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     Our world as it it enters a new edition of the pages of  COVID-19, a globe which saw stories range from the good to the ugly,  will either see a world get better before the year of 2021 ends, or become worse.  Some of the items found in this book have been mentioned before, some pertain to Fatima, others not.   However, they have been issued separately for the most part, and have never been tended together.    A modern scene to the story of Fatima is the release of Sister Lucia's biography, released in English not even 6 years ago. 

     As our world levitates between a good and bad outcome of COVID-19, this section of our website offers details of events and places that are most contemporary, and will upon the passing of time, be updated in Keypoints 4 by the author, who believes "only the fools say there is no God.  Stay tune for Historical Keypoints 4.  It will appear later in the ebook. By now, you had read about the story of Technical Remote Viewing, but thus far it is a weak, loose connection to Fatima.  You will in subsequent pages read the unnerving connection to Fatima, but the playing field of reality does encompass other things as well, namely the era of the last Popes.  

      To some, it will seem as a charade, for others, there will be find points in history, never written before in any compendium.  The last Pope, according to Saint Malachy of Ireland falls under the space time continuum of Petrus Romanus.  In 2013, the year we had Habemus Papam, and such a beautiful, rainy night when a new Pope was elected, the springboard to action presented itself 7 months later when Pope Francis I had a chance to do a proper consecration of Russia; he failed and did not act.   Stay save and trust in God.

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