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Welcome to our description of Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. 

Latest 2023 edition. Available all 381 pages.  


The manuscript for this historical treaties commenced in 1996.  It has elements of wisdom and long lost facts, which after years of meticulous research includes the Third Secret of Fatima, and it has been developed into an ebook of seven chapters. Softcover is no longer available. Digital book reg. price is $9.95 but intro price reduced to $8.95.  Historian Robert C. Valentine has put in a lot of time into his research. There is a collection of entanglements that surfaces in the 1960s. Chapter 1 starts with Fatima.  The book ends with Fatima.  With attachments to the prophecies of St. Malachy of Ireland, Nostradamus and his historical facts on the renovator and the one that follows, the strange, omniscient connection to the apparitions of Garabandal, Fatima, St. Padre Pio and Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, MC, better known as St. Teresa of Calcutta is odd but true.   Do you know of these three Fatima movies: the first movie on Fatima in color,  The Miracle Of Our Lady of Fatima (1952);  The 13th Day (2009) premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival; and FATIMA (2020); courtesy of Warner Bros. Classics, Popefrancis Catholic, Movie Trailers Source. This latest 2020 version with many ups and downs contains flashbacks that draw away from the story of 1917 and took pains to include a more mature Sister Lucia being questioned by an “unbeliever”.  Also, by every historical account, Sister Lucia never said she saw the Blessed Mother walking yet, when the movie concentrates on Oct. 13 for ex, in this movie version, the Blessed Mother is walking, and the camera shows her foot as she walked over the mud puddles.  She never stood over the oak holm and the clothes of the people were already seen as dry in this version before the solar disk did the “miracle of the sun.”  The clothes and everything earthly  were dried October 13, 1917 after the miracle but this version continued to gravitate to the pulse there is room for miscues as if it was not really, really a story bordering a miracle hence the truth of Oct. 13 seems cleverly downplayed.   We did see people screaming and the Sun showing different colors.  But, after the rain stopped, and after the “miraculous” event, not one word was spoken that mention their clothes were suddenly and unbelievably dry, as if unimportant.  Nada. Nothing is worth mentioning about that effect, not even in the final written credits.  Why did they drop it, and not mention that part of history?  First everybody was drenched due to the rain, that part was vividly shown when the strangeness of the solar disk did its weirdness, but the part of everything suddenly becoming dry and even the dirt of the ground suddenly dried, this version said zilch about this actual amazing sequence.  Why bother showing the story of Fatima if this part is not worthy of a mention?  What a modern waste.  However, it did quote Einstein in the final credits of the flick: “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


History can be precise, if enough work goes into it.   This volume covers the present-era, consisting of the deepest research with precise dates and events, chock-full of facts the kind you have never seen before in any volume. Includes the nifty-fifties and mid-century, plus a bridge to the era of the popular Polish Pope John Paul II, now a saint, and facts from the turn of the millennium to the most enigmatic data of the 2020s.

Uncover the tablets of the past. And, the subtle alchemy of past Vatican curias, from the paths of the good to the sordid shadows of evil.  Can the relationship of Petrus Romanus to St. Malachy be accurate?  Where do the protagonists Sister Lucia, David Booth, Maj. Ed Dames, Rev. Malachi Martin, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, fit in?  Your digital book will be sent to you via your email address. Please ensure email is correct when ordering. Please Save your digital book to your desktop/tablet/cell.  With the purchase of this wonderful and informative digital book, over 300 pages of historical research, a reader will be given four PDFs that are an in-depth supplement entitled Historical Keypoints, an International compendium that speaks to our day.  Discover history you never knew existed. AND Discover the silken bond to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and her important messages.      (Press Sale to order)

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