In the Beginning...message from the author 

     On March 12, 2020, CBS reported that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can live in your body for up to 37 days.   And, it may not show up immediately in you.   Moreover, dying from it is thankfully minuscule if your body system is in great shape or strong and if you are not elderly, however, mess around and let it take hold of you, when you think you are like superman and immune, can be deadly wrong.  COVID-19 knows no boundaries.  


     How did this COVID-19 start?  Most say it began last December.  I remember it began something like this. [If you have time, see this 19 minute video from Youtube like how it started.  Thank you Taylor R for your educational video.]   Many of us thought, oh so far away, and there was talk of limiting it.  But, that was not so.  This global pandemic is but barely touching the United States with its evil tentacles (3 min ABC News report).   NBC news special on how Coronavirus evolved from animals (5mins39).

A famous poster of World War II.  To strengthen.  To unify.

I saw this in a store, so don't horde.

     This nation is equipped with power undreamed of in the 1940s.  Microporcessing circuitry makes the speed of cell phones and iPads do things you never thought possible just 21 years ago.  

      Videoconferencing, once, was only for the rich. You now have powerful work stations. Countless students taking their classes online is the new norm.  You don't need to wait for paper pamphlets or books to get the latest help or facts.  We have a sense of community that has the power to help.

      We need to do new things never done before.  Three things come to my mind.  If hospitals start to become overcrowded, create make-shift hospitals in university and college dorms.  To relief stress on hospitals, why not do another unprecedented move in the help department and utilize those giant cruise liner ships as temporary hospitals.  They have the beds, a lot of beds.  Co-ordinate with officials to have them berth at ports to handle the foreseeable overflow in N.Y and California.   But be careful with parts of the country like Florida, for hurricane season is due in 4 months or so.  And lastly, start thinking of how one emergency measure was utilized in WW II, to create a backup system of retired persons, in our case physicians and nurses to help.  Begin to set up the system with a novel approach so when things get haywire as they tell us might happen, the novel setup would be ready. 

     Go home and stay home, the new orderly way of life?  For the time being, yes (credit to NBC.) Like it or not, it is the new normal.  During Coronavirus Shelter In Place, plumbers who help. This is but a small expression that can be good people-multiplied!




     How does the U.S. stack up to other countries in confirmed Coronavirus cases?    Professor Richard Wolf, his 1 min video, summed it that we have to radically alter our lifestyles and create a commitment to deal with it.   We now view an extra meter on how it affects travel by this short 3min 54 second video from the TodayShow.   The Coronavirus also affects Amtrak and Greyhound (39 seconds).  Chinese precautions when traveling by train, kind of scary but tactically necessary.   (3mins19 video).  A glimmer of hope: March 28 saw the fourth consecutive day in China without new infections.  

      One of the harshest lessons in this--at least here in the U.S.--is that preparing to handle it, including testing by hospital professionals, started slow (credit to Skynews) as in Europe, and in many areas, the system of handling cases are still totally inadequate.  An early report on how it used to look, March 3, 2020, ABC World News Tonight ABC reported nine people died of COVID-19; all 9 were in the Seattle area.  

     Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos how they are affected, thank you FRANCE 24 English.

     Downtown Boston and how they are affected, thank you Boston Herald.

     Seattle and the world and how they are affected, thank you ABC News.

     Portland, Maine and how they are affected, thank you NEWS CENTER Maine.

     El Paso and how they are affected, thank you Carlos Marquez.

     Phoenix and how they are affected, thank you azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ.

     San Francisco and how they are affected, thank you QuickTake by Bloomberg.

     San Diego and how they are affected, thank you ABC 10 News.

     Orlando and how they are affected, thank you WKMG News 6.

     Chicago and how they are affected, thank you Drone Media Chicago.

     Sacramento and how they are affected, thank you Sacramento Bee.

     Los Angeles and New York and how they are affected, thank you Nine News Australia.


     The barometers of life, getting harsher, too, thank you BBC. 

     As each day passes, some of the things we knew are not what we thought and are changing, like the risk among younger people.  Something new up your sleeve I just heard from GMA Saturday Mar. 21: 40% of those hospitalized are between the ages of 20 and 50.  Furthermore, for the record, more than half of the infected cases are from 3 states, California, New York and Washington.  Party animals risk their lives for being infatuated with "they can handle anything" know-it-all idea. It must stop.  The bottom map shows at one point how in early March of 2020, not all of America was hit...but as time passed, well, you know the score.  It is up to everyone of us to defeat this thing. [Note: a stimulus bill is in the works to help the nation.  The Stimulus Package designed by the Senate is a deal involving a novel positive, w/a Paycheck Protection Program for small Business, a special loan if you do not give the pink slip to your employees.  Guess what?  That program which is a loan, like magic disappears or as they say, you get one of the biggest breaks this side of the world: the loan is forgiven.  That involves over 50% of businesses in the U.S.  This program is only domestic and totals $350 blllion and is on top of the already other loans. Another $500 billion will help the airlines and travel industries hit by Corona, in particular the 750,000 airline employees. A few caveats, the airlines must pay employees til September, limit compensations, dividends and stock buybacks, maintain current U.S. service and must agree not to layoff.   Families and individuals are not forgotten, and will get cash relief as well as getting an expansion in Food Stamps.  For individuals making up to $75 grand, they get $1,200.  For couples making up to $150 grand or less, they get $2,400.  For each child you will get an xtra $500.  The payment would scale down by income, phasing out entirely at $99,000 for singles and $198,000 for couples without children. The program will increase max state unemployment checks by $600 per week.  As of 8pm PDT Wed it had not passed. Then finally it passed!!  On an unanimous vote 96-0.  The giant $2 Trillion in total package then passed Congress on Fri. Mar. 27.]

​One more thing...  This report on happy-looking college students from Inside Edition was released March 11, ten days before that 40% figure noted above hit the airwaves, and if one needs a bigger slap in the face, the national stats have gotten more acute, check this out, it involves a younger crowd, of various studies--and each day, we get lots of new news--people aged between 18-49 made up 26% of all hospitalized patients.  And, that is from just 1 state, NY, a very crowded place.