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Welcome to our description of Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. 

We are happy to announce the ebook will be available this April, all 381 pages.  


The manuscript for this historical treaties commenced in 1996.  It has elements of wisdom and long lost facts, which after years of meticulous research includes the Third Secret of Fatima, and it has been developed into an ebook of seven chapters.  Historian Valentine has put in a lot of time into his research.  There is a collection of entanglements that begins with Act One, 1917 Fatima, and permeates into Act Two, our most contemporary world.  With attachments to the prophecies of St. Malachy of Ireland, Nostradamus and his historical facts on the renovator and the one that follows, the strange connection to the apparitions of Garabandal have with those of Fatima, St. Padre Pio and Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, MC, better known as St. Teresa of Calcutta.  Chapter 1 starts with Fatima.  The book ends with Fatima.  Uncover the tablets of the past. And, the subtle alchemy of past Vatican curias, from the paths of the good to the sordid shadows of evil.  Can the relationship of Petrus Romanus to St. Malachy be accurate?  Where do the protagonists Sister Lucia, David Booth, Maj. Ed Dames, Rev. Malachy Martin, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, fit in?  With the purchase of this wonderful and informative digital book, a reader will be given four PDFs that are an in-depth supplement entitled Historical Keypoints, an International compendium that speaks to our day.  Discover the silken bond to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and her important messages.

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