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“Everywhere, Christianity is in recess."

    Jesus, before He died on the cross and called to God, “Father, into Thy hands, I commend my spirit,”—that Good Friday—the guards at His feet heard Him say that He was thirsty, and what did they do?  In morbid jest, a sponge was dipped in vinegar and given to Him.  Laughing, taunting and making fun, here, drink of this and see if you like it attitude. To them, Christ meant nothing, only the strength of Rome was the way to live.  Likewise, in 2022, a similar template of jest to Christianity is being played with growing ingnominity, from simple souls to the bureaucratic leaders in power, it is a quality of pertinacity against the belief in God and the Bible. It is sad that a remark of a former President, general and statesman on a March 22, 1955 speech during a Washington Conference of the Advertising Council pertains to that ignominity because of what people do today.  The words are that of Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Some politicians some years ago said that bad officials are elected by good voters who do not vote.”  He also said about what counts: “But I do say this: life is not made up of just one decision here, or another one there.  It is the total of the decisions that you make in your daily lives with respect to politics, to your family, to your environment, to the people about you.”


    Our advancement in knowledge and technology is far greater than what man knew two thousand years ago. Percentage wise, the start of this decade, however, another template ensues regarding the existence of spiritual values on the plains of study, actions, human relations, a growing distress among society that there is no Almighty.  A goodness to follow Christ is discolorized and marginalized, particularly in the many avenues of television and contemporary social media.  

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.  Yet, to retain the memory of what is supposed to be good is falling at an unnatural pace.

    In 2022, it seems we are witnessing more individuals seek malignity, the desire to see another experience pain or distress.  The following examples mark that they are ample and rampant: March and April, witnessed malices such as the crazy who shot the homeless for no apparent reason in NY; or, in the subways of NYC big time (foremost is the insane episode in Brooklyn April 12 by Frank James); we heard of crazies that pushed people onto incoming subway trains, ditto events along the Blue and Red Line Hollywood subway stations, in California; the innumerable educated animals and their more deep-seated desires to inflict pain on people in markets, office buildings, restaurants, night clubs, churches, and schools, death by shooting people.  How many of you remember 2021 when the summer of 2021 saw the rise of crime and death by the gun?  In this time, the proportion of a people following God and also going to church is painstakingly decreasing, as was shown in this book. 

     In 2020-2021, this same time period, the light of roaring fires, the greatest fires ever seen in the Far West and across parts of the Mediterranean (summer of 2021), grew into what became a potent force, as it extended drought onto life.  The Texas fires which consumed once over 33% of all fires in America at one time in 2011 is puny compared to what America is experiencing today, see my pertinent Historical Keypoints. 

     God’s Son was in the beginning with God, and all things were made through Him. When the beauty of His light shines on,  a goodness is displayed however, when it is absent, the absence of goodness through the light becomes evident.   And, within this is a darkness which is where we are at: The lack of belief in the Word and lack of principles.  A seemingly beguiling episode in history, begun decades ago that engulfs the lack of morals, and that makes the crazy 1960s seem like child’s play.  In 2022, the world saw another avenue of life detrimental to goodness and life, the spark of war in February that intreats Christianity to further abuse, darkness, distress, and horrible pain—for the perpetuators of war, Christ means nothing.


    War is not new.  It has been a part of the existence of humanity, since the first Egyptians four thousand years ago began assembling men in uniform with shields and helmets that created the First Nation of armies, before the Mesopotanians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs and all the rest. Our world is in danger, and like in The Avengers, it is a world of good vs evil.

    Those sepcters of power see themselves invincible in their realm.  Those who think we are made to be ruled by bestial powers are wrong.  The world can be well-removed from evil, and the future can be made better. 







One hundred and five years ago, Our Lady of Fatima made a promise to humanity, that Heaven, meaning God, would grant this planet an era of world peace if a consecration would be performed as requested.  That is a profound promise. The best opportunity for world peace just occurred March of 2022, when as described on my website, Pope Francis in the company of his bishops performed a consecration.  It began with a request of Ukrainian bishops to the Papal See, and then after a papal declaration for the ceremony, as requested, Bishops all over the world did the same prayer in union with the Pope.  They named the object of consecration as being two nations—the ones in conflict in 2022—Russia and Ukraine, something never done before. 

    Previous Popes had attempted some form of consecration, but never as the way it was performed on March 25, 2022.  It was a solemn act and was televised live all over the world.  It was shown on various television stations as something worthy of a news item on the evening news, although none mentioned a connection to Fatima, and I know because I was watching all my television news channels that day as history was transpiring, from 4 pm onward from Eyewitness News on ABC to PBS, BBC (which carried not a word) to CBS, NBC and various other international frames of information such as CNN and the carriers on continental Europe.

     Parting words that are relevant today of Rev. Malachi Martin

Father Malachi Martin said the following: “According to everything we know, from Revelation and what the popes have said, and saints have said, these are his last (Lucifer’s) days of triumph amongst the nations of men, before Our Lady and Our Lord come....so, we’re witnessing, I think, the coming of the slope up to the crisis point of the big battle between Lucifer and Mary the Virgin, the Mother of God. 

“This, of course, is impenetrable for the non-Christian mind, and for many Catholic minds, they don’t even think about this. By the way,....belief in the devil is something that has disappeared. Many bishops don’t believe in the devil. Many priests and nuns don’t believe in the devil. They laugh at it. They teach the very opposite. There are Catechisms in this country, the United States, and I’m sure in Canada, which say that this was, once upon a time, an idea we had, but, now, we know, that there is no such thing, that the devil is a creation of our minds, and that all we have are simple structures created by, say, Yankee imperialism, or gross capitalism. But, the idea of a devil, a being who is tempting you, and causing you to sin, and to whom you say, ‘Yes, I shall offend God. I shall break His Law.’ This, we don’t admit any longer; in fact, somebody has said this is the best PR job ever done; he doesn’t exist. And, what spy would be not be happy to be known not to exist and to continue his work undercover? And, that is what is being done.” 

“Everywhere, Christianity is in recess....as a community of nations, you are blood- stained with guilt. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of anti-life stance. You are bloodstained with guilt on account of your greed. You have deserted my orders, and therefore I am leaving you to your own devices. And, death is going to take over, as long as you pursue this course. In other words, it is nearly an extension of what Our Lady said at Fatima...that what is happening is God is allowing the greed and the avarice and the cruelty of man to run its course since man as a community of nations deserted Him....” 

The directional focus of Christianity Father Martin added was that Christians: 

“....in the world, today, are confused. They are deeply confused–what is right, what is wrong?–is there a just war going on in the Gulf?...And, the conflicts in southeast Asia, what are we to do about it all? Where is the directive?...But, the overall picture is explained that, in fact, everywhere, that everywhere you can turn,  name one country that you wouldn’t find that Christianity and Catholicism is in recess, recess in its faith, recess in its influence, recess in its way of life.” 

source: Father Malachi Martin, interviewed by Bernard Janzen, The Eternal War, Tape 1. God’s Rule Overturned, 1991 

    As stated, the world can be well-removed from evil, and the future can be made better.  Try to stay safe and trust in God in our ride of the future.