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Historical Keypoints 4

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What have we learned from . . . our ebook?

     The pertinent reason we have included what St. Malachy wrote involves the bouncing term apostasy in relation to the papacy.  In the issue of apostasy there are only two courses of action.   Change asap or  chastisement ensues and after punishment there will be a change.  

     Anyone who has invested hie/her time in monitoring the papacy for 2-3 generations, can’t fail to notice St. Malachy’s alarming accuracy ending with the Glory of the Olives. 


     The author does not share the sentiment the last name on Malachy’s list pertains to one dedicated to the service of the Lord as pope.  All the other names on the list have but one line.  The list is highly accurate from Malachy’s description from John XXIII, the “Shephard and the Sailor.”

    Yet, the last name is distinctly different.  It has a distinction of being described in multi-verse. 

    The last name is Petrus Romanus.  It bears a signature translated into English as Peter.  And, Rome.  Or, and of Rome, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church where the popes of our modern era have resided.  It bears a signature to all the popes, not just one!

    All the popes were either from Rome—ie. lived in Rome as Vicar, not that they were born in Rome—or, can be called a successor to Peter.  That is not something unique, to a specific person.  In the Catholic Faith all Popes are successors to Peter, well, almost all, a few became Pope through hanky-panky. 

    Critics to this day, 2019, are trying to figure out a connection to Pope Francis I, he that followed “Glory of the Olives”—one of many who offered their lives to the flock. 

    While we contemplate the added gravity of trying to decipher Petrus Romanus, the author has offered his interpretation, in chapter one of the ebook.  The author might be wrong.  Yet, we still possess a sea of “bad things” associated with Petrus Romanus, pointing to a river of destiny, a river that is currently running—if St. Malachy remains 100% accurate, which he has shown since the popes of the 1960s.

     We have the wisdom of Rev. Malachi Martin.  And, much came to us through the author’s research and being at the right time and right place to record what he said, or, as in the case of Mr. Bernard Janzen, we do know of him and his interviews through various avenues including the people of Catholic Treasures, a place in Monrovia, California that used to sell many unusual items of interest; but they do not exist anymore. 

    On March 17, 1990, in an Italian magazine called Il Sabato, Cardinal Silvio Oddi made a statement about the Third Secret and the pope of the sixties.  He first sounds like he desires to tone it down on anything negative about the Pope but ends with the idea to shut up, for he knew he had invited the Orthodox.

    He stated, “I believe I knew John XXIII quite well (the Pope in 1960). Since I’ve spent a number of years at his side, if the secret had concerned realities consoling for the Church, like the conversion of Russia or the religious rebirth of Eastern Europe, I believe that he would have brought pressure to bear to make the Secret public.  By temperament he did not hesitate to communicate joyful things….But, when I asked him during an audience why in 1960 he had not made public the last part of the message of Fatima, he responded with a weary sigh, ‘Don’t bring that subject up with me, please.’” He never publicly revealed the Secret.  John XXIII did invite observers from the Russian Orthodox to attend the Vatican II conferences and, believe it or not, while treated as invited guests, Our Blessed Lady and all things Fatima were ostracized by the commissions and the popes.

    Interestingly, utilizing the fashion of the world wide web from several correspondences, one gains an insight that there is more to the story.  You’ve read about the behind-the-scenes dealings of the 1960s above.   (If you have the time, more information can be found in other books, one of which is The Jesuits, The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church by Fr Malachi Martin.)  In 1995, we had a very important data point (keypoint 101) in which the following statement if standing by itself, may have little meaning to the populace.  It was made by a papal theologian and adviser to five popes, Cardinal Luigi Ciappi (1909-1996). 


His remark: “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”  Something bad and rotten lurks.  Let us now notate something of value concerning “the bad”.  Our story takes us to Austria and Germany.



    By way of a May 6, 2016 email of Rev. Brian W. Harrison from a professor Dr. Alice von Hildebrand who wrote of a meeting in 1965 she and her husband Dietrich had with a priest named Monsignor (Msgr.) Mario Boehm in Florence, a reader is provided a corroboration of what Cardinal Ciappi talked about in 1995.  The private letter, the email of May 6, Dr. von Hildebrand told Rev. Harrison about a 1965 conversation in Florence.  I have permission from Rev. Harrison to cite part of the May 6 correspondence:

Dear Father, 

    I think the following two conversations, which I recall very well from the 1960s, are of particular interest now, in these deeply troubled times half a century later.  For they apparently corroborate Cardinal Ciappi’s testimony that part of Our Lady’s Fatima secret was the shocking prediction that the great apostasy in the Church would begin “at the top.” 

    [Dr. von Hildebrand then mentioned a Msgr. Boehm who had been from the 1930s-1940s a leading member of the editorial staff of L’Osservatore Romano.]  She continued: The topic of Fatima came up. My husband raised the question, “Why was the third secret of Fatima not revealed?”…Don Mario: It was not revealed because of its content. My husband: What was so fearful about it?  Msgr. Boehm (as a well-trained Italian) did not say that he had read it, but intimated that the content was fearful: “infiltration of the Church to the very top”.  It shattered us but confirmed my husband’s fear that the way Vatican II was interpreted was going to expose the Church to terrible dangers.”

    [She then relates a brief meeting she had had in the Fall of 1965, with a Bella Dodd in N.Y.  Dodd was an ardent communist from her days at Hunter College.  Dodd converted in 1952.]  Professor von Hildebrand: Let me repeat the conversation between her and my husband: 

DvH: I fear the Church has been infiltrated. 

Bella: You fear it, dear Professor; I know it! When I was an ardent communist I was working in close contact with four cardinals in the Vatican working for us; and they are still very active today. 

DvH: Who are they? My nephew Dieter Sattler is a German stationed at the Holy See. But Bella, who was under the spiritual guidance of Archbishop Sheen, declined to give him this information….”

Lucia on typewriter.png

    Sister Lucia (left) wrote a letter in 1980 to the new head of the Pontifical Institute for studies on marriage and the family.  He was Monsignor (later Cardinal) Carlo Caffarra.  He had asked her for her prayers for his new undertaking. 

    Before Caffarra died in 2017, he proceeded to make her letter known to the public, with her signature, which had taken Caffarra by surprise in 1980. 

    By way of the other article, by Dr. Maike Hickson also in OnePeterFive, dated May 15, 2016 we find Dr. Hickson telling us about a phone call with a Rev. Ingo Dollinger (1929-2017), right with Padre Pio in 1967.

1967  Padre Pio -Dollinger 2018-10-08 at

    The story of Dollinger and Ratzinger has been long lost in a certain way, for it once appeared in a 2009 journal entry of the Fatima Crusader, issue 92, May 2009 (see also issue 93 Autumn 2009).  Honestly, this author can’t say he remembers it. 

    “There is more than what we published,” Ratzinger had told Dollinger.



    Secondly, we come to what is implied, the ‘a” word: apostasy. 


    When Vatican II commenced, it started with John XXIII but ended with Paul VI.  Neither of the two took the words of Our Blessed Lady seriously.  Paul VI is more credited with allowing the changes of the liturgy of the mass to take hold, changes which old timers will tell you was more than just saying mass in your native language rather then Latin.  It’s called the Novus Ordo Mass of the 60’s. Father Joseph Gelineau was the right-hand man of Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, who was the architect of the new rite of Mass, and who had once stated, the old Roman Rite, has been destroyed.

    Needless to say, the pros and cons are many and are not the subject of this report, yet may we suggest reading this short report you may find interesting by David MartinKramer stated in his article Our Lady of Fatima warned in the Third Secret not to make specifically this kind of change in the liturgy.

    Until this whole business came to light, it was all in a background mode to me, and perhaps many people, of something spoken about before from radicals but not specifically connected to the 3rd Secret.  In the 2009 article, Kramer related a strange anecdote of when Dollinger was in Brazil and was speaking to one of his students.  Exactly as he was telling the story that Our Lady warned against changing the Mass and there would be an evil Council in the Church, a plume of smoke arose from the floor in a mysterious way that it was not supposed to for the floor was made of marble.  It could not be explained as a natural phenomena. 

Ratzinger Dollinger-32saturbest.jpg

It was after the public disclosure of the 3rd Secret in 2000, the Fatima module, that Dollinger made his way to see his old friend Ratzinger (on the left), then Secretary of the Congregation of the Faith why the details that he had revealed to him a decade earlier were different.

    The following is what Ratzinger told Dollinger as the Cardinal hurriedly sped by, “Really, there is more there.”  

   We must remember what Ratzinger said three years before he resigned as Pope in 2013.  He had said: We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete (keypoint 173.)  However, he also stated, it must be remembered, in 1984, that the 3rd Secret is about the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and the last times (keypoint 81.) 

    A May 21, 2016 unsigned Vatican Press Communiqué went public denying the story of Dollinger and the Third Secret.

    Close to Christmas of 2016, on Dec. 21, a Giuseppe Nardi, editor of the German Catholic website, met a close friend of Dollinger by the name of Gottfried Kiniger.  Kiniger lives in the beautiful village of Sillian, Austria.  A retired hatmaker in his late 80s, he was politically active in the Pan-European Movement of Otto von Habsburg and first met Dollinger in the 1990s.  That December when Nardi first told Kiniger about the story of Dollinger and Fatima, the old hatmaker could not believe it.  Kiniger did not use the internet and never heard all this about his old friend.  For that reason, they agreed to meet again and not only that, but to record what Kiniger knew.