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About Alert: For The Times

    This part of Castles of the Mind is on contemporary climate.  The study of climate change has long been evenly divided between long evolutionary benchmarks and catastrophic benchmarks.   We are reminded that our Earth is part of a larger cosmos.


     Back 119 years ago, we had an earth population of 1.6 billion. No one was swimming in an age of plastics, or an age of instant this or instant that. The population of six billion constitutes our age of today, and even though we are bombarded by instantaneous coverage of news, the average city slicker knows very little about his/her environment.


     However, scientific discoveries of the last 20-40 odd years make it imperative to know that enormous, drastic change is possible, and it seems our own climate is bent on a short-term oscillation.  You will see chronicled some extraordinary stories in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.

    When temperature change is greater than normal and is continuous, scientists have reason to call it more than just a weather change, it is climate change.  Whether you think we are in a cycle or not—who is to blame for the changing climate?  

     The weather is driven by ocean currents, atmosphere and their agents of change such as surprising howling winds July 19th, 2006 and dust storms in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, August 2, 2018.    Are these aforementioned a simple oddity or part of something more?  Robert Valentine's book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets  provides numerous data points about the climate in addition to things supernatural and religious, suitable for any age.  It is in the final stages of a modern update, and will be available soon.

    The reader will find numerous forewarnings of modern climate, marking examples that are too unbelievable to be construed as mere meteorological coincidences or simple oddities.

     Naturally, different places affect different people.  But, go ahead and talk to old-timers.  They do not need PhD’s to notice the difference.   Global warming partially touches the story, incidentally.   However, how partial is partial? 20%?  95%?  1%?  8.9%?
     But, let’s not kid ourselves.  The difficulty of measuring the future is a heartache.  If your perspective in life follows the “who cares?” approach, that all ideas are by someone out to make money, that the weather and climate are the same as when you were a kid, then this book is not for you.  Nothing will help you.  Be content to read the comics, who is shooting who and once in a while hear the weather reports in bits and pieces.  Tough luck. 

    How many in our modern society are acquainted with a secret $100,000 Pentagon report?   This strange 22-page report is titled An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and its Implications for United States National Security, by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall, begins with: “the purpose of this report is to imagine the unthinkable.”  It was commissioned by WW II veteran Andrew Marshall and made public Feb. of 2004?  

     Whether you like it or not, whether you have a seared conscience to global warming or not, the rise of global temperatures is not make-believe. 

     People forget, the last time we underwent phenomenal climate change happened at the last ice age.  But, could it be possible today?  The two most prominent meteorologists and climatologists in the Western world bounced around a rare pronouncement in December of 1999: we must deal with climate change of the entire world.
     In 2002, the National Academics of Sciences issued a study Abrupt Climate Change’s Inevitable Surprises, a report, by the National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Atmospheric and Climate, Polar Research Board.

      The great Nostradamus is mentioned because he purveys the noctographic world of climate, the papacy and the Catholic Church, in addition to weather.  One thing about this great French seer: he named Hitler as the Second antiChrist.   [We have for you in the new ebook rare photographs from the 1930snever revealed in an English book, rare documents from the Nazi German era.  Adolf Hitler, Franz von Papen, Jesse Owens are a few examples. They have been reproduced for readers who purchase the ebook.]  A beautiful addition for anyone who likes history.   

Bizarre Russian Star 

      A Cosmic Coincidence?  A meteorite event is in the digital book, and not in the paperback, that you don't want to miss.

     Historically, the week of Feb. 11, 2013 was indeed filled with excitement.  On the day the pope announced he would resign, a large lightning bolt struck the copula of St. Peter’s Vatican City and then a few days later earth saw an awesome strike of a meteor.  It blinded automobile drivers.   It was gigantic news in Russia.   Complete with a huge airblast 20-Hiroshimas-strong.  Planetary science experts say that if you would have hitched a ride on it from Los Angeles to New York, it would have travelled that distance in about 4 minutes. That is how fast it was traveling.  It occurred over Chelyabinsk, Russia.  Simply astounding.

     Then, the same night, a flash hovered over San Francisco, California.  The strange? ...the weird? all this is no figure of the imagination but, for the moment, let us not debate on which adjective; we don’t have time for that.


      Day by day, if it is not a temperature + or - that seems to appear odd, it is a storm of historic proportion in the news.  Even the most lame brain out there is taking notice.  Climate has the potential to become unstable; events like tidal waves, heat waves, gigantic winds; turbulences are but a microcosm of the story.  Texas, recently, set an example.  The fluctuation in temperature A) Lasted too long. B) Helped perpetuate excessive heat and dryness. C) Caused a lousy drought.   And, it was not exclusive to Texas. 

      Similarly but on the opposite extreme, the fluctuation dipped—Chicagoans, ah, remember the blizzard of 2011?—yet, when it dips and creates frost, as was the case recently in Florida, people take notice.   Into this uniformity of oddness, the world on Feb. 15, 2013 witnessed the most unusual celestial sight; eyewitnesses of the meteorite1,  meteorite2.

     NOAA officially proclaimed on January 4, 2008, we had entered Solar Cycle 24!   (Reversed-polarity sunspot signaled the start of Solar Cycle 24.  On Jan 4th, there was a magnetically reversed sunspot that emerged at solar latitude 30 deg N.)  The last peak, a prior peak, did have a double solar peak, one in 2000 and the other March of 2001. Did our current peak emit a double peak, too?  Sorry, it did not.
      Recently, remember Snowmageddon?   That is described in 
Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.

      Snowmageddon:  Feb. 8, 2013 dateline: A strong set of weather factors on the East Coast of America had formed, strong enough to set up a blizzard of scary proportion.  How great was it?  Curiously enough the winter of 2012-2013 had been rather mild in the United States, up to that point. 

     Who has not heard of the severe winds that swept into the big downtown city of Atlanta, Georgia, March 14, 2008, video 1 of 13 secs, video 2 of 4 mins, video 3; or, the boisterous winds that blew into Chicago in summer, or for that matter the winds of Spring 2015 ? various strange timeframes keep popping up; for example a baseball collegiate World Series in 2011.   (You young people with videos.  Keep’em posted.  We need you all; and you don’t have to be a teckie to do it.)   


Dr. Greg Forbes, The Weather Channel Severe Weather Expert, May 28, 2004:

“We really can’t predict now--or determine now--from year to year why there are more variations in tornado counts within the United States.”

  “The first known hurricane to form in the South Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil, has puzzled forecasters how the storm came to be....
   No hurricanes have been spotted in the South Atlantic since satellites began tracking all of that back in the 1960s.  It has never happened, folks.  You see, hurricanes don’t form there.  Hurricanes form off the African continent and drift, toward us.”

    Art Bell, March 27, 2004, on Coast To Coast AM describing a most peculiar hurricane.

   The hurricane was predicted by a relatively unknown person then, who is featured in the research, Reverend Andrew Wingate, before it happened.

     While the links shown here are connected and are preserved in history, they renew the sense that man and woman, have been pitted against adversity before, and it is imperative we can work together to get out of it.  You are in for a treat with the book Alert: For The Times.      But, unless events are presented, a modern techno-oriented society may say it is all exaggeration.



     2011: A Terrific Year of Winds

     Winds of historic proportion cannot be stressed enough for the year 2011.  Spinning columns of murdering winds that Spring that took place in the United States tallied at least 53 twisters, with 488 deaths by late May.   By comparison, the average from 2000-2010 totaled 22 deadly tornadoes, with only 55 deaths.   April was struck by no less than 600 twisters, three hundred of them April 26-29, with top winds of 190 mph.   Looking behind us now, it was the most violent weather on record beyond our dreams.  In a 6-week period, 3 of the largest tornadoes in U.S. history struck.  Thunder, lightning, reoccurring winds—as Maj Dames had stated before—struck the St. Louis areas two memorable times, April 22 and May 25.  

     On May 22, 2011, the day an Icelandic volcano blew, a tornado whipped Minneapolis, Minnesota, part of 70 tornadoes in 7 states, and when Joplin, Missouri fell to a deadly tornado.   More than 124 people were killed by this EF-5.  Hundreds were injured.  Two police officers were struck by lightning. X-rays from St. John’s Hospital were found 70 miles away.   Over 2,000 buildings were damaged.   Many never heard the warning.  
     Joplin is a city of about 50,000 residents on Route 66.   Help poured in to help rebuild, including over 1000 Boy Scouts from 7 states who braved triple digit temperatures to help around the high school that took a direct hit, according to Mike Bettes of the Weather Channel. Within a week, a second wave of tornadoes barreled through the country from Texas to Oklahoma.  

     When the year of 2011 came to a close, the total number of billion-dollar disasters hit 14 punishing disasters; the prior record for economic losses due to billion-dollar disasters was 9.   “In my weather career spanning four decades, I’ve never seen a year quite like 2011....with nearly every conceivable type of weather,” so stated Jack Hayes, Director of NWS.  

     We should further note a unique September, an earlier one from 2010.   Who could forget the Brooklyn-Queens-Staten Island tempest of September 16, 2010?   Images of dark skies, big green clouds, strong winds and pelting hail pummeled the residents.   It shut down the nation’s largest commuter rail system, knocked down more than 1000 trees and intimidated hearts.   Hundreds of people slept in their cars because so many trees blocked their homeward bound commutes.   Tornadoes were confirmed in New York and New Jersey.  


     October 2012 witnessed an incredible event of epic proportion when Hurricane Sandy—it affected between 50-60 million people— never deflected to the East away from land and struck the East Coast.  All casinos on Boardwalk, Atlantic City were ground zero, and the Boardwalk became like a ghost town.  Schools were cancelled for millions of children. 
     Hundreds of thousands were evacuated from the Carolinas to Maine.  (In 2012, for the record, hurricanes had been few in number.)  Sandy made landfall with the force of tropical storm winds on October 29 at New Jersey, with an energy of five Hiroshima bombs.   Both electricity and transportation died.   The storm stretched 1000 miles long.   Reporter Deb Feyerick on Breezy Point Queens Long Island: “It really looks like a bomb simply hit the place.  The entire area 80-100 homes completely incinerated; nothing is left”.
     Sandy represents an ultra level of discord in society that is not easily flung away, but that forms a terrifying reality, that the changes society is now facing are not small.   Whether it be associated to some big time cycle or global warming or seen by some as a tidbit of so-called climate change, what was documented tells us the time scale of change has started.

     Remember to pick up a copy of Robert Valentine's book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, suitable for any age. 


     Why should you be concerned about weather?  Our weather has indeed become challenging.  Unless events are presented, a modern techno-oriented society may say it is all exaggeration.

     Naturally, different places affect different people.  

     For the rest of you, we are reminded that our earth is part of a larger cosmos.
      I am not going to preach to you.  That is not my job.  You have a whole litany of people to do that, from civic leaders and government officials, from saints and ministers, to teachers and scientists, and parents who think they are scientists and know everything.  My job is to be an historian.   Along the line, some of the mysteries in this book were discovered by listening to a radio program called Coast To Coast AM, and many scientists agree on varying topics. 

A tribute to Art Bell is forthcoming.

  You may read on, or wish to see Futurists.

Table of Contents


Fatima futurists

Ch 2 Fatima

     You may find it hard to believe we connect TRV (Technical Remote Viewing) as an aid in deciphering the changing climate.   Technical Remote Viewing  was initially maneuvered out of the hidden pages of historyin the 1990sbecause of one of its training officers, a Major Edward Dames. He was the one who said watch out for 2004, because it will be known as the year of winds.  No matter what kind of a job you are in or daily chore you have to do, the weather affects you.

     The reader will find numerous forewarnings of modern climate, marking examples that are too unbelievable to be construed as mere meteorological coincidences.  Forewarnings in this book come from both the real scientists, and, from the nonscientific world of Father Malachi Martin, Conchita Gonzalez, Father Andrew Wingate, and Major Ed Dames and his past world of military intelligence. . .futurists relatively known, but until now, never before revealed together in one book.  For the record, Alert: For The Times is not a quasi-religious book, nor do we advance one faith over another.  Nor, does the author wish to make this a doomsday book.   Mr. Valentine decided to augment the facts with profound messages about the rapidly changing global environment, covering history, science, and predictions, including Fatima and the Third Secret.

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