The setting is a world at war; the spectrum of its flames covered Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.  No body of water was left untouched by the repercussions of this conflict.

  American veterans of the Second World War, and there were 11 million who were whisked toward their rivers of destiny when they least expected, will recognize numerous names (and GI slang) such as the Rhineland, Ardennes, Burma, Saipan, Normandy, Cassino, S.O.S., F.D.R., ace-deucey, Stage Door Canteen, Liberators, combat fatigue, Ploesti, and Velletri. 

An excellent book, accurate and to the point. My daughter is an avid collector of World War Two History and now has the book! I enjoyed the book immensely. Lt Colonel Burnett B Beach (Ret), WWII veteran ex 12th Arm Div, Los Osos, Calif

The Toast For You and Me book is an outstanding job---excellent pictures, good narrative and some behind the scenes stuff.   Lawrence A Bennett, WW II exThird Army veteran Sacramento, Calif

Having an extensive war library, I was only too glad to add this commemorative book, A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation for it depicts what took place on the fringes of the war and presents a solid over-all picture. Colonel Thomas D Gillis (Ret), Greenbrae, Calif

St Lo, Saipan, D-Day, Philippines, 442nd, Paris GI Joe

The following PDF pages are from the beautiful commemorative book of 1944.  These PDFs are grouped into a theme or a set of pages and are in low res.  Excellent 1944 chronology. (When you see an audio box, hit the left arrow).

Table of Contents


Third Army

in color

Saluti da Roma

Forgotten Pacific

St Lo

GIs & Freedom fighters

GIs & Freedom fighters

Liberation of Paris

Rockets and Jets

Oct 1944



Mont St Michele

Sad Sack

  Allied victory anchored, especially in 1944, on American help; without the U.S. there would have been no victory or liberty and that is not hog-wash.  

  It was no sale pitch to talk about the WW II generation which remembers the pitch, the axis are evil, but also one should remember that what they did counted for the continuous saga of liberty.  The seed of liberty had a twin, democracy, and you will read how harsh reality came to both.  The electrical sparks of liberty racked across many foreign lands, with the zenith of its embryonic stage occurring in the summer of 1944.  That is recounted vividly in the commemorative hardbound volume.

Oct 1944

442 nd RCT and Vosges



Battle of the Bulge


  In 1944, tens of thousands headed into the unknown, the greatest number in any war year, each entering his or her own spine tingling tale.  After undergoing training, and bundled with others, many got a closer look at the actual war picture and the putrid smells, and relearned the laws of survival.


back cover of book

P-40s in color
Stukas 72
Mrs FDR Radio72dpi