       Not one of these priests have violated the boundaries with children or adults, nor have they committed a crime.  I knew little about all this just a few years ago and had to investigate.  When it comes to taking up the cross for Christ, that is an understatement because when the Vatican decides to boot out any priest or nun, they are on their own for survival, and they either starve to death, leave becoming a humble priest, or become pauper as pauper can be.  I found out this organization in the good old USA is there to assist them in survival in ways unimaginable to the secular average person. 

       Here is their link for further information.  

       I understand they had their first pow wow get together two years ago.  But, last summer, it was held in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, and so that is how I got to learn about them first-hand.  One key speaker was Jesse Romero, among others who I tried to record, but my recordings came out too crummy, so that is why I provided another link.  He is a gifted speaker, in my opinion.  A most recent man of God was canned later that Nov. by the Vatican—with reasons that give no real reason why, which range from not handling financial affairs properly to being against the LGBTQIA+ referendum—is not your ordinary Joe, he is a bishop by the name of Joseph Strickland, and was present at the conference.  He was always surrounded by many people, I never had a chance to really speak with him.  Also, at that time, I knew little about him, however, I did get a chance to speak with some of the priests, and I assure you, none of them are wackos.  But, that summer two men were sent by the Vatican to Tyler, Texas to investigate Bishop Strickland, a Bishop Dennis Sullivan of Camden, NJ and a retired bishop of Tucson, AZ, a Bishop Gerald Kicanas.  And upon their recommendation, he was removed.  As the National Catholic Register article of Nov. 16, by Rev. Raymond J. De Souza stated, “St. John Paul II removed only one two bishops in his long reign” meaning hardly anyone ever gets disciplined and kicked out; they get punished but rarely booted out. 

       Out of 290 bishops in America, the only prince of the faith who stood up publicly against the standards of the LGBTQIA+, was mysteriously canned, and with no official reason given, as of this day.  What history is showing is the eradication of not those who are radical and ostentatious, but against holy priests, bit by bit, in a sly manner.  

       Over the period 1965 to 2021, in view that the number of priests in the U.S. has fallen by 40%, which is a huge loss, it seems cancelling priests left and right by the modern Vatican is is not only radically new and foolish, but it is unjust in the symbiosis of a modern age.  Alas, there also could be something more sinister and powerful working in Rome, hidden beneath the blanket of public trust, one so devious with an ultimate objective.  Could it be the work of a select few in the formation of a new Catholic Church, being crafted to kill on what the Catholic Church once stood for?  Could it be that plain and simple? if one knows where to look for?   Was it not only three years before Benedict resigned (forced to resign) that he had stated: the "attacks on the Pope and the Church do not come from outside...the sufferings of the Church come precisely from within the Church, from sins that exist in the Church.  This has always been known, but, today we see it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from sin in the Church.”   

       This Pope has some pretty weird things associated with him, one of which is mentioned in my ebook when in 2019,  a celebration of an idol in the gardens of the Vatican was allowed, then following a mini procession, everybody went into the basilica of St. Peter, and had another celebration with the display of this pagan symbol for all to view.  Then, last year on June 23, 2023, inside the Sistine Chapel, he decided to honor an artist who did an art form, in where somebody threw urine on a crucifix and had it displayed as art.  There is an international photograph of the Pope that went around the world with the Pope in front of the artist giving a thumbs up.  No one in the Vatican had the courage to speak out loudly against it; they were too chicken.  The Vatican in the name of social justice said it was A-Ok.  

      This same Vatican allowed a monk by the name of Priore Enzo Bianchi to become in 2013 Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, but who loved to denounce Fatima as he put it, as an expression of “a God of Catholic racism.”  He even called the Mother of Jesus “not a suitable model for the promotion of women in the Church.”  Talk about the world that is broken.  Messing around with Fatima in Catholic circles is not nice.  In this case, enough hot water was felt, and he was asked to step down in 2020.  Just before 2023 came to a close, nine days after Pope Francis issued congratulations to the delegation of the Italian Air Force—on the centenary of the institution—the Vatican issued a landmark ruling that gave approval for Roman Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples.  The occasion was elucidated by the new prelate (papal appointed) head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Victor M. Fernandez, born during the time of Vatican II in 1962.  

        His position was formerly called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, however, changed by Pope Francis.  Whoever holds this position is technically the number three big shot of the Vatican.  We might be in a sexual revolution, as hot or more hotter than the romps of the medieval Pope John XII, and Pope Alexander VI of the Renaissance who had lived during the time of Christopher Columbus and Michelangelo.

       This new ruling seemed to contradict a document issued by the Vatican’s doctrinal office on March 15, 2021, signed by Pope Francis, that said such blessings would not be legitimized.  That March doctrine was not officiated by Fernandez, however, for Fernandez only began to replace the number two behind the Pope last September (in 2023, Pope Francis booted out Fernandez's predecessor) and became the next big shot—remember the two biggest persons behind the Pope are the Secretary of State followed by he who heads the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.  Cardinal Fernandez was a beacon for nasty unusual thoughts in Argentina in his younger days. He wrote a book depicting deeply sexual thoughts including an imaginary sensual interaction between Christ and a teenager, which the Vatican hopes you never know about.  As stated by the National Catholic Register Jan. 8, 2024, Fernandez realized it "could be misinterpreted."  Especially the part where Fernandez wrote a description of kissing and caressing the body from head to toe as our Blessed Mother approves and watches.  The body lustfully kissed etc happens to be Jesus Christ.  Fernandez is not afraid of writing, and he helped author Amoris Laetitia in 2016 and also authored in 1995 a book titled Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing. I have not read either of his two books, and do not plan to.  He is now the number two man behind the Pope, while the number one man behind the Pope keeps silent.  Amoris Laetitia translated into English means the joy of loving.  As old Dragnet used to say, "Only the facts." 

      However, the ruling of 2023 raised a big commotion in Africa, who disagreed.  The bishops of Africa can be a power unknown in the history of Catholicism.  The Pope knows that, for in the entire world, there has been no greater growth in terms of Catholic populations than in Africa—in the last quarter from the 20th Century, the zone growth has been an increase by 2,790%.  And, they were not afraid to speak up.  You may not know it, but the bishops in Africa can be a very powerful force it they get united.  He backed down, concerning Africa, excommunicating no one or asking them to “step down.”  All this is in my ebook or on my website.  

      This same Vatican has a weird way of bestowing love. They seem to possess new standards, as never seen before in the history of the Church.  Let me give you an example, and then I will shut up.  Regarding the signs of love and openness.  The Vatican went out of their way to welcome an American homosexual couple, one by the name of Yakio Rossi, complete with smiles and taking pictures.  This was the year the Pope came to America. They were warmly embraced by Pope Francis.  His interaction with, however, a Kentucky clerk named Kim Davis was a different matter.  An Archbishop named Vigano brought her to see his Holiness circa 10 years ago while he visited the United States' East Coast. They were both instructed by Vatican officials that they were not to approach the Pope directly, were not to address him or call his name.  And they were forbidden to take any photos, which at the time seemed unusual, but they complied. Whether it was the Pope behind this or outside hands, that is to be determined.  A little later, in the social media circuit, the visit by Kim Davis with the Pope was deemed a lie, because there were no photos available. 

      When the Vatican was asked about the visit, they responded that on that day in question, the Pope had only one official meeting, and that was with his former student and other students from Italy.  One happened to be a former student who brought his mother and his sister to see the Pope.  The former student also brought his homosexual lover, and his surname was Rossi. Yes, the Rossi mentioned above.  His party was allowed to take all the photos they wanted.  Moreover, there is also video of the meeting, and the whole story was covered by the gay community showing how benevolent the Pope is.  The beauty of social justice is in the eye of the beholder.  In one respect—the meeting with Kim Davis who practices Catholicism to the max—that meeting with the Pope was deemed “controversial.”  But, the meeting with the homosexual was chosen not to be controversial, according to the new Vatican, and not not being controversial, all the pictures you wanted were allowed.  That is historical truth, not made up.  Such a display certainly can be counted as connected to the words of St. Josemaria who spoke about two standards.   Kim Davis, incidentally to refresh your memory, born in 1965, was a clerk who did not want to personally issue a license to a gay couple in 2015, was fired and put in prison for refusing to issue a same-sex marriage, and was fined a restitution of $260,000 in court fees (March 2022), in addition to paying 100 grand to the gay couple who sued her.  The court of Kentucky said her religion did not matter.

      In the United States, as in other so-called industrial countries, there is a worldwide phenomena that goes beyond mere acceptance of lifestyles—where in the past, be it the Depression-era, the difficult forties, the 1950s or even the wild swinging sixties, was alive but hidden.  Each year it seems to get more and more powerful.  Once a minority, it has formulated as a means to also challenge the Bible as a world's hegemonic acceptable lifestyle; however, it is shoving down the throats the atmosphere of the newest language evolvement LGBTQIA+ on many who do not agree with this atmosphere—even onto the Christian Churches with the tune that it is supposed to be normal.  And, the modern Vatican by their recent actions, seem to ascend with it.  Strong and powerful, it has been able to control others, from politics to school boards to little libraries, that now, includes the novelty, which I wonder if the leadership of all Christian faiths are for it?  The word hegemonic is a power when it comes to LGBTQIA+ that, in essence, is trampling on the Bible.

       I ask you. Can there still exist a world, that parts the dividing lines, and opens the curtains where justice can prevail without the atmosphere of being queer?  Apparently not, for if you notice, the LGBTQIA+ communities have no intention to listen to anybody, although the line "preach love not hate" is screamed.  This is the 2020s.  We have past the time when the new atmosphere only had the terminology LGB.  Will the modern Vatican find it acceptable to be known as "queer?"

      Who knows how the calcifytrant men of the cloth, trying to hold on despite being ostracized by the Vatican, will fare out this year, and will withstand nature's atmospheric rivers of El Niño and the frigid weather and winds of winter during 2024.  The average social security benefit for religious today, irregardless of which denomination you belong to, is approximately $6,047.71.  For other Americans, the average benefit is $15,936.  If they are truly men of faith, which I believe they are, they will follow the motto of Mother Cabrini.  Her motto is, “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me,” from Philippians 4:13.

  If a photo does not appear, refresh your page.

The Well.png
Mother Cabrini.png

         Allow me to, now add, further words on the new inspiring movie, Cabrini, and one that shows an inspiration for all women, young or old.  When I was first composing this written piece, I came upon these candid words by a young man who reviewed the movie, without giving away and spoiling the feature.  I liked the way he expressed himself.  He is on Youtube via Just Bible, very smart guy.  

        Guess what?  He is not even Catholic. SO, you check this out on your own.  According to his and my knowledge—of what I believe this movie can become—only you can say it if it will be something special that it will be a movie to watch, of whatever age you are, even teenagers, or just a bunch of BS.  The clip is only about 6 minutes.

        The movie is directed by Alejandro Monteverde, director of Sound of Freedom another feature film which earned nearly $250 million in 2023, the story of sex-trafficking.  

        This movie, incidentally, broke into the top 10 American films in the U.S. box office world of 2023.

        The last time an independent film broke into the top ten was in 2004, two decades ago, the decade the U.S. men’s soccer team shocked the World Cup world, and was the last full year in the lives of Pope John Paul II and Sister Lucia, who had a secret special screening of Passion of The Christ—which was the movie that broke into the top 10 of 2004—not connected with a big Hollywood studio—like Paramount, Disney, Sony, or Universal.

         The new feature film is produced not by some giganto Hollywood studio, but by Angel Studios based in Utah, and which I might add was attacked by Disney Studios for some infringement on streaming techniques which used a filter to screen nasty stuff—the same Disney Studios who sued Florida's DeSantis and recently lost.  Both Angel Studio and Disney Studios reached a settlement in 2020, with the main idea that the studio from Utah can concentrate on creating original content, while under the name of VidAngel will have a main focus on providing filters so that a person watching some video can dump any dirty objectionable words in a Hollywood flick.  As I understand from the internet, VidAngel offers customizable filters so that anyone can mute language they don't wish to hear and even skip scenes that to a viewer seems X-rated.  Angel Studios and VidAngel are separate companies.  

        The central core of the movie is in New York, where life outside the corridors of the rich was bleak and terrible; minorities like Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Italians and Poles were treated badly.  The movie is based on hard-core research on the life of Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini who came to America from Italy in 1889.  Most of us are not aware of her story, although she is well known in NY.  She helped the poor in more ways than you can count, took her vows in 1877, changing her name to Francis Xavier Cabrini—from Maria Francesca Cabrini—in honor of St. Francis Xavier.  But, no religious community wanted her because of her frail health—so on her own, found the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Secret Heart in 1880, at the age of 30.  

       For many years she was instrumental in creating hospitals and schools throughout the U.S.  She even found some in France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Nicaragua.  Numerous stories abound to her that seem incredulous, including how a man was miraculously healed from blindness in 1921.  Yet, this is no holy moly movie only for Catholics.  Originally, she thought she would be sent to China but, instead was sent to the United States.  There she ran into some very dark places in the world, a world very different from 2024.  Yes, anything you can dream about in 2024 from any ghetto is nothing to what the heck occurred in early 1900 in the ghetto of Five Points.  This little blondie was stubborn and no easy quitter.  I will not give away the movie, and you can gain a better understanding from others, but I’d like to relate three short stories.  One relates to the Far West, another along the Hudson River, and the other a glass of water. 



        Mother Cabrini loved the West and especially the mountains of Colorado.  She founded an orphanage in 1904 at a home in north Denver because many children of Italian immigrants were orphaned when their fathers died in mining accidents.  At this point in time, Denver was still part of the Wild West, a million miles away from modern metropolitan lives that exist today.  She was able to purchase the land because the sellers sold it for less than market value because there was no water to be had, and for two years, her sisters toiled to bring in water from afar.  One day, she told her sisters, “Lift that rock over there. And, start to dig.  You will find water fresh enough to drink and clean enough to wash.”  They had been to the such and such area of the land parcel. But, there was nothing there, they told her, experts had checked before.  Miraculously, to everybody’s amazement, water was found there, just as she said.  To this day, that little spring has enough water to be housed in an 8,000 gallon tank, that has never stopped running after over 100 years.  A replica of the grotto of Lourdes, France, was constructed in 1929 over that spring, which in turn was demolished by a bigger one in 1959 (photo above).  However, everything started for Cabrini and her sisters in New York, the state where most immigrants from Europe landed—remember Ellis Island and all that?  

        In NY, the order of Mother Cabrini were first able to purchase land, after collecting nickels and dimes, lots of nickels and dimes, land from the Jesuits.  They turned it into an orphanage and school for girls, but they had been able to buy it with another miracle.  This New York place along the Hudson R. was 50-acres, and again it had no water, their well had run dry, at first.  Who do you think discovered a natural spring on the property which everybody else had missed?  Mother Cabrini, of course.  Miraculously, water was found there, just as she said.  The story behind all this is that she always spoke about the confidence she had in God, and her love of God motivated everything she did, and in essence filled her with tireless energy.  

        During her expansion westward, she established orphanages, schools, summer camps besides hospitals in cities like Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, and Seattle.  The blonde sister with blue eyes did not look like most Italians, but so what.  She always seemed to posses an unbound amount of energy and she was never afraid to speak her mind when it came to Jesus.  She might not recognize Seattle of today.  She first arrived there in 1903, where she found out some people had “not seen a church for over 20, 30, 40, and 50 years,” as she said. 

        She established Mount Carmel Mission on Beacon Hill.  Then developed a school known as Our Lady of Mount Virgin school and parish; later in 1918, it was relocated to a location on Lake Washington.  Here is that story connected to the Pacific Northwest.  Nestled in her room beneath dominant Mount Shasta, Mother Cabrini had one night, a dream of a large mansion, a beautiful house on a hilltop.  Her holy order still had nothing in Seattle but a convent, but one day while in a long walk, they spotted a beautiful carriage and had waved to it, and asked if they could get a ride back to the convent, so kaput were they.  This is the story of how they obtained a big beautiful building for their orphanage.  Mother Cabrini struck a conversation with a lady in the carriage and chatted about things including about her dream she had.  As the sisters were stepping out at their arrival to the convent, the lady said, “Wait. That dream about that house you described, is exactly like mine, and I never thought of parting with it but, if I may be allowed to enter your holy house for a moment, and receive a glass of water, your little orphans shall have their home with my blessing.”   A miracle, (and a little glass of water).  

        At 67, she died in 1917 from malaria, which somehow infected her heart’s inner lining (called chronic endocarditis in the medical books) a year before Our Lady of Mount Virgin school was officially moved to the hill of the dream—it is now called Villa Academy on 50th St.  She died in Columbus Hospital of Chicago, and was interred at what became Saint Cabrini Hospital.  

        About a hundred years later, the Dyker Heights Post Office was renamed in her honor.  Representative Max Rose first introduced the bipartisan legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives on Oct. 22, 2019.  It turned into an official Post Office located in an area that saw a lot of Italian immigration going back decades and decades, however, you may ask why?  Only because it is an area full of Italian heritage?  It is much more than that, for she was a special Italian, in both the secular world as in the religious world.  She became the first U.S. citizen to be canonized a saint on July 7, 1946.  Canonized by Pope Pius XII after a second miracle was studied to be true.  She was named Patroness of Immigrants 4 years later, and her work is carried on to this day by the Missionary Sisters who are found on six continents and fifteen countries wherever there is a need.  

        She went above and beyond to care for the welfare of the people.  As John L. Heyer pastoral associate at Sacred Heart and St. Stephen Parish had said, it was more than just about how a woman, who was by herself as an immigrant and didn’t know the language—became a citizen, helped others on that path, and helped those who were poor and ill.  What she did in her lifetime counted a lot for a lot of people.  A Post Office was renamed after her.  That’s nothing new, but that does not happen every other week, I know, I used to work for the U.S.Postal Service.  Post Offices are renamed after nationally recognized individuals who are studied by the Post Office, hometown heroes, and those who have made an impact on the local community.  AND, if you do see the new movie Cabrini, you will know what we mean.  

        Mother Cabrini’s story is hardly known by the average young person, yet she made an impact so large in the history books, even if like about 100 years after she died, to paraphrase Postal District Manager Eric Henry, “We are dedicating a post office to her” in her honor, just like the first African American woman to serve in Congress, Shirley Chisholm, or the country’s first support group for parents of lesbian and gay children, Jeanne and Jules Manford Post Office (Jackson Heights).  America is a melting pot, and everyone is entitled to be free and be given a chance, as long as there is no stampede on other's rights that turn them into dust. 

       The pastor of the Shrine Church of St. Bernadette during the time of COVID also said it so well, “The honor given to the first American citizen to be canonized as a saint reminds us, all to do what we can to step out of our comfort zones and recognize the dignity and worth of every person regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious tradition . . .as we all live through a dark and challenging time.”  We must remember that this was the height of COVID-19, an alarming time when people were dying left and right, as I chronicle on my website—when the death factor during the height of COVID-19 was astronomical. 

       Yet, there is a quirk to this story.  Although since 1986, at least 25 Post Offices in N.Y.C have been renamed, there was turmoil in New York at first that made Representative Max Rose boillng mad to start his drive on doing something about Mother Cabrini, and that is connected to 2018, after a campaign was created in N.Y.C. to honor women in New York history.  

       They let Americans of NY put to a vote of whom to recognize and in turn install monuments in their honor, to celebrate the historic impacts on and contributions to New York City.  There were some 2,000 nominations collected.  Guess who won?  Little Mother Cabrini.  

        She garnered the most votes.  However, nefarious hands got behind the story, and when it came time to announce the lucky four women who would have monuments built across the Big Apple, she was not one of them.  To be a Catholic in the early 1900s America was one thing, but history played out its lousy deal again by those with an anti-Catholic agenda, and they were strong enough to throw her nomination out the window of historic figures.  Whether they be Luciferans, atheists, or a select hidden group who wanted nothing good associated with Catholicism, they had the power to dethrone the will of the people.  In this world, I find there exist people who are subject to racism and anti-Catholicism, some are vocal, others use the mighty hand of stealth.  Representative Max Rose (born Nov. 28, 1986), former U.S. Army Ranger and 1st Arm Div, received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart in combat in Afghanistan, rose a ruckus in NY.  And, luckily what followed was a positive to the will of the ordinary people, and no public objection was voiced when a statue was unveiled in Battery Park in honor of Mother Cabrini on Oct. 12, 2020, but not funded by N.Y.C, but by the New York State.  But, that was almost four years ago, and changes still do happen in New York, for as I stated, a huge Eucharistic March for peace was carried out by Catholics in the center of Manhattan on October 10, 2023—see my Fatima page—and no nasty opposition, no name calling arose nor the treatment of Catholics as second class citizens came about.  So the banner of liberty and equality for all at least was shown that October of 2023.

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