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Importance of The Last Times

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    The life of the Christian and the rest of the world during the Last Times is an austere topic.  Hopefully, by now, you are familiar with the subjects of this book.  Academically,

There existed a little known correspondence between German Catholics at Fulda, Germany in

     The little book that was published in 2013 ry: 


    In between

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    Time kept ticking.  


    Of all the details and the Messages of Fatima, to me, the most profound part is the idea that our world can experience an outstanding peace.  It is promised by Our Lady of Fatima.  And, repeated often to Sister Lucia, that what needed to be done for the promise of special peace to the world was the consecration of Russia in a special way.  She never spoke about a half-deal.  ie. do it partially, and we should expect a reward and on top of that, “everybody should sing out loud, ‘Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  It was all done as She requested.’”  But, that is not so.  The proof is that humanity has yet to see the special promise become reality.  Today, as time ticks by, we see a world deepen in more crosses and war, as noted and also a crisis in the Catholic Church, of a war within itself.

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