Who was it that said, “Throughout every civilization, from seers infinite to the obscure, comes what could be a single unusual prophecy or final warning that is known as Armageddon, 3 days of darkness, the great chastisement or purification, or simply the end of time.”

What do the three persons above have in common with Rev. Andrew Wingate?
Who is Rev. Andrew Wingate? 

  Rev. Malachi Martin, Rev. Nicholas Gruner and Chris Ferrara

  Rev. Malachi Martin, Rev. Nicholas Gruner and Chris Ferrara (above) greet you and all warn against the coming of an Antichrist.
  Thank you for your interest in this ebook and for purchasing it.  We are only at the entrance of what’s to come. The things our three authors (above) divulge appear in the book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. These interpretations are not conjectural. 

This is the interior of Fr Wingate’s little Chapel, where he says mass every day.

  As I was listening to an old Benny Goodman radio recording, I couldn’t help wonder about what I had learned from the past. There are several things about Father Andrew Wingate I learned.  This web page is one of the best sources on the Catholic priest Rev. Andrew Wingate outside the book Alert For The Times, Book of Secrets. Did you know Fr. Wingate had met Saint Pope John Paul several times and the Pope regarded him highly?   That has been a secret, until now.   He is a pious, devout man.  Deeply religous. He once worked for the US Army.   He possessses a unique history.   He is a mystery mystic.   And, Washington DC has a dossier on him.
  For young people, he seems a reactionary priest.  Nevertheless, he possesses an ominous gift of telling us what is in store. Do not go by just what you find on the internet elsewhere, for it is shallow, and does not provide a real history on what he has to say, especially regarding the story of Fatima.

  Lucia dos Santos when she was very young.

  We have seen dramatic changes in the Catholic Church that has diminished it since the 1960s not from the 1950s.

  Did you know there were 168,527 nuns in the United States in 1960?  Three years later it grew to 180,000 nuns.  But it tumbled to 63,000 in 2010.  Going back further in time, seventy years ago there were 7,914 parochial schools in America; then in 1960 : 9,897 and then grew some more to 10,503 in 1965.  In 1965 there were 126,000 adult baptisms; in 2002 it plummeted to 80,000.   The number of sisters tumbled from 39.43/10,000 to 11.56, a decline of 71%.   When the Catholic population was 48 million in the United States (now it is 78 mill), some 60 years ago, the number of students in elementary parochial schools were 4.5 million students in 10,503 schools.  The number of students today in elementary parochial schools is now down to about 1.4 million students in some 5,600 elementary schools.   As for the high school department, about 50 years ago, there were 884,181 students in 1,624 Catholic High Schools in the nation.   Today there are about 590,000 students in 1,205 Catholic High Schools.  Parents who send their children to parochial schools in essence value a Christian education, and trust the parochial school systems to educate their children in the faith.

   In 1955, there were 46,970 priests in the USA. In 1960 and 1975, there were 53,796 and 58,909 priests, respectively.   Ten years later the number dropped to 40,000.  In 1965, there were 994 priestly ordinations, 12,271 religious brothers and 58,632 priests. Priestly ordinations fell to 442 in 2000; religious brothers and priests were respectively 5,662 and 45,699 (some say 45,713) in 2000.   The number of priests actively teaching in parochial schools in 1966 stood at 125,000, but in 2016 only 1,200 (a 90% drop in about 3 generations.)  Since the decade of the sixties, the Roman Catholic Church has lost over 80,000 priests, yet the replacement factor is depressing.  You can not dictate a simple answer that the causes are a factor of modern society, because during the decade of the 1950s, society had no theological declines but an upswing.
   The number of sisters in parochial schools dropped to 75,000 in 2002 with an average age of 68, and by 2016 it got worse: only 4000.  The number of sisters and priests was 54,018 and 38,964 in 2012 respectively.   To cite one example of seminarians, the Franciscan Order had 2,251 seminarians in 1965, in 2000, only 60.  Since the sixties, seminaries have fallen to bad times.  Why not say since the nifty fifties?  Because in 1930, there were 16,300 seminaries, 17,000 in 1940, 25,622 in 1950.

   A few more clear examples are in order.  In 1965, there were 3,559 Jesuit seminarians; 2,251 Franciscan seminarians; 1,128 Redemptorist seminarians and 2,434 seminarians of the Christian Brothers.  By the start of a new millennium, the Jesuit, Franciscan, Redemptorist and Christian Brothers dropped to 389; 60; 24; and only 7.  There was a significant boom in almost everything but then ...drop, drop, drop.
  The Catholic Times of London heralded on March 5, 2000, that the little seed which Pope John XXIII planted under the auspices of the Second Vatican Council has become a “tree which has spread its majestic and mighty branches over the vineyard of the Lord.”   Has the Catholic Church really become that majestic since 1965?  Since the mid 1960s, a few questions to ask, is it a march toward greater empathy about evil, a declining church, a rise in internet and other media disruption, a rise in pornography.  The fault of society covered in hedonism?  None of the above or coincidence?

   The above provides a partial view of the state of the Catholic Church which Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets provides.  Our ebook offers the reader much more, such as the supernatural and sciences besides "things" religious; it is like wearing a pair of 3-d glasses.  Some items you may be acquainted, like the story of Fatima.  But, you know it through past glasses of the past.  This ebook brings out the hidden dimensions, the fine detail missing in today's fast-pace world.  Is Fatima anticipated?  What is the Ballamand Statement?  Do you know what Padre Pio back in the 1960s said about Garabandal?  What secrets and modern wisdom can be related on what Rev. Malachi Martin said to his friend Art Bell?

   As related in the book, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, Rev. Stefano Gobbi had told Wingate in Mexico that he would be instrumental in the Marian Movement of all Roman and Orthodox bishops.   Wingate was ordainied in 1991.   He is leader of the Marian Movement of Bishops and Oblates of St. Therese of the Holy Child Jesus, which he formed.   Wingate’s first guest appearance on Coast To Coast AM was on Jan. 3, 2003—about eighteen years ago.
   He stormed to the front when he made two predictions before March 2004-
one did not involve the Church but was about a tornado that would appear where it ought not to be.   That tornado spun its ugly winds below the equator.   No tornado had ever dared venture below the equator, at least not in living memory, which hit at Brazil.   But, he had warned people that it was coming.



  Wingate had met Pope John Paul II over a dozen times, and has said Holy Mass with Pope John Paul II-who is now declared a saint by the Catholic Church.   Father Wingate celebrates Latin Mass every day.
   Virtually the same thing that happened in Fatima in 1917, took place at Garabandal, Spain, namely the appearance of the Blessed Mother to children, an interaction between them, and warnings and secrets.   There were exceptions: the new series of apparitions were of a longer period of time.  Padre Pio believed in the apparitions of Garabandal, which constitute a series of events from 1961-1965.   Saint Padre Pio became a saint on June 16, 2002.   Saint Padre Pio is one of only three saints who were priests living after the Second Vatican Council; St Josemaria Escriva and John Paul II are the others.   Escriva and Pio had permission from the Pope to offer the traditional Latin Mass without any of the liturgical reforms that stemmed from Vatican II.

  This is Sister Maria de las Nieves Garcia speaking about Garabandal and who knew Conchita personally.  It is in Spanish.   But, beware for there exist falsehoods, as reflected in this video, which had predicted something to happen in 2017.  The world wide web contains anything and everything, and there is a tendency for some to exercise their thoughts as if they are historians, and the tendency to be off key will appear.   There was no dooming event in 2017.  Perhaps, they meant well however.  We live in strange times.  By reading Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, you will enter the story of both Garabandal and Fatima, including the pros and cons and, according to this story, a great turmoil in the sanctuary of Fatima.    More about the turmoil will be elaborated in this digital book.  

   Unlike the way the Vatican handled the investigations of Fatima, the investigations of Garabandal by the Vatican leaves something to be desired.   A plethora of words comes to mind to describe the mismanagement of the investigations but, it is best left elsewhere in the book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets to provide a guide of unbelievable proportion.   A blind man with one leg and a parrot could have done a better job during the investigations of Garabandal.  The following are a few more insights into Rev. Wingate.

   Father Wingate is a private person, and does not seek publicity.
   He is not like St. Malachy of Ireland, atuned in prophecy who has made predictions about the papacy. 

  Wingate has never claimed to be a prophet.  He has made several predictions about the pope and the Catholic Church on the radio show Coast To Coast AM, and claims that if the Church does not listen to the Blessed Mother, the Church will be chastised. When he made predictions early in 2003, he said watch for the Madrid terror bombing (2004) and that China and Russia would participate in joint military manouvers, which they did in 2005.  First time in history.
  In a certain sense, all this may sound strange and ominous but, Wingate appears to give us signals about the future, and he and what St. Malachy had said are arranged side-by-side in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets for you to explore more deeply.   Like Saint Pope John Paul II, WIngate has a great love of the Blessed Mother.
  How he got to meet Sister Lucia is a strange story that is related in this ebook, personally told to his author. On a particular Saturday, he met a nun who asked him if he would carry a letter to the Pope because the nun was told he would go see the Pope.  He agreed and arrangements were made to take the letter.
  He was taken to a convent by car.
  He was taken inside where he saw Sister Lucia speaking to other nuns.  All in their brown habits.  One of the nuns handed Father Wingate the letter.   Sister Lucia turned to him after one of the nuns told her, “Here is the trumpeter.”
  Sister Lucia turned around, and said, “Oh, yes, I know him.” in Portuguese.  She also said, “Heaven has spoken of him.   I know Saint Michael will assure that this letter will reach the Holy Father, for me.”
  The next morning, Father Wingate was in the basilica of St. Peter’s.   It was around 10 a.m., and he was waiting for his friend who had the appointment to see the Pope.   Unfortunately, the friend never showed up.   So there is Father Wingate waiting in the crowd of people, when one of the Swiss Guards goes up to the ushers that are calling out the names of the people on the list.  Everything is by protocol.   If your name is not on the list, chances of seeing the Pope are nil.
  The tall Swiss Guard pointed at Father Wingate.
  The two came over, and the usher asked in English “Aren’t you the one who is supposed to see the Holy Father?”  Wingate answered yes.
  The Swiss Guard then took the clip board from the usher and wrote Andrew Wingate on it.   The semi-bewildered usher looked at it, and calmly read the name.   With no fuss, Father Wingate went into the waiting room, where he later did get to see the Pope.  The tall handsome Swiss Guard was Wingate’s guardian angel, Wingate told me.  But, the story did not end there.
  When they met, the Pope was told Sister Lucia was there to see the Pope.
  The Pope asked Wingate, “Is she here?”

  “Yes,” Fr Wingate replied, and told the Pope she had been trying to see him for a week.
  The Pope turned abruptly to his Secretary, and nailed him with the question, “Why haven’t I seen her?”
  The Secretary froze and said not a word.
  The Pope snapped, “Send for her!”
  What was discussed between them remains a secret to this day.


  While Alert: For The Times is composed of many years of research, it does chronicle many facts of information not found elsewhere—this includes the various aspects of the Third Secret of Fatima, the true story of Fatima priest Rev. Nicholas Gruner (R.I.P.) and the coincidental meteoric rise of Mr. Art Bell (R.I.P.)—however, this is not a biography on Bell.   As Joe Friday of Dragnet would say, “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.”

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